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Sacrificing Mercury

In Roman mythology, there was a character named Mercury who was the son of Jupiter and the messenger of Olympus, as well as the god of commerce and trade. In fact, the name Mercury is related to the Latin words mercari (I trade) and merces (he receives wages). Mercury is commonly represented as a young man with a snappy little hat with wings on it. His visage can be found on old American sliver dimes, among other coins, or the logo of FTD florists.

Mercury's primary function was to bring messages from Olympus down to us mere mortals. In his function as a god, he embodies the concept of information being critical to commerce and trade.

With that being said, we jump to today's headlines. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame is the modern archtype of Mercury: the soft-looking young man bringing messages from on high, and for that he is being sacrificed, along with commerce and trade, on the altar of the New World Order (Latin- Novus Ordo Seclorum, see back of $1 note). By killing the messenger, THEY will be able to kill trade and control the receipt of wages.

Don't you just love this symbolic stuff?

You see, Assange was one of these elite hacker types in his teen years. The problem is he got caught and was threatened with a life of prison and being banned from touching computers. As an alternative, he could get on the CIA payroll and wait to be activated. In the meantime, he could feed his personal foibles with a steady stream of cash, which further served his masters, as they could build a dossier of blackmail material to ensure Assange's submission.

Assange has been handed a pile of communique's to dispatch to the world so that Jupiter can use the fall-out to achieve some basic goals in the realm of control. Dutifully, Assange carried the message to us and, on cue, the US and UN have introduced piles of new laws and regulations to control information and commerce.

I kinda miss the old days. Back then, the denizens of Olympus were much more subtle. One had to really study a situation, look closely at all the little details, decoding all the hidden symbols. Ever since 9/11, though, they've gotten lazy. Everything is just blatant. The symbols are right out there in your face. Even someone with a modicrum of knowledge about symbology, numerology and mythology.

For instance, NASA's manipulation of Sacred Geometry, hyperdimensional physics and symbols took Richard Hoagland years to decipher. It involved complex math, looking at the positions of stars over certain significant locations on multiple planets and moons, and carefully linking together names and symbols.

The BP oil disaster was so obvious. It happened on April 19th, which is the occult day of sacrifice by fire. It was the same date as Hitler's birthday, the Waco massacre, Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine massacre, and dozens of other significant events throughout history.

Back to Assange, he is being set up as a hero of the freedom-loving people of the world. He was arrested and jailed on trumped up charges of having concentual sex without a condom by a woman with deep ties to the CIA (his co-worker in other words). The information he had given us was meaningless gossip that was cut and paste from worldwide media sources, so no real information. His release on WikiLeaks, that is funded by George Soros, plus the carefully orchestrated frame-up, is forcing everyone to see him as a hero. Ultimately, the 'leaks' will be used as an excuse to shut down the internet, and then Assange will be sacrificed publically to demoralize freedom-lovers.

It's all a psy-op.

You see, the corporate media is under direct and life-threatening attack by the alternative, democratic reporting with people writing blogs, doing real investigations and research, using phone-cams to show without question the abuses of the System. We are slowly weaning ourselves away from the 'authority' model of corporate media. Why do we need 'authorities' to tell us what to think when we can see the evidence for ourselves.

Remember when George W. Shrub ran around the world with his secret evidence of al-CIAda and Usable bin Hidin'? Like a flasher in the park, he would wing his way to a high-level meetings with 'leaders', where he would open his London Fog trench coat. Out would fall billions of dollars in 'aid' and suddenly the 'leaders' would announce their unqualified support for invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11.

Notice how the corporate media always trots out the same handful of 'authorities' and 'experts' to tell us what everything means. It's the same faces and same messages on every channel. But the internet gives us multiple outlets for real information. We can link and paste from a wide range of sources. We can explore history and context. We can spend hours researching single topics and customize our headlines with key-words so that we only see meaningful information without all the bread-and-circuses. We can read viewpoints from all over the world.

That is really dangerous to those who would corral and control us.

I'll always vividly remember life on the farm when I was a kid. We would round up the cattle and herd them into chutes, where we would dust 'em, brand 'em, vaccinate 'em, and cut their balls off. Sound familiar? Go look at videos of bread lines or look up photos of vaccination projects in the 'third world.' Same thing, different animals.

You know something is going on when worldwide corporate media is breaathlessly casting the spotlight on WikiLeaks and Assange. They don't give that kind of attention to someone unless they get some benefit from it. It's like my days working in local news in Houston. The assignment board would list the event, the reporter, the cameraman, and the angle that they wanted to show. That's right, before the team showed up to the scene, we already knew what we were supposed to show. We weren't reporting news, we were gathering pictures to go with a prepackaged story, which was the same story at all the affiliates acros the country.

I know what i am talking about when I tell you how the media work.

So, here is our Mercury, doing the bidding of Jupiter, his father. Olympus has spoken.

The question is, will we kill the gods again, or in this resurrection, will they finally conquer us and enjoy eternal worship from their servants on Earth?

Depends on if you're awake or not, I suppose.

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