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In The Beginning, There Was The WORD

One of the things I so enjoy about keeping this blog is the sheer calibre of minds that it attracts. Must of the email I get through here comes from people who are truly thoughtful and profound, and like me, are Truth Seekers.

Though I don't always write about esoteric subjects, preferring more mundane political issues, because those are what piss me off the most, I have always been one to ponder the deeper aspects of life, even since my earliest memories. Now, as my body begins to lose it sensory connections to the outside world, I find myself slipping deeper and deeper into the more occult and esoteric aspects of gnosis.

Thus, when I get an email, such as the one that follows, it sparks off a cascade of interconnected thoughts, which may or may not make a lot of sense. I suppose it all depends on the perspective of the reader. However, as is my wont, I replied in my typical concise and terse manner (NOT).

To whit:
Do you follow the Chronicles Project? The Old Testament never made sense to me and any time I questioned anything I always got bullshit answers until I finally gave up organized religion. It has been a great trip thru life for me. You are right, deep inside, you know. Richard Bach taught me how to vaporize clouds in "Illusions" and made me see that we humans are not what we are taught we are, we are so much more. The George Clooney movie "Men who stared at Goats" was so cool for me, and it showed just how two-edged the sword of life is. The military took it and made it used for dark purposes, sorta like Darth Vadar in star wars. The fight is now getting more intensified between good and evil and I can hardly wait for Jan 7, the day the other shoe drops.I had a great summer, taking my daughter and grandkids up on the mountain (small one) to see the alignment of the planets in the Grand Cross, a most awesome sight to behold, and I imagine that very few people ever knew it was taking place.

I replied:
Thanks so much for such a thoughtful letter. It is such a pleasure to hear from folks like you!

I am quite familiar with the Chronicles Project. I was floored when I first read their work, as I knew in my heart those things were buried in those words. It was the only way to not only make sense of the story(ies) that were there, but also to square the book with all the other sacred texts throughout the world. I have also just ordered "The Cosmic Wars," by Joseph P. Farrell, as well as, "Dark Mission," by Hoagland and Bara. Those books promise to be the icing on the cake.

The Chronicles Project fascinates me because, in a completely subjective case, it just 'feels' right. I think most people have a built-in BS detector, and when we come across Truth, it resonates with something inside. We just 'know'. It also fits with work I have done on the New Testament, which was written in Greek. St. Jerome did the most common translations into Latin around the time of the Council of Nicea, in the 4th century.

One passage that has always annoued me was Romans 19, where Paul supposedly admonishes his followers to obey the Power That Be, as they are ordained by God. I hate that translation and it doesn't gel with either Paul's other works, nor with things Jesus is recorded as saying. Well, if you go to the Greek, you find the word Jerome translates as 'powers' is actually a word meaning, "freedom, liberty, self-direction." Furthermore, when you find other instances of the same Greek word, Jerome correctly translates it, so he was obviously aware of the meaning. So the issue becomes one of political manipulation of texts in order to support a desired outcome. Hmmm...where have we seen that before?

In the end, what we have is Jesus supporting sound money (render unto Caesar) and Paul pointing out that we should NOT follow human leaders. Therefore, it makes absolute sense that the Old Testament has similarly been manipulated to give a certain point of view that serves some group or another politically. Of course, it also floors me that the Hebrew so openly talks about planetary modification and advanced beings manipulating humans. It also serves to broaden the playing field, in that it not only shows that all homo sapiens, not just ancient Hebrews, are the 'Chosen People,' it also meshes the Old Testament more firmly into a global network of secred writings, such as Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu, Mayan, and so forth.

Finally, it comfirms, at least to my mind, what I have always thought about certain names that end with -el (e.g.-Micha-el, Rapha-el, Gabri-el, etc.). These names have always struck me as more like job titles, or ministry names. for instance, Micha-el, means 'Sword of God,' which could be the war department. Gabri-el means 'Word of God,' which is the ministry of propaganda. Even Isra-el translates as 'struggle of God,' or the public works department, as if referring to an on-going pain in the butt. The list goes on.

The seminal event in my life was living in a Benedictian monastery for a year when I was 21 years old. I asked a seemingly simple question, whether the concept of the Trinity was in fact the deification of human beings (Father=Mind, Son=Body, Spirit=Soul). The Abbot's response was, "Of course, but that's heresy, so be careful." That single answer sparked what is now a 30-year odyssea of inquiry. It has led me into the Buddhist camp, though not as a religionist, but rather as a consumer of the Buddha's incredible insights that foreshadow things like quantum and huper-dimensional physics, logic, and the transcendance of Reason and the Mind. It also made sense of all those ancient paintings of Jesus in Europe that show him using a wand to perform miracles.

I could go on for hours discussing religion. I have these talks with my Indonesian girlfriend, who is a convert from Buddhism to Benny Hinn/Joel Osteen christianity.

I envy your ability to watch the stars. After I lost my eyesight, I lost the ability to do the one thing I most loved in life: watching the sky. I can only see a handful of the brightest objects now, to my great disappointment. My fondest memories with my children were going to Big Bend, in West Texas, where you could literally see millions of stars. We watched comets and used telescopes to look at Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. We would also just lie and count satellites. Nothing expands the mind more than seeing things that are often invisible. Once you know these things are out there, your mind begins to push further by asking, "What else don't I know?"

Ultimately, we all hunger for truth. It is probably, to my mind, the care cause of all life. It is the single frequency or vibration that gives rise to physical beings, pieces of Universe, whose deepest desire is to look back at Universe and wonder about the Truth. Perhaps, in the Biggest Picture, the Universe is an organism that is relecting on its own existance, and we (and all others out there) are manifestations of Universe's quest for understanding of its own place in an even greater Universe. I suppose all that we know could be but one babushka doll nested inside a dozen others.

I think the key to it all is language. That is why I have learned somewhere around 15 of them now, and continue my quest. The is why the work of Clif High at HalfPastHuman fascinates me. That is why Sitchin and so many others intrigue me. Somewhere, locked inside language and our burning natural desire to communicate is at least one of the Great Truths. One thing I know for sure is that my linguistic hobby has led me on many wonderous journeys, both within and without. It is why I teach English now and have spent my previous career in mass media, and the visual and performing arts. If every one of us IS the Trinity, then we have a pretty big job to do running the Universe.
\Best regards and sampai jumpa,

I forgot to mention the linguistic origin of the name Darth Vader. It means "Dark Father."

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