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Playing Chess With A Poker Face

There is, beyond our common perception, a massive game of chess being waged.  The stakes are enormous.  The winner becomes the capstone of the 'unfinished pyramid.'

The scale of the game is almost beyond comprehension.  It has been played over centuries and moves at a glacial pace.  The vast majority of humans on this planet are just pawns.  We mean nothing to the players.  Our lives, our fortunes, our families are just dust in a passing wind to the people who play this game.

You and I don't have a hope of joining the game, even if we wanted.  Huge fortunes buy one a spectator seat, and maybe even the chance to serve coffee once in a while.

Most people are not aware that, at the highest levels, there are only about 10 people who matter in the whole world.  These 10 people are the only ones who can personally guarantee, with their fortunes, transnational transactions.  They are tense moments when nations exchange wealth, and for a few precious seconds, someone must guarantee the transactions with real wealth.

The largest of these transactions, at least to date, was $7 trillion and took place about two years ago.  It was underwritten by a single individual, guaranteed by gold, and lasted a full 3 seconds.  Reportedly, 37 people died in the process.

The only name I am aware of is the Throne of England.  I say the throne, because the faces on the board change every so often, but the seats do not.  I suspect a few of the others.  One in New York, two in China, one in the Middle East.  These 'seats' have battled each other across time and space.  Nothing occurs on the board which is not planned down to the minutae.

To us 'dust,' it appears as if things get out of control.  It looks like there is a spontaneous uprising across the Middle East, but the moves have been carefully executed over a hundred or more years.  It looks as if economies are collapsing.  It feels like chaos is increasing and that events are spiraling out of control.

But, the 10 'seats' are not threatened.  They haven't even broken a sweat yet.  Everything is going exactly according to plan.  They don't even bother to hide the game.  It is so huge, so impossible, so monstrous, that us folk down here don't even look at the 'seats.'  They can't possibly exist, so we can't possibly see them.  It's rather the ideal way to hide something.  Put make it so big, that when you put it in front of someone's face, they can't see it.  It simply becomes part of the landscape and disappears.

If you know where to look, you can catch glimpses of it every now and then.  Occasionally, a thread is visible or a dropped stitch allows just the smallest amount of light through.  If you don't know what you are seeing, then you can't put it into context.

One way of doing things, at the coffee-fetching level, is with a kind of dollar you and I will never use.  It was issued in World War 2, and it's a gold bearer bond.  The most common kind come in denominations of $100,000.  They are in individual plastic sleeves and look like any dollar bill, but they are yellow and have a lot of zeros on them.

They come in boxes of $1 million face value.  The box is made of dark wood and has an engraved plate on top.  The plate is gold with a black coating.  The etched lettering shines on the black background like the promise of uxorious bridegroom.

These boxes are held by certain families in various parts of the world and get traded around in a level of commerce most of us will never experience.  These families are the rooks, bishops and knights.  They do the bidding of the 'seats' and are granted a taste of the power and wealth.  Remember the special occasions when you were a kid and dad would let you have a dram of wine or champagne?

The 'seats' are vastly wealthy.  They control the wealth of nations, even entire regions.  They don't hold paper, except that the paper is title to your life and all that you think you own.  Every utterance they dictate becomes the reality we live under.  Kings and titans come to them on bended knee.

In the Middle East now, a move has been made.  Since we can't perceive the board, we can only speculate on the purpose.  We must watch to see what moves are made to answer.  That will give us a small clue as to whether the queen is in check, or if some pawns will be lost.  There does seem to be a major offensive in progress, but whether it is on the part of white or black in unknown.

What we see as global revolution is just heated action on one corner of the board.  It's conceivable that a false move will place one of the 'seats' in jeopardy, but it is doubtful.  These are master players with centuries of experience.  Every move possible has been foreseen and the counter moves plotted far in advance.

The 'seats' must be thoroughly entertained by the action.  No doubt they have ordered another round as they cozy up to the table to watch the outcome.  They derive great satisfaction from watching the pawns duke it out.  There's always some small amount of chance remaining in any plan, so they are licking their lips in anticipation of the bloodshed as they wait to see their grand design unfold.

Some point to the banksters, others to the Freemasons.  Maybe you think it's the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers.  Mere water boys all.  The 10 'seats' run the game, and no one is allowed to take a seat at the table.  It has been full since the beginning.

Will it end?

Certainly.  All things that exist must end.  When or how is anyone;s guess.  We can hope that what is sweeping the world at the moment is a mass awakening to the control of our lives and all that we know.  We can hope.

However, most people don't see, nor do they want to see, the game.  It is far too much for them to grasp.  They prefer to live in homes they think they own, raise families they think are theirs, go to jobs they think they have.  To destroy that illusion would surely kill them.

It's possible some random event could upset the table and the play would be forever adjourned, but it is hard to imagine what it is that could be that large and that random.  But, we shall see, as with all things.

Is there still hope?  Always!

Without hope, there is nothing.  It is the source of all reality.  It is the one force to which even the 'seats' must bow.  Hope is the foundation of all that exists.  Even Love must serve Hope, because Love is the offspring of Hope.

In the meantime, we can only try to perceive the game and the players, and hope that a result will come soon, so that we can move on to something far more interesting.

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