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Wiki Wiki Woo Woo


The Mandarin characters for 'crisis' mean literally 'danger' and 'opportunity.'

Updat: WikiLeaks has changed domains to

The signature of a false-flag operation is that it achieves multiple objectives and several fronts at one time. The perpetrators are able to carefully calculate the move for maximum impact, usually on a global, or at least multi[national stage. Acts of desperate individuals or cells don't have the time, money or ability to work at a scale that large.

Take for instance the Marriott bombing here in Jakarta in July of 2009. It killed a few folks and made a mess, but it hardly had the intended impact, either locally or in the world at large. Although it was a fairly well-planned (or just plane lucky) operation, it was not timed or hyped just right to cause much more than some very localized damage.

On the other hand, 9/11 was timed to the news cycle, involved highly visible targets and achieved a great number of goals, including the destruction of the towers (cheaper than asbestos remediation), socio-political engineering, legislative changes, and psychological damage.

When it comes to the WikiLeaks flap, it has all the earmarks of a false flag operation. It is achieving multiple goals in geo-politics, legislation (at least in the US), focused damage to certain individuals and groups, and it was carefully timed and telegraphed to have the maximum impact in the headlines.

The only real question is, who done it? Who would benefit the most from placing a global chill on diplomacy, ham-stringing US efforts, such as they are, to sue for peace in the world, and from releasing unreserved assessments of world leaders?

Well, on the diplomatic front, there are only two actors who are in critical phases in diplomatic manuvering: North Korea and Israel. While North Korea can benefit from the chill in negotiations, none of the other goals serve it in any way. They already have the headlines and the leadership is just plain inbred nuts, so they don't have the mental horsepower to pull off something like this. Furthermore, North Korea have shown repeatedly that they don't care what the world thinks of them and that they are willing to act completely unilaterally, regardless of the consequenses. The recent face-off with South Korea demonstrates that they don't know how or don't care to manipulate perceptions on the world stage.

So, how about Israel? Well, we know they are itching to bomb Iran into the Stone Age. We know that relations between the US and Israel, at least nominally, have been strained. We also kbow that Israel desperately wants favorable global opinion in order to maintain the false image that they are just a little, pwerless country being picked on by its Arab neighbors.

So would Israel benefit from the WikiLeaks bomb-shell?

For that, let's turn to the news to see whether North Korea or Israel are positioning themselves at the front of this story.

Here, above-the-fold in The Jakarta Post is the headline, "WikiLeaks release sparks alarm over diplomacy," by-lined Dan Perry, torn from the Associated Presswire. We read down through the article to find this:
The prime minister of Israel, a man hardly accustomed to representing global consensus, on Monday found himself in lockstep with most of his peers as he warner that statecraft itself was imperiled by a reality in which no secret is safe if it is written.

Interesting. Of all the world leaders affected by the WikiLeaks documents, the first one mentioned and quoted is Nuttin-yahoo. Let's see what he has to say:
"It will be more difficult for talented American diplomats to put into cables and reports things they once would have," Netanyahu said.

As Churchlady used to say on Saturday Night Live, "How conve-e-e-e-e-e-e-nient!" But wait, there's more:
Netanyahu argued that the ability to communicate under a cloak of secrecy was critical to Israel's ability to reach a peace deal with Egypt in 1979. Had the Israeli public known that Prime Minister Menachem Begin was preparing to cede the entire Sinai desert...the foment might have scuttled the emerging agreement, Netanyahu suggested.

AHA! Gotcha! Don't touch that dial, though. As I postulated in the beginning of this article, flase flag operations always achieve multiple goals. So, not only does the WikiLeads release hamstring American diplomats in the Middle East peace talks at a critical moment, but it also tars and feathers Hillary Clinton, thus removing her as a credible threat to Obama in the 2012 elections Not that there's any love lost between me and Hillary, but it sure keeps a major player out of the next election round.

It's also a foregone conclusion that the military-industrial complex benefits from war. The two hot spots right now are Israel/Iran and the Koreas. America has already stationed a carrier fleet in the Yellow Sea, ready to get into a lead-throwing contest. The peace talks in the Middle East are pretty much shut down also, making it quite a bit easier for Israel to continue its genocide against Palestine and to gear up for an attack on Iran by putting a Big Chill on diplomatic channels.

Another benefit is that it bounces the TSA tyranny off the top of Drudge and replaces it with the whole WikiLeaks fluff. This is oh-so-convenient since the TSA was caught red-handed standing-down over the Thanksgiving holiday travel season in order to defuse the uproar againt their new sexual abuse and kiddie porn. They in effect admitted by standing-down that the whole security scan bullshit has nothing to do with safety, but is a social training program.

Just like 9.11, the WikiLeaks release achieve a number of goals with one simple act. Both operations were covered with Mossad fingerprints, and were done to manipulate media, government and markets. As the Chinese charaters at the top of this article, the crisis has presented danger for some groups, but opportunity for others. The best way to take opportunity from a crisis is to plan and execute the crisis in the first place.

The first person quoted in the AP article was Nuttin-yahoo, not Hillary (she came later) and not experts in diplomacy, or even a spokesman for WikiLeaks. Obviouly, Israel is positioning itself to take advantage of this situation. And how could they get access to all these documents? Simple. Israeli dual-citizens are rife in the US federal government. These dual-citizens, whose allegiances are hardly split (Israel first). When called upon by the homeland to sink whatever nation they are planted in, there is no question of loyalty.

Does this article make me an anti-Semite. Hardly. First of all, most Zionists are not Semites, they are Dolimites from southern Russia. Second of all, Semitic people inhabit all of the Middle East, not just Israel. In fact, the genocide against Palestine is proof-positive that Israelis are the anti-Semites. Just like kids on the playground, the bully will accuse others of being the bully to distract others from his actions.

A government of, by and for the People should not have secrecy. An honest government that is beholden to the people that created it has no reason to need secrecy. A person or organization that is operating in ethical and honest ways does not need secrecy. The irony is that as the US gederal government seeks more and more secrecy, it is demanding less and less for the people who created it.

Government is a servant, not an authority. We are the authorities. I'm all for anyone or anything that prevents our servants from hiding their crimes, but we must also look closely at the motivations of those who are revealing the facts that are being hidden. Who is Assange? What does he want? Do you know? I sure don't. But I can see a great number of opportunities for those who stand in the shadows. The chill on diplomacy worldwide only serves those who would create war for personal benefit, and hide truth in the name of enrichment.

Nuttin-yahoo showed his cards. Now it's up to us to bet against the house to keep our wealth and peace where it belongs, in our possession.

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