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Mediots, Thy Name Is Psychotic

Lest anyone think my rants and raves about media and mind-control are vacuous or specious, I present Exhibit A.

This dandy bit of filmaking is a prime example of so many arguments, that I hardly know where to begin. It comes to us from the 10.10 crowd, whose link I will not suffer to include here. They are seeking to get everyone on Earth to reduce their "cabon footprint" by 10%, beginning on October 10 (10.10, get it?).

This bit of tripe was supposed to be "pythonesque," and succeeded in mimicking the form, but not the substance. Now, had they followed their own arguments to their logical conclusions, they would have shown a crack suicide squad of 'greenies' run into the classroom and demonstrate their commitment to reducing their "carbon footprints" by falling on their own swords. That would have been both pythonesque and funny.

So, back to this little gem of propaganda...where to begin? Let's start with the smallest issues and work up, shall we? The producers completely misused this form of humor (which was on purpose, as we shall see), the film uses a very standard type of propaganda technique and the whole issue of global warming/climate change is a ruse that requires so many logical fallacies that invalidate the argument almost from the moment a proponent opens his or her mouth.

The first point requires a knowledge of how humor works and how to use it effectively. One assumes that using "40 industry professionals" to create this bit of claptrap would have produced something truly funny.

The first rule of this kind of humor is that it must be self-effacing and reflexive. In the video, 'true believers' are shown slaughtering without remorse anyone who does not agree with them. Not funny. Rather, this is shocking and sick-making. To be funny, the violence must do two things: it must be self-directed and it must be over the top and not realistic. Thus, the pythonesque 'crack suicide troops' in The Life of Brian, or the classic 'bleeding tennis players' are funny, wasting kids and office workers who don't comply is not.

Surely, with the talent that was collected to produce this 'thing' would have known that, being 'top professionals,' and all. Also, having produced projects similar to this in my career, I know that it was vetted by committees and test audiences, which means there are several hundred pairs of eyes out there attached to very sick minds.

I would have been far more subtle and effective, I think. I mean, the first idea that comes to my head is a man wiping lampblack with his finger and showing to the camera (you) while saying, "This is carbon." Next we cut to various scenes of Al Gore on his Mission from God, with the voice-over saying, "This is Al Gore leaving his giant mansion, flying on his private jet all over the world and talking to 'true believers.' Cut back to the narrator as he asks, "Any questions?" Or instead of Al Gore, we are shown the cremated remains of a human body. Same message.

The next point is that this mental virus uses a very common form of mind-control to propagandize the audience. The technique uses shock to destabilize the conscious mind and keep it busy trying to analyze what it has just seen, while subtle messages are pumped into the sub-conscious mind, bypassing the usual filters in a person's psyche. A classic example of this is 9-11. The shock of the images and events completely overwhelmed the conscious minds of viewers while piles of hidden messages were being installed: you are under attack, muslims are bad, petroleum fires can destroy steel and concrete, homeland is in danger, etc. This caused a standard 'circle the wagons' effect and left people scrambling for anyone who could explain what they had just witnessed. Unfortunately, that person was none other than the Supreme idiot, George Dubya.

The the techniques were used in a way that was rather blunt and unrefined, and because the first objects of murder were children, one must assume that the target audience is children. Adults can easily filter these images, even if they are not aware of the mind-control and propaganda techniques being used. However, children see themselves being attacked at school, daddy attacked at the office and their sports stars attacked at practice. Combined, these images keeps their minds destabilized for a full four mintes while subconscious suggestions are installed: conform or die, if you are not good you will kill your parents, your heroes are wrong and evil, etc.

