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Keep Your Hand On Your Wallet

Kagen, a loud-mouthed, femi-Nazi, who represented Obama at the Supreme Court on a number of occasions to pretect his dirty secret (not an American), gets the nod for Supreme Court justice.

Thanks honey, job well done.

Immelt, former big wig with General Electric, a monsterous multi-national corporation that received bail-out money from the government, is now heading up Obama's supra-legal advisory board.

Daley, a 'former' shark with Goldman Sachs, is appointed top dog over government money.

Looks to me like the Banana Republic is alive and doing well in North America. Political croney-ism and daisy-chains of back-scratchers abound in the new fascist state once known as the Shining City on the Hill.

One other thing to notice in all this is the proliferation of banksters in top positions and unelected authority in the US government. Why is this important to notice?

Perhaps you have watched as major corporations go bankrupt. Or maybe you or someone you know has declared bankruptcy. One feature of this process is that the courts and creditors get appointed to watch over the dispostion of assets and cash. They tell the bankrupt party where and how much they can spend.

Now we shift our gaze over to the US federal government, and lo!, we see courts and overseers from banks being appointed to key financial and legal positions. you think the US is bankrupt?

What's worse, is all those poor guys, who for years have been saying things like your birth certificate and various registrations with government entities are actually guarantees against the national debt, may be right. You may now be an asset of the country's receivers and they are overseeing how you will be disposed.

It also makes sense why there is so much focus on pentions and retirement accounts. You no longer own them. You, as guarantor for the US national debt, now owe all your assets in payment thereof.

In fact, there was one judge who stood in the way of federal take-overs of private pensions. He ruled against the government in a key case that set back the effort. That judge is now dead...shot by a guy named Jared Loughner down in Arizona.

In fact, anyone who is blowing whistles or standing in the way of take-over by the banksters is being 'liquidated.' Because it doesn't suit the ruling class to be outed just yet, they are taking out anyone who threatens their timeline, whatever that may be.

If it were just announced that the US was bankrupt, there'd be blood in the streets tomorrow, and that would greatly slow the banksters' efforts to gather up their chips on the table. It is imperative that we be kept ignorant until all the 'Is' are dotted and 'Ts' are crossed on the Remerwork. Can't have the rubes taking their chips off the table first.

Using another metaphor, can't have the sheep panicking before they get sheered.

Remember back when Obama was 'inaugurated?' He 'bungled' the oath of office, which was later 're-administered' in private by the chief justice of the Supreme Court? There's a reason Obama never took the oath of office (that whole private thing was a ruse because someone caught it the first time).

You see, Obama is a foreign agent acting as the outside, disinterested party overseeing the dismantling and sell-off of USA, Inc. He has systematically appointed banksters to key positions. He has spread the wealth around among his croneys, who have protected his identity while he did his job.

Because of the rules of mediation and arbitration, you can't have a party with a vested interest overseeing the process. So we had to have a foreigner with no iron in the fire to take over the ship of state, as it sinks beneath the waves.

It's brilliant, really. If anyone accuses Obama of being a traitor, he can simply say that he's not an American, and so can't be a traitor. He's just a foreign agent, working for a foreign corporation (Federal Reserve), overseeing the sell-off of assets as the country is liquidated to pay its debt.

And since the US now has a debt equal to its annual gross domestic product, it is, by definition, bankrupt.

Since you have a Social Security number and a birth certificate (notice Obama doesn't have one of those), you are personally liable for the debt. Ipso facto, quid pro quo, summa non quoquil.

As the Joker might say, "It's all part of the plaaaaaan."

The real kicker is that all the conspiracy theories that were so carefully sidelined over the years, about 'staw man' and so forth, they're all true. In the next couple of years, you are going to see it become glaringly obvious. And for those promoting paying off your house and other non-liquid assets, it doesn't matter. As a numbered slave of the machine, you are personally liable for the national debt. No arguement.

If you know what you are looking for, the signs are everywhere, but you have to be looking for them. For those living inside the US and innundated with the media from every direction, you are constantly being misdirected, as if at the hands of a master magician. Just to be sure, you are being fluoridated and Paxiled into submission, so that you are incapable of both seeing the deception, and working up the rage necessary to do something about it.

In short, you are controlled, from head to toe, in every sense of the word.

As a back-up plan, any group who has seen through the fog has been demonized as domestic terrorists: Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, etc. Those are the bad guys for pointing out the deception, not the ones promulgating it.

Remember, the original definition of terrorist, until the 1950s or so, was always a government acting to terrorize citizens as a means of control. Obviously, that's still the case.

Americans can no longer muster the political cajones to really affect change. In the last election, they were effectively herded back to the previous party of destruction. And so it has gone for decades, back and forth between the two parties of no choice.

No one seems to have figured out the game, or they are too damn scared to do anything about it. In either case, the result is the same.

Thus, receivership proceeds apace. More banksters are appointed to oversee the liquidation of America. A foreign agent is in charge of the executive office and no one is allowed dissent. The illusion is complete.

We keep getting told that some corporations are too big to fail, but apparantly the entire country is not.

You still have a moment to get you money out of the system and put it into things that can be easily hidden, but only a moment. Soon, it will all be gone and all I will be able to do is say, "I told you so."

"And on that day, I won't want to, Master Wayne," said Alfred.

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