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Land Of The Twee, Home Of The Slave

America, people out here in the real world are getting fed up with you. You can't tend to your own problems, but you feel compelled, for some reason, to meddle in the affairs of others.

Case in point: Egypt. The now deeply discredited State Department, under the auspicious (gag) leadership of Hillary Give-Us-Da-Rod Clinton, has the gall to pose like a debutante wall-flower and demand Mubarak and adversaries 'talk.'

Talk?! About what? What is Hillary smoking, and when did she smoke it?

Let's do a quick inventory. America invaded two sovereign nations on a first-strike, using manufactured 'evidence' and discredited 'intelligence' to violate its own and international law, has killed millions with 'economic sanctions,' has used its branches to infiltrate and manipulate internal and extermal organizations to its own ends, has used torture and humiliation to extract 'confessions' from farmers, has killed its own citizens for little or no cause (Waco, Ruby Ridge, West Texas, etc.), and most recently has been caught arming Mexican militants who are in turn killing US agents along the border.

This partial, and admittedly brief, list of grievances doesn't even begin to touch on things such as: Iran-Contra, bio-warfare on American Indians, financial fraud, WikiLeaks revelations, slavery, and a whole host of other actions.

Furthermore, there is good season to suspect the events in Tunisia and Egypt, and possibly others, is fomentated by agents and agencies within the US federal government to manipulate oil trading, control shipping via the Suez canal, and manufacturing enemies in order to futher justify enormous military/industrial/pharmaceutical expenditures.

It is one of the oldest tricks in the books: governments create enemies in order to steer the populace into its waiting arms. Its use dates back hundreds of years and the theory spans continents and cultures. One can read up on the technique in books such as, "The Prince," "The Art of War," and many other tomes on political manipulations of mass society. The Nazis brought the technique to a masterful level, while Madison Ave. has pioneered its use to create demand where none existed.

The current situation is an obvious attempt to break the back of OPEC, marshal sympathy for Israel (whose foot-shooting spree lately is something to behold), and herd existing Middle Eastern governments into the 'helpful' arms of western hegimony.

Hillary's weak and laughable call for 'talks' is so far from effectual as to be derisable. That the US government thinks it has ANY business mucking about in the internal affairs of other nations, while its own go unattended, is little more than a slap in the face of Egypt. The US' sole concern is to guarantee safe passage for its citizens in harm's way and to tend to vessels carrying its flag through the Suez canal. That's it.

The monotonous and predicable droning of US media in favor of intervention in Egypt is nothing more than reading Israeli press releases. That nation, one of the most grievious rogue nations on Earth at the moment, it manipulating the US into doing its dirty work. Since the global community is increasingly dubious of Israel's treatment of Palestine and its highly illegal annexation of Palestine's territories, Israel must manufacture a crisis in the region to cause the wagons to circle. However, she may find that the 'boy who cried wolf' is a more apt description of the world's response.

Israel is like the well-known and reviled neighborhood bully, who for years has terrorized and beat on the other kids in the area. Now that the other kids have banded together and taken the fight to him, he is running and crying through the block. But, the adults, aware of the situation, are rightfully turning a deaf ear. Sometimes, it's just good and proper that the bully get his comuppance.

Israel's lapdog, the US, is also sounding hollow and weak. Fighting two wars, mobilizing military all over Asia, fighting border insurgency, and trying to recover from both a major economic set-back and a major weather-whammy, the US is in no position to extend its power yet again.

Furthermore, exactly what right does the US have to police the world? It has neither good example, moral superiority, nor financial might to throw around. It is little more than the Power That Was, the aging general in the rocking chair trying to fight yesterday's war in today's brave new world.

The US is like a gambler who, after a long winning streak, is drunk on his illusional luck and self-importance. Feeling cocky, he has called 'all-in' with his trays-over-deuces, while the newcomer across the table is quietly holding bullets-over-bosses.

Both the US and Israel may find that the streak has run out. Tired of being pushed around and playing second fiddle, the rest of the world is scattering like a herd of cats, not happy to be corralled yet again. It was fun when there were goodies at the end of the daisy chain, but the goodies have run out. Even Pavlovian response has its limits.

The US would be wise to retire to its proper place in history as the Empire That Was. It is embarassing to watch aging boxers try to recapture old glory and getting pummelled in the process. Pity changes to revulsion, and quaint becomes queer. The magic is wearing off and the world is beginning to catch glimpses of how the tricks are done. Its David Copperfield versus Chris Angel, and the more intimate illusion is holding sway.

As for our neighborhood bully, Israel, she too is losing her allure. She must resort of outright force now to maintain her position as underdog. She must beat critics with the 'anti-semitism' stick and toss people in jail for questioning, rightfully, the Holocaust industry. The old prom gown is showing its age.

The world at large is shaking off a century-long drunken binge. It was happy to let the US run amok when there were prizes to be had, but the money has run out and the prizes are little more than re-gifting. Thereare new and more interesting gee-gaws to be had elsewhere.

Even the old rally cry of 'democracy' is losing its lustre. People are seeing that 'democracy' only means weaponized wealth takes over and controls the game. When two wolves and a sheep vote on what's for dinner, the waiter is busy serving up mint jelly in anticipation of the outcome.

America, your glory is faded. Retire gracefully, like Bette Davis, and preserve the glory that was once yours. If you continue as you are, then you will soon tarnish whatever good you have done with the errors of your ways.

It's time for the States to follow the example of not only our Forefathers, but the Middle East just now. Slough off the old skin of empire and create yourself anew. Secede and re-form. Destroy the monster that has created itself before it destroys every man, woman and child within its grasp.

And as for Israel, well, it was fun while it lasted. You're on your own now. Better play nice.

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