For the adult audience, there is a much more subtle message at the end. This uses a technique called 'transference,' which transfers symbolic meanings from one object to another, and can be very powerful if done well. To do this, they have chosen Gillian Anderson to voice the narration. She is trotted out to transfer her cultural icon of Dan Scully, from the X-Files series of TV shows and films. You may recall that her character was the skeptic who played foil to Fox Mulder's true believer. Her role in this film is voice-over, yet we are shown her face to make sure that we sub-consciously recall the skeptic icon and then transfer it to the issue of Global Warming/Climate Change. In other words, her character in the X-Files became a true believer by witnessing events over and over that proved Fox's contentions. Therefore, the viewer is led to think that if she is convinced of Global Warming/Climate Change, then it must be true. Very subtle and took me a minute to catch it. Probably the most effective part of the schlock, though they made the mistake of chasing away their audience before they delivered the coup d'grace.

Finally, we need to address the logical fallacies of the whole Global Warming/Climate Change argument. This quasi-religion espouses the idea that human activity over the past 200 to 300 years has radically altered the Earth's climate to the point that humanity is facing extinction. Gosh, were do we begin? There are so many assumptions and false choices and ad hominem attacks involved, not to mention outright fraud on the part of supposed 'authorities' and 'researchers.'

First of all, we must recall ClimateGate, in which last year, the personal e-mails of a number of 'top experts' in the field of Global Warming/Climate Change were released just before the Copenhagen climate summit. They revealed what can only be termed as fraud and malice aforethought. The intent and de facto efforts of a number of people to falsify, alter and obfuscate data in order to deceive great numbers of people invalidates the entire argument. One can not salvage anything from that smoking heap of trash. Building an argument is like building a house: if one creates a bad foundation, then the entire structure crumbles. There is no picking through the rubble to see what is still usable.

Let's just take a few undisputed facts, shall we? One, the Earth's climate vacillates between hot and cold on scales ranging from yearly to thousands of years. Two, all of the planets in the solar system have been showing signs of climate change for the past 25 years. Three, a single volcanic eruption spews out more greenhouse gasses in a single event than all of humanity's efforts over the past 500 years. Four, the average global temperature over the past 15 years has been steady or dropping (thus the change from Global Warming to Climate Change, since we weren't warming any more). Five, warming cycles, even in recorded history, have been far more drastic, and pre-date the use of fossil fuels on a mass scale. Six, carbon is a very weak greenhouse gas, compared to methane and water vapor (i.e.-all natural byproducts of life itself). Seven, all life as we know it is carbon-based, exhales carbon (except plants which inhale it during daylight hours) and coral reefs are built with carbon. So all these things are part of the problem.

I could go on ad nauseum, but I think you start to see the point: in order to achieve what the Global Warming/Climate Change numbnuts want, significant amounts of life must be extinguished, and the whole thing is predicated on scientific fraud. This doesn't even begin to address the role of the Sun in Climate Change, or the involvement of electro-magnetic forces in the cycles of planetary cycles. In other words, we as a species hardly understand what we are talking about, much less how to manipulate it to our advantage.

The natural conclusion of the Global Warming/Climate Change argument is that great amounts of life must be extinguished in order to maintain a climate that is suitable for some ideal standard that is completely arbitrary. Furthermore, most of the people who espouse GW/CC also believe in evolution, which posits that life adapts to external stimulae, therefore they are denying our right as a species to evolve based on external changes.

Frankly, the whole thing is insane and is so easy to pick apart. I just took the low-hanging fruit here, but with several hours of your time, I could easily pull the whole thing apart line by line. And that's just off the top of my head.

In conclusion, the film linked at the top of this screed can be seen for what it is: a propagandistic min-control tool to sub-consciously force conformity on children, whose minds are not yet ready to filter such filth. Furthermore, it espouses an idealism that is clearly fraudulent and logically unsound, containing multiple internal fallacies, as well as denying other arguments upon which these same people rest their worldview.

Frankly, I am both apalled and amused. Apalled that these people would resort to such crass and blunt attempts to force us into submission, and amused that they have shown their hand so clearly and publically.

This ditty of a film, combined with ClimateGate, should easily demonstrate to any thinking person that the GW/CC argument is a dead-letter, and show that by resorting to this kind of crap, thay are aware of it and desparately trying to save their precious religion.

But, of course, you and I are much smarter than that.

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