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"Will I Get To Kill The English?"

The great line, spoken by the Irish character Stephen in Mel Gibson's seminal masterpiece "Braveheart" (which happens to be the meaning of my name), speaks volumes. That Mel has been persecuted by the monarchy, through their Zionist mouthpieces, is quite obvious, since a few of his films have decidedly anti-British themes. That Zionist are British tools is borne out by history. Don't believe me? Do your own research. I'm here to comment, not provide links to information most people won't read or won't believe anyway.

So what set me off this morning? An article in the Jakarta Post, which is little more than a distribution medium for PTB bullshit. That the newspaper has a join operating agreement with the International Herald Tribune, which itself is the multi-national propaganda arm of the New York Times, is your first clue.

Anyway, I could twist off on this for hours. The thing that set me off was a headline in the Jakarta Post: "Heathrow reopens but Dublin closed by snow."

Seems innocuous enough, right? But under the headline is a nifty little graphic with the title: "Why global warming makes the coldest winters."

That just pisses me off, and I mean that in the American sense, not the British.

The graphic comes from Reuters and is sourced to the Journal of Geophysical Research, which if anyone remembers, was thoroughly discredited by Climate-gate. The article has no by-line, just the tag Associated Press. So this is just a 'rip-and=run' piece that the editors rubber stamped with nary a critical eye, because it serves the PTB bullshit line. The fact that the article is unsourced tells me this is a press release from some unknown bullshit UN agency that has about as much 'research' behind it as my large intestine.

The article says that global warming causes the oceans to heat up, which melts the polar ice, which causes hot to rise and forces cold air to the ground. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I almost gagged on my coffee and nasi goreng. Somehow this process causes incredibly cold winters, but only in the northern hemisphere. For some reason, it works differently down-under.

There is no mention how for eons, the polar ice has melted every summer, or how the ice cap has actually expanded from 'traditional' regions in the winter. No mention about how the atmosphere has actually cooled for the last 15 years. No mention about how the oceans haven't warmed appreciably since records have been kept.

And no mention of the Gulf Stream current, which interestingly was fouled by the largest oil spill in history by who? Oh yeah, BRITISH Petroleum. Nor is there mention of how the Gulf Stream has gathered heat from the Gulf of Mexico and released it on the western coast of Ireland, where the hear has kept Ireland snow-free, and northern Europe reasonably free of major winter blasts for centuries.

Then BRITISH Petroleum completely bum-boogers the Gulf Stream in March of this year. It proceeds to use a chemical dispersant, produced by a company that it owns, to hide the oil rather than clean it up, as they could have done with some nifty little bacteria from a Texas company. The oil in turn prevented the Gulf waters from heating up normally in the summer, so that, lo and behold!, Europe has the coldest winter ever recorded, Ireland has severe snow-fall, and major winter storms are being reported all across the norther hemisphere.


Amazingly, none of my students have ever heard of Climate-gate. Since Indonesia stands to make a lot of money in carbon-trading, the government blithly joins in the chorus of global warming. Since the country is bathed in forests, piles of NGOs are running around throwing millions of dollars ar conservation, even though no one mentions that trees respire carbon dioxide at nighttime (look it up). I spend as much time deprogramming my kids and teaching them to think critically, as I do teaching American English.

I am always amazed how people will swallow this rubbish simply because it comes from some 'authority,' when ten minutes' worth of reading will prove every word is a flat-out lie. And even when they read the truth, people have been so indoctinated that they can't imagine going against an 'authority,' and so default back to the bullshit. Even when the bullshit absolutely defies simple logic.

Hot air rises. Cold air sinks. Basic elementary science. That's why hot air balloons work. Yet, somehow, according to the simple-minded graphic is the Post today, is the cause of Europe's winter woes. Furthermore, it tries to hornswaggle us into believing that armer oceans, i.e. warmer Gulf Stream current, causes worse winter temperatures in Europe.

Do they really think we are THAT stupid? It just really chaps my hide when so-called 'authorities' talk down to me whith their brainless drivel, as if I am incapable of research and critical thinking. That may work in America, where everyone is fluoridated, anti-depressed and chemtrailed into a stupor, but thankfully, none of that here.

It's gratifying to see their faces when, as reading exercises, we look at articles and emails from so0called 'experts' who admit they lied, fudged and disembled. We read how the IPCC was forced to admit that Himalayan glaciers are advancing, not receding. We read how Greenpeace admitted that polar melts are part of a natural seasonal process. How trees give off as much CO2 as oxygen in their normal cycles, or how governments lie out of sheer greed.

These poor kids have been fed holf an argument for so long they honestly don't know there's another side to it. When I give them search strings to put into Google, you can hear the buzz in the room as first one, then another, start pulling up real information on their cell phones. It's why I'm in such demand as a teacher. I teach how to think, not what to think. I open up new lines of inquiry and show that the world is far more interesting and dangerous than the simplistic pablum they are fed from 'approved' cirricula. The sixth graders can't wait to get to seventh grade so they can have my classes. I even make learning a second language more than just grammar and's an adventure!

When I was a kid, pre-Vatican II, the Catholic Church had a censorship board that marked books as OK for Catholics to read. At the beginning of such books, there was a page with the "Nihil Obstat," and "Imprimatur." In others words, 'nothing obstructing' and 'order to print.' These books were approved so that Catholics wouldn't have their little worlds shaken with real information. After Vatican II, that practice was done away with in favor of the IPCC, WWF, Greenpeace, et al., doing the same thing. Anything that doesn't tow the party line is forbidden to us rubes out here because we might start to question the PTB. That's not good. Can't have the serfs thinking for themselves.

You see, a bad education and no education are the same. Whether you are unable or unwilling to seek the truth, the result is the same. Illiterate and literate with blinders doesn't make a difference. Ignorance, whether willful or forced, has the same outcome.

It's just like the whole 'democracy' thing. My poor kids all spout democracy like it's some great thing. All it takes is five minutes to completely destroy that idea.

"Suppose," I say, "that tomorrow, more than half of all Indonesians became christian." You can see them trying to picture that one. "Now, since they are the majority, and everyone believes in democracy, they can make a law that no one can practice Islam ever again. Still sounds like a good idea?"

Suddenly, a republic looks much better.

"When everyone is running to the left, you might want to seriously consider going to the right," I say. "History shows that whatever the majority believes is probably wrong."

I usually get applause at the end of every class. Can't imagine why.

So, what all this comes back to is this: the Bastards are trying desparately to hold on to their carbon credits and to get control over the very breaths we take. They already charge us for water and energy, and they have a stranglehold on food. Now, if they can make us pay to breathe, then it sounds like we will owe every aspect of our lives to THEM. The BRITISH, Dutch and Roman church are behind it, just as they have been for centuries. Once an empire, always an empire. The Roman Empire survives in the Catholic Church. The BRITISH empire survives in the Commonwealth. The Dutch empire survives in the banking system. It's all still here, just gone stealth.

All it takes is about five minutes on Google with the right search string to completely destroy those empires and take back our God-given breath.

The next time you hear someone say something non-sensical, like global warming causes sever winters, tell them to Google "Gulf Stream current, location of BP oil spill." Cross-referencing the two, plus a quick read about the effects of the current should be enough to wake up all but the most zombified.

If Stephen were to ask me, "Will I get to kill the English?" I could reassure him that they've already done it to themselves, and they are taking the rest of Europe with them.


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