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Floating Lead Balloons

THEY are beating a dead horse.

I love that metaphor. When you visualize it, it not only brings pity for the horse, but makes the beater look like a jack-ass.

Think about it, THEY created a situation in which THEY could do nothing more tthehan print paper with pretty pictures, then convince everyone to accept it in trade for real wealth, like gold, silver and land. On top of that, THEY legitimize it with the color of law by buying off the government with...wait for it...more paper and pretty pictures!

It's really quite a scan. That it has lasted so long is pretty amazing, in itself. That we haven't woken up to it is even more amazing. Every minute of every year for the past 100 years, THEY have been slowly leaching our wealth and mortgaging our futures in order to end up the game with the biggest, and probably the only pile of wealth in the world.

The really interesting part is what will THEY do when THEY own it all? I mean, if you or I cornered the market in plasma TVs, what would happen? Wouldn't folks just find something else? The problem is, what stores wealth better than gold? And if THEY own all the land, where else could we live?

Since we currently only have one planet, and THEY end up cornering the market in wealth, could THEY hide from billions of angry people? Are we all really such sheep that we wouldn't finally stand up at some point?

These are all valid questions and call into discussion the effects and strength of mind-control. That we are all mind-controlled is without question. After all, why do you have a driver's license? Why do you pay taxes? Why do you obey ridiculous and even obscene laws? Because you want to, that's why.

If everyone simple stopped, what would THEY do? Ten, a hundred, even a thousand people could be shot and/or jailed. But millions? If even 100,000 people openly defied the PTB/W, what could THEY do?

This brings up yet another point. All government, throughout all history, has always been by force. All of it. Everywhere. In every form. It all came from the point of a sword/gun. There has never been a government that existed without force.

When you think to yourself, "There ought to be a law," what you are really thinking is that you want to hold someone at the point of a gun, threaten their life, and force them to comply. It's that simple.

You must get licenses to travel on God's green Earth...or THEY kill you. You must pay taxes...or THEY kill you. You must obey the speed limit...or THEY kill you. It's at the base of every law, covering every subject, ever instituted.

When you support a war and I don't, you are telling me that you will incarcerate, beat and even kill me if I don't pay up. When you tell someone they must get a permit/license/pay a tax, you are saying that you want to kill me if I don't get/pay it. When you use my money to build a road that I don't use, then you are threatening my life to build it.

So what it all boils down to, is that a cabal of private interests (known as THEY) convinced our government (us) to accept THEIR paper and pretty pictures for our wealth. If we didn't accept, then the government (us) had to kill each other to make THEM happy.

Insane, isn't it?

So, what does all this have to do with beating dead horses? Well, THEY pretty much own all of it now, the gold, the land and our lives. THEY have slowly but surely leached it all out from under us while we happily bounded along like spring lambs to the slaughter. We bought the whole thing, hook, line and sinker. And in the process, we held our fellow man at the point of a gun to force them to go along with us.

After all, who wants to go to slaughter alone, right?

How many smart people I know, who have bought the ruling paradigm and couldn't crack the blindfold just a little to see that there might be another way. It brings to mind the bit of front-porch wisdom that I like to live by: When you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten.

It's a functional definition of insanity. A simple study of history, even of only the past 100 years, would show beyotnd the shadow of a doubt that the most deadly weapon of mass destruction is government itself. How many lives have been taken by the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Idi Amin, Bush (Jr and Sr), and Obama? How many of them have you supported/voted for? And that's just the short list.

Isn't it time to sit back and take stock? Isn't there another way? The easiest way to stop the PTB/W in THEIR tracks is to simply stop following THEM. It's that easy.

The thing is, THEIR ownership of everything of value is only on paper, just like THEIR money. If everyone stopped following THEM, there is not a damn thing THEY can do about it. Oh sure, THEY'LL make a show of it. THEY'LL rant and rave and talk about 'the law,' as if THEY pay the least bit of attention to it.

Indonesia is a case in point. The only reason the House passes laws here is to give folks something to ignore. The bureauocracy is so corrupt that the people figure why should they follow the law? Everyone is on the take here, from top to bottom, yet somehow it all holds together. It shows that anarchy does work, if for no other reason that people's vested self-interests.

However, it is no more tenable than any other system. It must eventually implode, just like everything before it. The problem is that people will again try to build the same house that just fell down, only change the position of the furniture.

All of it must collapse. All of it is collapsing. The question is, what will we do when it's gone? The collapse is inevitable, as 6,000 years of recorded history graphically demonstrates. There is no time like the present to start thinking about replacement paradigms.

Hitler's big fault was not being a fascist, or taking over Europe, or even killing millions of people. The PTB/W love that sort of thing, and even helped Hitler to power just for that reason (see Prescott Bush, among many others). Hitler's Big Crime was that he created a currency that was based on the labor, goods and services of the country. It wasn't owned by the banksters and THEY couldn't profit from it. Just like John Kennedy wanting to re-issue silver-backed currency in the US. They both ended up dead for presuming to take money out of THEIR pockets. You see, there's only one criminal class that will be tolerated, just like only one mafia family can be on top, and all others mu

st pay fealty. Even if another family topples the first and takes over, they simply continue the same practices with different bag men.

There's an obvious wave of revolt sweeping the globe. Plenty of ruling families are nervous. The problem, none of the revolutionaries have thought past the end of their noses. If they are successful, they simply become the new THEY. Sometimes it's a little bettern but usually it's worse. The USofA was the most redical departure from 'normal' ever seen. It created the most powerful and free nation on Earth. Then THEY took over and recreated it in THEIR own image.

Our lesson for today is that the root of all evil is paper money, and the most evil people on Earth are the ones who force us at the point of a gun to take it in exchange for making us slaves. If we are smart, we will finally notice this simple lesson of history and start figuring out a way to change it.

All things come to an end. It is the way of all things in the Universe. Your local governing rifle-barrel is no different. The best time to make a plan is when you don't need it. The time will come for that.

In the alternative, the basketball playoffs start soon and American Idol has yet another poor, hapless soul to humiliate on global TV.

Go back to sleep. You don't really care about your children or theirs, right?

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