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So Long And Thanks For All The Bakso

Jakartans Relieved that Obama is Gone

How nice. Obama finally found someone who wanted to listen to him. Indonesians flocked to TV sets at the local warung to watch Obama's speech at the University of Indonesia. The hall was packed with students and dignitaries who politely laughed at the lame jokes and nodded appreciatively when Obama uttered about 20 words of Indonesian.

"Pulang kampung nih," Obama managed. "I'm coming home."

Yes, the President of the United States, in contradiction of the nation's Constitution, is a foreign citizen. In fact, I was convinced that Obama would never come here, because it would be the first time in history that a US president was subject to forign jurisdiction.

Maybe that's why he brought 34 warships, 6 aircraft, a phalanx of Secret Service vermin, and a cadre of handlers and protectors. Maybe that's why Indonesia literally lined his route with national police and military for 24 hours. It brought the city to a grinding halt.

See, Jakarta has legendary traffic problems. A normal day sees the city on the verge of gridlock in the normal course of life. Then, here comes Obama, shutting down roads and freeways, and completely bringing the city to its knees.

Boy are we happey he's gone.

I'm just happy because the man is a bag of bones that is played by his masters. His masters think they are our masters. They put on shows of power by surrounding their bag of bones with symbols of might and strength. Indonesians don't care. Indonesians look at the man, not the trappings. They've had to deal with iron-fist rule, both by foreigners and nationals. They've grown tired of people that put up powerful fronts, but are corrupt to the core behind the curtain. The Revolution against the Dutch is still in living memory. The centuries-long exploitation at the hands of the Chinese have become genetic memory. The old folk still remember the Japanese in WWII. People my age know the fun of Soeharto. They know bullshit when they see it.

Yudihoyono, president of Indonesia, doesn't get the same treatment as Obama. When he goes up to the Presidential Palace in Puncak, there are a few motorcycle cops who pull over traffic so he can pass, but they don't shut down the road hours ahead of time to check every square inch of it. That's just like a rock star demanding to have M&Ms in the dressing room, but having a tantrum if there are any brown ones.

Hours before Usama, I mean Obama arrived, the president of Bulgaria was here. Nobody noticed. The day before, the Indian prime minister was here, and there was a little traffic jam around the Indo White House. But Usama, I mean Obama can shut down one of the most crowded cities in the world for his precious presence.

Good riddance.

Look, Obama's masters have planned and executed EVERY SINGLE major act of terrorism in the past 15 years: OKC, 911, 7/7, Mumbai, Bali. Now they want the world to jump through hoops to protect the terrorists. Can't you just see the bastards sitting in their Board Rooms laughing at us?

That's right, THEY commit the acts of terror and then THEY want you to line up at the airport to have your body violated. As if that's not enough, THEY will grope your wife and daughters too, while you watch, to keep you safe from THEM. The dog-licking scum.

Fortunately, Indonesians are smart people. They can see bullshit when they see it. Yesterday, they sat around the TVs to see this man, who is an Indonesian citizen, and nominally president of the US,to see what he had to say. What they heard was a smattering of simple local language, some reminicences about life in the kampung, which he could have gotten from my blog, and otherwise NOTHING of substance: nothing about economic reform, nothing about fresh initiatives to recognize Indonesia's emerging role in world politics...NOTHING.

And he put the city into gridlock to do it.

What were we expecting here? He just represents yet another empire that wants to subjugate Indonesia. Obama is nothing more than a fart bag of hot air to put a pretty face on yet more iron-fisted exploitation of the people's labor and dreams. The US, like so many empires before, wants to rape this country of its hard work and God-given natural wealth.

Obama, they weren't fulled by your chirade. They gave you the polite reception and listened to your foul rubbish, but today, your message is dead here.

We're not fooled. The US is not fooled. The world is not fooled. Crawl back under your rock, Usama, I mean Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro? We don't even know who you are, you vacuous piece of meat-puppet.

Indonesia has fought and won it's freedom. Grandmothers and Grandfathers still remember the price that was paid. They've told me the stories. I've visited the graves. This country isn't fooled, and the world at large is waking up to the charade.

Caoe deh.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Get out of my face, scum.

Thank God I live in a country were people know bullshit when they see it. American lost that ability a long time ago.

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