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Running Around In [Crop] Circles

About a month ago, Indonesia got its very first home-grown crop circle. It's located near Yogyakarta, not far from Mount Merapi, recently famous for blowing its top.

The design is pretty basic, but it has raised quite a fuss, with heated discussions still underway.

There were reports of a UFO a couple of days after it appeared. A man was struck by lightning and killed when he climbed to the top of a hill to photograph it. One of the first people to see it swears that the morning dew on the tops of the rice was undisturbed. The Air Force and Nuclear Agency were called in to investigate, and both declared it 'safe.' Crowds of onlookers brought a mini-boom to the area as vendors sprang up to sell everything from bottled water to souvenirs.

Speculation falls into two camps, of course. One is the man-made/natural theory, and the other is aliens. Being highly superstitious people, both sides see omens regardless of which side of the fence they sit on.

I pointed out to anyone who cared to listen that if it is a 'real' crop circle, then the pattern will still be seen when the next crop is planted, as the plants within the affected areas will grow slightly differently. As far as any other speculation, I am squarely on the side of 'don't know.'

I do know that any sighting of UFOs since World War 2 are highly suspect. The Nazis were feverishly working on a project called Die Glocke, which involved advanced hyperdimensional physics and things like field propulsion, which if perfected, could certainly produce the flight characteristics of UFOs. Given 60 years of development by Russian and American programs, headed initially by Nazi scientists, I can easily imagine craft in use today which are far in advance of any 'public' space programs.

I have personally had three qute unusual sightings, the most recent of which was the middle of last year, and which I wrote up here on the Far Side. What I observed were quite real, and I was careful to note factht the events were very curious, I have no idea what technology generated them.

Do I believe in aliens? Well, I think Carl Sagan summed it up best in 'Contact': If there's no other life out there, then it's sure a huge waste of space. On the other hand, I have never met an alien. I have talked extensively with 'abductees,' though. I have seen the scars and felt the 'implants' and listened to the stories with an open mind, but I have heard nothing that just screamed extra-terestrial. One or two folks said they had implants removed and tested, with very unusual results, but they couldn't produce copies of the results nor could they name a doctor or lab technician with whom I could discuss the matter.

The problem is that there is entirely too much faith involved. That's one of the reasons I reject religion. They expect me to take wild stories on faith that defy any logic or reason, not the mention that the Book itself says I can get all the bennies for free, so why pay someone to go middleman for me?

The metaphor I used not too long ago was, I KNOW the sky is blue. I know WHY the sky is blue. I know that, given the physics, it can only BE blue. Now you want me to take on faith that it's green, and deny what reason and empiricism tell me is true?

Generally, people think they have me cornered when I say that I have strong reason to think there are ruins and artifacts throughout the Solar System of some previous, advanced civilization. So I MUST believe in aliens. Why? One doesn't follow the other necessarily. Nor does it require any faith.

I can look at and analyze photos with my own eyes, applying my own tools and techniques as a professional. I can duplicate calculations and observations and critically examine arguments. I can SEE buildings and structures. I can DEDUCE non-geological features. I can OBSERVE phenomena for myself. None of it REQUIRES aliens at all. It can all be explained through very human means, even if it requires radically changing our perspectives. Without conclusive evidence of alien presence on or around Earth, I am prone to think that humans themselves are capable of creating, or having created at sone time in the past, the very technology that can create UFOs and crop circles and archologies on other planets within our Solar System.

The work of some top-flight minds using empirical evidence leads to some amazing, though not necessarily alien conclusions.

Back to the topic of crop circles, I can envision certain geo-magnetic processes that could produce such formations. I can envision certain advanced technologies, albeit secret, that could do the same thing.

None of the crop circles I have looked at show anything uniquely 'alien.' The designs, methodology and even the interpretations all have decidedly Earth-bound connections. I do think that a lot of them are not formed by a bunch of drunk collage kids with ropes and boards, but do involve someone showing off some hi-tech toys that are currently in orbit around the Earth. Perhaps they are test-runs, along with things like the Norway Spiral and its cousin, the China Spiral, for Project Blue Beam.

I have seen chemtrails and I know for a fact they are nothing like contrails. I have seen UFOs and I know for a fact they are not 'open' technology. I have studied crop circles and I know they show nothing that is distinctly 'alien.' I have spent years studying photos from spacecraft and I am convinced that archologies exist on other planets and moons in our Solar System.

I am not, however, convinced that any of it proves the presence of 'alien' species in or around Earth. Logic demands that we take the least-speculative approach to unexplained phenomena.

However, consider this an open invitation to any alien species reading this blog: if your intentions are peaceful, then you are welcome to hang out at my place anytime and discuss the merits of hyperdimensional versus relativistic physics.

I'll keep the light on for you.

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