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By The Way, The Sky Is Blue

One good reader sent me an email last night saying, 'the truth is on the internet, 9/11 was an inside job.'

Fish need water to live.

I'm one of those weird people. I don't take anyone's word for anything, especially if that word is coming from anything near government. Being the son of a politician, I learned enough from the inside out to know the whole game is completely, totally and unquestionablly rigged. Worse than rigged, it's a complete sham.

Futhermore, a certain family whose name is synonamous with 'shrub' is so deep in it, that 9/11 could have only happened on their watch. And if I hear another one of them claim to be Texan, I'm going to puke.

Anyway, back to being weird. I was in New York a couple of years before 9/11, and I was standing on the plaza between the two towers when I noticed thousands of cracks. One of the people I was with said that those appeared in 1993, when the first attack occured. That piqued my curiosity, and later I went down in the garage to see for myself where the bomb had gone off.

I was in a van at one of the lowest levels of the underground parking, snugged up again one of the central support columns. It was a huge bomb, if desciptions of the damage are anything to go by. In hindsight, it occurs to my suspicious mind that 1993 was a test run to see what it would take to bring down the towers. It was also a convenient excuse to have crews go through every inch of the building without drawing much attention. So it you're wondering how they could have planted the explosives, there's your answer.

It also came out that the FBI gave the bomb recipe to the poor numbnuts that were stirred up to do the job. The FBI also gave them explicit instructions on how to build the bomb, where to park it, when to do it, and gave them money, wine and women to keep 'em going. Don't believe me? Look it up. The docs were obtained by FOIA.

Another reason I'm weird, and maybe it's just my media/news background, but the minute I heard about the first tower, I tuned in CNN and popped in a Beta-D on the direct feed from the bird (I recorded the satellite feed). I later analysed the video and found what I already knew: explosives going off floor-by-floor. I knew it already because, as an editor, I have a trained eye to catch split-second changes in images. Back in the day, I could spot things in one-sixtieth (1/60th) of a second.

I recorded hours of footage and watched most of it frame-by-frame. In addition, having done training videos on things like controlled demolition and documentaries on the contstruction of high-rise buildings, I have learned a few things about architecture and explosives.

Poo, you say. What do I know?

Well, the nature of producing a video means that first, I spend many hours of intense study to learn about the subject. Then, I spend more time with an SME, or subject matter expert, and we work together to develop the script. I have to know what to shoot and what order these things have to go in, in order to do the first-rate job that my clients demanded.

I then spent weeks reviewing the footage, editing the videos and polishing the product. In some ways, I got better training than many folks, short of actualy hands-on. I followed processes with pain-staking detail, shooting multiple angles. I watched the footage over and over, sometimes a single edit could take an hour to perfect. Then the client would spot some little detail which meant I had to choose a lesser take with no mistakes, but I learned every little detail.

In other words, I knew what I was looking at, and how to analyze the footage.

In November of 2002, I was in Long Island and Throg's Neck shooting another video. I had a helicopter (getting permits that soon after the attacks was a story in itself) to do some aerials over Long Island sound and Brooklyn Bridge. We spun over Ground Zero a couple of times, so I shot some tape on it. I also spent a day off at Ground Zero, poking around and shooting some footage.

I put together a little video I thought was pretty open-and-shut on the whole thing. I took multiple angles, before, during and after. I was able to spot and highlight small details that would escape most people's attention. I showed it to a few people.

I was damn near tarred and feathered, then drawn and quartered. At the time, no one wanted to hear anything that made all the flag waving a little less nationalistic. Within minutes of viewing some of the feeds, I knew what was going on, but people weren't ready to hear or see it then.

All of that work is sitting in my film vault 10,000 miles away now. And now it's popular to show how it was all an inside job. I gave up my quest and left the States eventually. Couldn't do it any longer.

There is nothing worse than knowing the truth and no one will believe you, much less look at any evidence you have amassed. Everyone wants to live in Snow White land, where the institutions that they have entrusted their lives to are not evil, conniving death mongers.

We don't want to associate the Sand Creek Massacre or the Dresden Holocaust as products of our own power and complicity. After all, if We the People gave the government power, then We the People are responsible for what it does with that power.

The next time you vote, think about how many people you are killing with your choice. Makes that moment a little more important, doesn't it?

I have only voted two times in my entire life, and both times were straight Libertarian tickets, with the exception of Ross Perot.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what my government is capable of, and I want nothing to do with it. Maybe it's time for everyone to start taking a clear-eyed look at what is being done, and HAS been done, in our names. Take off the rose-colored glasses and crack open a non-sanitized history book. You won't like what you see, but that's the point. If the toilet's dirty, you flush it.

Like Victor Frankenstein, it's time for us to take responsibility for what we have created. We gave life to an unequalled evil by doing...NOTHING. The time is come to do SOMETHING.

As an expert in media and TV, the best thing I can tell you to do, at least at first, is TURN OFF THE DAMN TV! Then, stop drinking fluoride. After that, you're on your own.

One reason I got out of the news business is that I was stringing for a Not too Bright Channel in South Africa, in the days of apartieid. I was sent to the scene of a 'race riot.' Turns out, it was two families throwing rocks at each other because one accused the other of stealing a chicken. In orther words, it was black-on-black and had nothing to do with 'The Struggle.' Being on the clock, I shot some footage and dutifully uploaded it, along with my notes on what had occured. The next night, a man with a Broke Jaw introduced my footage as the latest fighting over equal rights.

I quit that night.

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