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Space Nazis Must Die!

As prologue, I must say that I have been absolutely fascinated by the Cosmos since the time I can remember anything at all. My mother reports that even in the crib, I watched intently as John Glenn roared into space. I received special tours at NASA Houston and Martin Marietta when I was 8 and 9 years old. I have met many astronauts, including Alan Shepherd and Gene Cernan.

At university, I studied Astro-physics under Pinske, receiving straight As, and discussed superconducting materials with Paul Chu when he was a graduate student. So while I am only an amateur in the field, I am not entirely clueless when it comes to the subject. With a little effort (brushing off the cobwebs), I could plot a trans-lunar orbit.

For this reason, I have followed the works or people like Richard Hoagland, Thomas van Flandern, Charles Berliz, Halton Aarp, and many others with rapt attention. These people, for the most part, have been sidelined by the mainstream, despite the fact that many of their theories fit observable fact far better, and with amazing predictive ability, than anything in the more generally accepted models.

To pick one of hundreds of examples, the Electric Universe theory predicted that comets would resemble asteroids, while the standard model said they were dirty iceballs. Well, after five close fly-bys of comets and numerous changes and patches on the standard model, the Electric Universe theory is batting a thousand.

All of this is by way of saying that when I came across the work of a fellow by the name of Joseph P. Farrell, I was absolutely floored. Here is an Oxford don who has very credibly taken dozens of far-flung theories, as well as historical records of Nazis in the post-war era, and tied them together with meticulous documentaion. He has pulled together Nazi loot, Martin Boorman, Project Paperclip, Roswell, Kecksburg, the Philadelhia Experiment, the Exploded Planet theory, and Hyperdimensional Physics into a single, coherent theory that meets the highest standards of scholarship and scrutiny.

Before I get too far into this, I should link you over to an interview, in which Dr. Farrell lays out his theory in a pretty good overview, although it is up to the reader to go an research the many details. Dr. farrell has about 11 or 12 books now, with more planned, that serve to pull all these disparate strings into a neat bow. I will warn you that if you are not prepared to have your mind blown, you may find yourself in a state of profound cognitive dissonance as everything you learned in school is torn apart and reassembled. The problem lies in the fact that everything you've been taught is pretty much wrong, but if you read this material with an open mind, you will find it fits with what you know intuitively. Furthermore, the documentation is impeccable, especially in the case of Dr. Farrell's research.

It is difficult to summarize Dr. Farrell's work, since its scope reaches into the depths of time and comes current at the extant global financial crisis. His jumping off point is a certain technology that was being developed by the Nazi war machine called the Nazi Bell. It involved testing technology that opened the door to higher dimensions and would have led to unimaginable developments in energy, propulsion and, of course, weapons. The physics behind this device were established in the late 18oos, and further developed by such folks as Einstein, Jessup and other notable scientists and theorticians.

Farrell further postulates that Martin Boorman escaped post-war Germany, taking a vast treasure of gold, currency and other valuables, that were laundered by Anglo-American banking houses, which in turn led to the current crisis, through the years of Western global heginmony. He traces the money and the players across the globe and pieces together a plausible and documented story that compells the reader to concur with his conclusions.

In other works, Farrell demonstrates a connection between the secret knowledge guarded by any number of underground societies, such as the Freemasons, and the development of huperdimensional physics, which is where Hoagland, et al., step in. Einstein's Unified Field work, combined with that of people such as Tesla, open the door for torsion physics and things such as Zero-Point Energy and Field Propulsion. This draws in the dramatic rise in UFO sigtings in the decades since the end of WWII, and events such as Roswell and Kecksburg, as well as the Philadelphia Experiment.

The secret knowledge alluded to previously is derived from the idea that there was a highly advanced HUMAN civilizstion that existed millions of years ago, and whose technoliges and subsequent wars have left us a legacy of ancient documents and an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, not to mention dramatic ruins on the Moon, Mars, around Saturn, and of course, here on Earth. The war that destroyed the planet that is now the asteroid belt, generally referred to as the Cosmic War, nearly wiped out humankind and has left us in a Dark Ages that has spanned roughly three million years. It has also left us fables in the forms of ancient tects from Sumer, Phoenicia, India, the Mid East, and many other cultures, of gods and fantastic events in the Heavens, which if read with a critical eye, actually encode hyperdimensional physics and sacred geobetry. It is further positited that events such as the Crusades, and even the recent Gulf Wars, have been to recapture the original texts and to lock up the information in certain hands. In fact, it might even be that the so-called WMD thaat Saddam was said to have, was in fact knowledge taken from ancient Sumerian tablets.

As you can see, the implications of one device, that was designed and tested by the Nazis towards the end of the war, leads one into a dizzying journey of the mind, that if one is not prepared for it, can cause great discomfort. It goes to the root of everything we think we know about history, science and the Universe at large.

I keep going back to the well-worn quote, "The Universe is not only qyeerer than we imagine, it is queerer than we CAN imagine."

Certainly, the explosion of technoly since the end of WWII and the development of quantum theory and field dynamics argues that something seminal occured around the 1930a and 1940s. The sheer number of Nazis involved in America's space program and atomic research is telling of a knowledge that they possessed and which America exploited. Certainly, the argument of Boorman's loot being the foundation of the global financial crisis puts a handle on that whole quagmire, that otherwise seems too islolated from historical timelines.

Humans seemingly have a 'truth meter' built into them. When we hear truth, it resonates with something deep inside and compells us to further research and deeper knowledge. It's easy for us to lose sight of the greater context of the Universe, when our entire lives generally center around a small geographical location on a small planet orbiting an average star in the far reaches of an everage galaxy. Most people don't want to stretch their minds beyond the day-to-day needs of eating and paying bills and school reports. However, for those who do, these are exciting times! People like Farrell and scores of others are building a remarkable picture of human history that is far more exciting and, at least to me, makes far more sense of our extant condition, than anything offered to me from the gray tomes of generally accepted theory.

Context has a way of making many pieces look like a whole picture. The work of the people mentioned here, and so many more, are allowing the aware mind to pull back and see how the puzzle fits together, and also links our puny planet into the Cosmos and beyond. It is an exciting time for those willing to push boundaries and to see things that have been beyond seeing for possibly millennia. In the current upheaval, one can perceive a global Renaissance on the horizon beckoning the truth-seeker further and further into to both the past and the future.

It is a dangerous time, to be sure. On an individual basis, these current events can be deadly. However, at the scale of civilization and planetary history, it is almost breathless as we await the revelations to come. People line Farrell pry open the mind and make the curious heart race with excitement. But, it also calls to mind the proverbial warning:

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

In order to avoid the pitfalls in front of us, we must have an accurate map of where wer have been, and a correct orientation in the larger picture. Navigation requires knowing your precise location or the map is useless.

These enterprising and scholarly folks are the navigators standing at the starboard gunwale and sighting our course. We, as individuals and as a civilization, are forced to choose: do we sail in circles until we rack up on the rocks? Or do we heed those who have crossed these seas before and left us maps in time?

These are exciting times indeed, however, as the Chinese curse reminds us, they are dangerous, as well.

May you live in interesting times.

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