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Obama Lama Ding Dong

Two years ago, Barak Obama (aka several aliases) was at the crest of a wave of a wave of doe-eyed groupies. He could do no wrong. He was the new messiah. He was bringing Hope and Change to the great unwashed masses. He was saving us from Bush!

The gave him peace prizes and mystical signs. They hailed him as the New Leader for the 21st century. They flocked to his speaches like zealots to a religious service.

In Indonesia, he was hailed as a native son. They made his home a shrine. They erected statues in parks. There was to be a new day for Indo/American relations. Of course, that was two, soon to be three, cancelled visits ago.

Obama's book had become the Third Testament of the Bible. He was frequently pictured with a halo, as if he had achieved apotheosis without struggle. No one could speak against him for fear of lynching. He was the Great Black Hope.

So, two years on, how do things stand?

Well, his peace prize is a joke, his shrine is ignored, his statues taken down, his halo has disappeared, his book rots on shelves, his staff are abandoning him, the voters have shunned him, and he can't utter a public word without a promter. In fact, he has become Bush the Third, Ruler of All the Universe, Without Clothes.

Maybe it was because I cut my teeth on Texas politics. Maybe it is my years of experience in the media. Whatever the reason, I was not taken in. I am on record as saying the man in dangerous as far back as the Democratic Convention in 2000. I saw through his bullshit years ago. I know then he was a media creation and a CIA plant, carefully fostered and installed by the Bush Crime Syndicate to carry on Daddy's work of stealing the Middle East.

There was a time when one dared not speak above a whisper against the Air-Head in Chief. Times change. Now it is an American national pass-time. There was a time when it was anti-Politically Correct to utter a negative word against Obama. Now, even the liberals are abandoning him, and like Peter of the New Testament, are denying they ever supported the man. The sheer racket of people back-pedaling is deafening.

It would be really funny if it weren't so dangerous.

You see, Obama believes his own media image. He actually thinks he is the wunderkind that is portrayed in the propaganda. His fragile ego won't let him admit that he is an empty meat bag, devoid of orginal thought, bereft of substance and incapable of regaining his lofty realm.

What would a person like that do, with all the powers of the presidency at his fingertips, and nothing to lose, to save his own ass?

That's the question of the moment, ow isn't it? Obama must be watched carefully now. He has worked incredibly hard to cover up his past, but with public sentiment and media pass cards slipping from his fingers, he becomes a dangerous beast.

Like Emperor Bush the Second, he is likely to blow something up to herd the masses back into his corral. Obama needs a miracle, and like Bush before him, is likely to roll out death and destruction in order to get it. I mean, just think of the mileage he could get from a nuke in Chicago, his adopted playground.

Like Bush before him, Obama also needs a scapegoat for current economic woes. 911 successfully covered up the tech stock implosion, thanks to a dead man hiding in a cave in Afganistan, and whose family lived at the corner of Memorial Dr. and Beltway 8, in Houston, Texas.

Faced with the same choice, Johnson blew up Viet Nam and Cambodia, Nixon continued it, Reagan invaded Haiti to cover Iran/Contra, Bush the First invaded so many countries, it's hard to keep track. Clinton took Panama to cover dress stains. Bush the Second blew up Upper Manhattan. And now...Obama.

We ain't seen the last of Obama. The time is coming. I can just feel it. And I'm thinking Chicago, since there's a sympathy factor, and because all his skeletons are buried there. As Church Lady used to say, "How conveeeeeeenient!"

Oh, and as for the third threatened visit to Indonesia...what's the bet that Obama cancels it?

See? There's this little problem. Obama is still an Indonesian citizen, and it just wouldn't do for a foreign leader, much less the POTUS, to be under a foreign jurisdiction, now would it?

Hate it when that happens.

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