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Eco-Comics 101

Recovery is everywhere! Just like cow manure in the pasture.

Back in the day, we would bring our city cousins out to the farm and do things like put firecrackers in a pile of fresh (economics reports), and then position them just right to get a good spatter pattern on their backs. LOL!

Another fun thing was giving them a spoon and telling them that one of the most important jobs on the farm was separating the white chicken (economics) from the dark chicken (economics). Hoo Hoo! Great fun!

Those were the days, I tell ya.

It was good practice for waching the current global economic situation, though. Even now, it's important to make sure someone else is between you and the steaming pile of cow (economics), sorting the white from dark chicken (economics). So much of it is utter rubbish, anymore.

As one scans the headlines, one sees the touts screaming about the 'recovery, the recovery is at hand!' The end is nigh, is more like it.

Housing prices are falling. The dollar index, which was 110 just a few years ago, can't get above 80 now. Bank of America just wrote off a whole pile of mortgages. Oil, the very foundation of modern society, is heading for the Moon, first to $150, then $200, by year's end. Gold and silver are absolutely in orbit (and don't talk to me about the current little drop, ten years ago it was $300/ounce).

And what about food prices? Everywhere one looks, there are articles on top of articales about shortages, natual disasters hitting supplies, rising energy prices adding to costs. Just to put a fine point on it...we're talking about FOOD.

Here in Indonesia, one of the large rice growing areas was struck by flood just as harvest time was two days away. Storms and rough seas are keeping fishermen from going out, now at 16 days and counting. Chili and fruits like rambutan have jumped in price, or just disappeared from the shves.

Interest rates in most places (some South American countries excepted) are in the toilet, which is sending hot money into the markets, which is pushing inflation into the stratosphere. And speaking of inflation...

All those bailouts a while back? Where'd that money come from? Was a couple of trillion dollars just sitting around in someone's bank account, waiting to bailout the banksters? No. It was all created with a printing press, and putting that amount of money into the markets, one way or another, will show up as massive inflation. Can't help it. It's a natural law. If folks have $10 chasing a product, and that suddenly changes to folks having $1,000 chasing the same product, if WILL cause inflation, just as sure as the Sun will rise over Greenland in January.

On top of all this, there is a rash of natural disasters going on, with huge blizzards in the northern hemisphere and biblical floods in the southern. There are earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons all over the place. And it's just the first three weeks of the year! Oh boy, can't wait to see what happens over the next 49.

And then there's the stories about the PTB/PTW creating seed and DNA banks all over the freakin' planet. What do they know that the rest of us don't? And why don't we know it too? It's our freakin' planet, you know. Not to mention, it's our freakin' tax dollars that are paying for all the machinery flying around the nether regions. I want some freakin' answers for my money!

And then there's George Lucas. The man simply twisted off about the end of the world in 2012, and how it's all going to hell in a handbasket soon. That ran for a couple days before it became, 'oh, he was just joking.'

Oh really?

From what I know of Lucas, he had his sense of humor surgically removed years ago. He doesn't know how to tell a joke, much less about something like that. Just look at his movies, fer cryin' out loud. The dialogue is stilted and the actors are leaden, with the director's heavy hand all over it. Does that look like the work of a man who has a sense of humor?

Which brings us to the big ass rocket that the Air Force shot off from Vandenberg AFB yesterday. What in the hell is so big that they need the largest rocket in inventory to get it up? And don't forget the weirdness about the GPS system and airports needing new directional numbers on the runways.

So, doing some addtion, which I'm not very good at, but we'll give it a try, we have:
1-the PTB/W trashing the global economy,
2-and stashing seeds and DNA like squirrels on acid,
3-all kinds of natual disasters going on all over the place,
and 4-military rockets and GPS reboots.

Yup, sounds to me like a big, huge, steaming pile of cow (economics) with a baby giant firework stuck solidly in the middle of it, with the PTB/W holding a lit match, and we the people have our unsuspecting back to it.

One way or another, there's going to be a (economic) storm when the (economics) hits the fan, know what I mean?

Remember the jerk in school? Not that one, the other one. The one who, if you told him a secret, he would start dancing around yelling, "I know a secret!" You just wanted to punch the little twerp.

Well, the PTB/W are, collectively, that little jerk. They are jumping around trying to get our attention to let us know they know something we should know. They are teasing and tempting us with it. They are daring us to beat the living (economics)out of them until they tell us.

From the looks of Europe, north Africa and other places, they are getting what they deserve, but is it enough to make them part with the goods?

At any rate, seems like a good time to start storing up some seeds and DNA ourselves, before the bastards get all of it.

You know what it reminds me of? You know the movies where folks find out the world is coming to an end, so they start robbing and looting and generally going crazy. Now look at the actions of the banksters, et al. Notice a resemblance? Just looks like a bunch of rich jerks robbing and looting, trying to get the last scraps before the whole thing crashes to the ground (possibly literally).

Got your massive underground city full of food and seed and frozen DNA ready yet?

What's the hold-up? Don't have the power to steal people's money at gun point, get away with it, and then lie to everyone about what you are up to? Niether do I.

But the bastards do, and they are holding the match to the firecracker.

Just another huge, steaming, stinking, semi-liquid pile of cow (economics).

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