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The Reason We Call 'Em Cheeseheads

Sorry, I have no sympathy for Wisconsin's public employees.

Here they are, taking OUR money while organizing unions to negotiate taking MORE of OUR money for doing what?  NOTHING!

They do absolutely nothing productive for society, yet they want collective bargaining power to get regular raises, pension plans, medical coverage, and the rest of the goodies in the package.  In other words, they want all the things the real working stiffs ain't getting, and they want it NOW!

Forget it.  Get a real job.  Start a company that makes something useful.  Grow food and sell it at the co-op.  Do anyting but sit on your widening blessed assurance, taking money from good, hard-working people.

Public service employees have no business forming unions.  They are not productive and add nothing to society.  They rubber stamp forms and file your life in little envelopes and shuffle paper between departments.  They do these useless tasks by sucking taxes out our paychecks, which we earn by DOING something.  Our jobs add goods and services to the general economy and actually have some value.  Public service jobs do not.  The only thing they create is more bureacracy, so that they can fill more useless positions so they can create more paperwork, so they can justify their budgets, so they can create more useless positions.  It's a massive circular scam.

And they want to organize and negotiate to stuff their pockets with all the benefits that you and I, the productive workers, can't have unless we are productive and efficient.

Do I dislike unions?  Not really.  I come from Texas, which is a Right To Work state.  That means I can not be descriminated against because I don't want to join a union.  I think they have their place and I have seen them do good things.  But, I have also seen the flip-side.

I have seen an entire orchestra that shows up to work on a Broadway play that doesn't use an orchestra, but because of union rules, the production must hire so many musicians.  They come in at the appointed time, plunk their butts down and eat donuts and read the paper for four hours, then go home.

I have seen warring unions, over a hockey game no less, who refused to take scenery from the stage door, across 25 feet of no-man's land, and put it in a truck.  Because union A supported the local hockey team, and union B favored the Canadian one, they held up a multi-million dollar show and a great number of people.

I have seen stupid, nay, assnine rules, that stipulate a crew of three to hang a light plot.  One man at the top of the ladder, one man to 'spot' or hold the ladder, and one just in case the guy at the top drops something.  Then the third guy can pick it up and run it up the ladder.

I have been present when a person is required to park a pickup truck in a parking lot with a large sack full of money on the floor board.  They then get out and walk away, while someone else walks up, gets in a drives away.  That money is to ensure that there are no problems with the union bosses, who sit in smoke-filled halls guarded by Guidos with sub-machine guns, and decide who gets worked over next.  Pay the protection, and there's no need for the Guidos to bust you up.

For all the good that unions do, there is an equal and opposite force for decay and destruction.

When it comes to public servants, and I stress the word 'servant,' there is no reason or excuse for them to have any collective bargaining rights.  They should be thankful we peel off a few bucks (at the point of a gun) to pay their time to push paper around.  There is not on single, redeeming value to any of their jobs, and if they feel the need to get rich and have a perk package, then get out and get a real friggin' job and work for it like the rest of us.

"Wait," you say, "what about teachers and cops and the jobs like those?"

Education should be the sole responsibility of the individual.  It should be completely private and the state shouldn't have any business getting involved, except to enforce contracts.  That's it.  Teachers get paid by the people using their services and their pay is based on how effective they are at their jobs, not by seniority and how many Guidos they have backing them up.  We shouldn't even pay legislators to stipulate cirricula.  The schools set their own and they are rewarded by the success of their graduates.

Cops?  Nope.  No unions.  OK, so we need hired guns to run around shooting us if we don't follow some rediculous law or another, or refuse to pay taxes for a collective bargaining scam, but if they don't like the pay, then find a real job.  Finding stooges in uniforms is easy.  The army's been doing it for years.  All the cops really do is show up after the fact and fill out forms.  More paper-pushing.

Show me a law, and I'll show you yet another usurpation of my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happines, the enforecment of which requires the hiring of more useless paper-pushers and goons with guns to steal my hard-earned money to pay for it.

Unions in the workplace?  Yeah, sure, OK.  As long as I am free to negotiate my own compensation package without coersion to join what amounts to a non-governmental taxing authority, which in turn hires its own useless paper-pushers and gun-toting goons.

Unions have done some good.  We have Labor Day, which is an American institution now.  We have paid holidays and sick leave.  But all of that is now law, which requires the aforementioned paper-pushers and gun-totoing goons.  My lawyer and I are perfectly capable of negotiating those things on my own behalf.  If I am worth it, the employer will agree to my terms.  End of story.  My contract with the employer secures my hard-won bennies and the courts are in place to protect my interests.  I don't need a union for that.

As for the public SERVANTS in Wisconsin, get over it.  If you don't like it, get a real job, negotiate your own packages and do something that benefits society.  Having collective bargaining in order to get more money and benefits, which necessitates gun-toting goons coming to me and yanking my money out of my pocket is just plain wrong.

Every state should ban collective bargaining for public servants.  They have one of the biggest benefits available in our society: the right to take home MY money.  If that's not enough for you, then too bad.  Go get a real job and pay for the paper-pushers and goons like the rest of us.  You already have more holidays than most of us get, save for banksters.

That it's taken this long for one of the legislatures to stand up and say enough is really astounding.  That the useless tax eaters are upset is just astounding.  They have forgetten where their money comes from.  They should be blessing all of us at the tops of their lungs everytime they put a mouthful of food into the bellies of their families.  After all, we paid for it.

After the busting the unions for public servants, the next step should be penalizing legislators for every law they pass.  What's the bet that would greatly increase the quality of laws and reduce the quantity.

As for Congress, we can simply dispense with them.  They are redundant and double dipping from the lobbyist larder while they're at it.  And take the useless presidency with you.

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