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Pig in a Poke

Man Faces Jail for Taping Pig
'It's something you might expect in America'

If you look up in the federal statues the definition of a gang member, you'll find that they wear emblems, colors and clothing that identify them with a group, as well as using coded slang and jargon unique to their group. Hmmm...sounds like cops to me.

The word 'cop' or 'copper' is general assumed to have come from Chicago in the late 1800s, deriving from their use of copper buttons on the uniforms. In the 60s, they earned the term 'pigs' as a description of their general behavior towards the more long-haired members of society. Now-a-days, they wear para-military clothing, including GI boots, jodhpurs, and tight shirts with the sleeves rolled crisply over their bulging biceps (male and female). They wear Bat-belts hung with every type of weapon and immobilizing device that is man-portable. They bark orders at 'civilians' (no longer citizens). In other words, they look, sound and act like thugs and mercenaries. And somewhere along the way, they changed from public servants to 'officials.'

Gone is the cute Norman Rockwell image of the neighborhood cat-catcher, and here to stay is the jack-booted 'authority' who acts with impunity, regardless of the legality of his or her actions. As Ovid put it centuries ago, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?" Who watches the watchers?

In fact, isn't that the whole problem with government? We, the people, put some folks in charge of watching the store and then go on vacation. Come to find out they are hauling the goods out the back door while smiling at our faces. They all seem to develop that 'cop walk' thing where they mosey around like the cock of the walk, strutting their tail feathers. They all start to look self-important and take on this air of 'authority,' even though we are, ipso facto, the authorities and they serve our interests.

The whole thing is fed by cop shows on the plasma-screen god. These shows depict cops with virtually limitless powers, able to torture, break and enter, capture and detain. The cops don't need warrants, they act on hunches and step outside the law because it is expedient, and we all know the bad guy is guilty, so we can forgive a little fudging on the rules, right? It's not just us normal people watching those shows. The cops watch too, and the shows feed that sort of god-like status that surgeons develop. They think because the boob-toob shows them at work that they are a sort of celebrity class with magical powers.

The whole mess is fed by DAs who watch their own shows about god-like lawyers, and courts presided over by judges who, by virtue of their positions, think they are omnipotent. Plus, the judges and lawyers who get reputations as being cop-friendly receive get-out-of-jail cards, so they can break the law with impunity, because there is no one else to watch the watchers. And then the whole damn bunch of them want to be CONgress-critters, and so create the onerous laws we live with while they skate around with their little cards, doing what we all wish we could.

The whole thing is a vicious circle of crony-ism and ego feeding, run by a bunch of cowards who need the 'power' of the law to fill their empty souls.

I have personally seen cops pull up records in the cruiser because they take a shine to the cute girl in the car next over. I have sat in the car while they tear 80 mph down the street in a 35 zone because, well, who's gonna pull them over? I have borne witness to cops violating dozens of laws but none are punished, or even reprimanded. Not even the slightest tap on the wrist. As Mel Brooks observed in Men In Tights, "It's good ta be da king!"

So, how do we stop this crud? the article linked above shows, they are all terrified of unvarnished truth. Cameras and the internet have a way of leveling the playing field. If just five people stopped and recorded every traffic stop and 'police action,' and then posted the results of misdeeds on the 'net, I just betcha things would turn around in a hurry. And if the cops start taking heat to be on the level, then you can bet the DAs and judges will start flying right because the get-out-of-jail cards will dry up. If they can surround us with cameras watching our every move every minute of every day, then it's good for the gander, as well. It's such a simple act and really wouldn't take that much effort on the part of any given individual. Just imagine what could happen with an empowered citizenry. Why, there'd be civil liberties again and false prosecutions and incarcerations would disappear almost overnight. Suddenly, the cops and the rest of their ilke would have a little respect for us 'civvies.' After all, who pays their salaries, pensions, holidays, and other benefits? Yup, you and me.

We've been lax. We let the servants take over the house. The time for revolution has come. But, how many people have thought that you don't need guns and bloodshed to revolt? All you need is 300 million people with cameras who are willing to take a couple of minutes any time they see cops in action. The effect would be almost immediate and not a shot fired. Just a few shots posted. It's so simple. Don't let all the bluster about throwing people in jail deter you. First, if everyone does it, they can't stop it. Second, how can it possibly be illegal to record public servants, acting in their public capacity, doing something in public, be illegal? If 300 people showed up to every trial like the one above with cell phone cameras and recorded the DA and judge in action, what're they going to do about it?

You can still have the cop cups at the local Stop n Go. You can still have the free donuts and cop plates at the local diners. You don't have to give up the soft bribery to change the offensive behavior. Heck, even take some shots of the nice cops who don't look like Nazi brown-shirts and post praising videos of them to reward good behavior. And stop with all the cop and lawyer shows, or at the very least, show them acting in a manner consistent with the constitutional limitations on their 'authority.'

So, one problem solved. Anything else you need from the Far Side, while I'm here?

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