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Behind The Curtain

A little aside before I launch into today's tirade.  Just suppose the STUXNET virus made its way into the Fukushima reactor complex and is, at least partly, responsible for the mess there.  That would make the US/Israeli spooks directly responsible for nuking the Earth.  Just a thought.
I think we can begin to link some dots that have taken well over a decade to fall into place.  It seems we can also detect a level of desperation behind the Libya attacks by NATO forces.

It is quite clear from history that Iran is a jewel in the crown of the NWO.  They have lusted to destroy and remake Iran in their own image, both for the oil resources, but also because some piece of ancient history is there, and they need it.

During the Iran/Iraq war in the 80s, the US was best buddies with Saddam Hussein and supported his efforts to fight Iranian forces.  They gave Hussein WMD, which is why they were so sure he still had them when they illegally attacked him twice in the 90s and later in 2002.

Long before that, the US interfered with Iran's sovereign affairs in the 50s and installed a puppet shah, who was supposed to give the NWO full access to Iran's resources.  However, he instead used the money to build up Iran and create a fine modern society.  That was not part of the plan, so the NWO funded a revolution, which unseated the shah.  But that backfired when fundamentalist elements took over leadership, instead.

Since the 90s, there has been a concerted effort to slowly seal off Iran.  The invasions of Iraq and Afganistan, regardless of the public reasons, were to achieve very specific goals.  The Taliban in Afganistan were destroying the opium business, which funds a lot of black ops.  They also wanted a lot more money than originally agreed at the headquarters of a large oil company in Houston in the 90s (I met them).  The money was to pay for right-of-way for a pipeline from the Caspian Sea oil fields to Israel.

The escalation into Pakistan was predicated on the issue of that country's leadership getting too independent.  That threatened the NWOs ability to shut down energy and food (and weapons) coming from China.  Therefore, Pakistan had to be balkanized in order to make trans-national shipments all that much more difficult, and thus isolate Iran from a major supply line.

The take-over of Iraq also allowed the NWO an convenient excuse to station large naval assets in the Strait of Hormuz and harass and control yet another supply line for Iran.  It also effectively land-locked Iran and for all intents and purposes, surrounds the country with NWO military assets.

The next step was to destabilize Egypt and install an even more compliant leadership, and thus deliver control of the Suez Canal to the NWO.  This would prevent Iran from scoring humanitarian points by supplying Palestine with aid and fuel.  That achieves a dual goal for Israel...or does it.

Things seemed to go awry.  The pro-Western implants in Egypt are losing their grip and nationalist elements are gaining strength.  Witness the rebuke of Ban Ki-Moon, who wanted to take a victory tour of Tahrir Square.

Then Qaddafi did the unexpected.  He used the Hussein maneuver and started blowing up the oil fields of Libya, since he was fully aware of the fact that the 'protesters' were NWO implants and the goal was control of the oil.  The NWO couldn't tolerate that because it would surely push the EU over the cliff, so they had to hastily put together a 'coalition' of puppet states.

But several things are happening.  I firmly believe the Japanese quake and subsequent events were either completely unexpected, or were triggered too soon.  The NWO had spent a lot of time setting up the Middle East situation and the Japan events swung the spotlight in the wrong direction.  Since then, they have been working overtime to downplay Japan and keep focus on the Middle East.  If they fail, then the effort to build global support for their take-overs there will lose momentum.

In contrast, look at what happened after the Banda Aceh tsunami.  Global media was completely focused on the region for months, with Clinton and Il Padrino Bush both running there to pose as humanitarians.  In Japan, there appears to be a concerted effort to stay away from there and keep attention off of those events.  It wasn't supposed to happen just now.

Because of the shift in focus, and because Qaddafi is threatening the EU's largest fuel supply, the NWO had to throw together something to try and refocus their efforts.  However, the Germans and Turks refuse to join. The British and French are fighting each other over who gets to be in charge of the slaughter.  The Arabs didn't sign on in droves.  Russia and China have both condemned the attack.  NATO is falling apart on party lines.  And Obama is now in very dangerous territory.

You see, Obama committed US troops to the Libya attacks without so much as a cigar-and-whiskey meeting at the Oval Office to line up Congress.  Instead, he took marching orders from the banksters, who rammed a resolution through the UN.

See, the thing is, the US military and government are no longer of/by/for the people.  When the country went broke, the banksters took over and put the country in receivership.  They now call the shots, not Congress, Obama or the people.  When they said jump, Obama said how high, and continued to party in Rio.

Qaddafi is sitting on a huge pile of gold.  The NWO can't cut off his source of funds.  Also, Qaddafi runs the most modern and wealthiest countries in Africa, with a standard of living higher than countries such as Russia. Furthermore, the NWO attacks are more likely to generate sympathy and nationalistic feelings on the part of the populace, who will then turn their guns against the outsiders and take care of internal business later.  That's why the F-15 was shot down over rebel territory.

So, the NWO is scrambling.  They are making a lot of mistakes right now.  Their desperation is showing up in many different areas.  Japan landed a good right hook on their glass chin and they are reeling.  If things continue along these lines, they could suffer set-backs that put them back decades.

It's not time to celebrate.  Cornered animals are the most dangerous.  The NWO is likely to do anything at this point to regain their control of events.  Meantime, the Fukushima situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for all of humanity, Ann Coulter's idiocy aside.  At night, blue beams of neutron radiation can be seen coming from the destroyed reactors.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for activists, though.  The NWO is off-balance and some good shoves could topple the bastards.  Qaddafi has the upper hand, as well.  Because his enemy is acting out of desperation, it gives him several tactical advantages, as well as some PR brownie points.

We are in a very interesting cross-roads of history.  A force that has worked for centuries to dominate the Earth is teetering from unexpected events.  In Japan, there is an unprecedented disaster that could cause generations of damage to humankind.  Geological tensions are building in a number of hot-spots around the world.  The Moon and Sun are exerting rare pressure on Earth.  And in the near future, there's a big question mark as Earth aligns with the galactic center in December 2012.  No one knows what will happen, or if they do, they aren't telling.

And finally, there's the Big Secret.  There are pieces of ancient technology and knowledge lying somewhere in Iran.  It must be the key, because they have scoured Egypt, the Moon, Mars, and numerous other places in the Solar System.  Iraq had some pieces, but not the key, so they have to go into Iran.  It's the only place left where the missing parts could be.  If they finally get their grubby hands on it, the sky's the limit...literally.

What can you do?  Prepare your family, of course.  But, start thinking about way you can push the tottering bastard until he falls over.  The idea here is similar to the Chinese torture called 'Death of 1,000 Cuts.'  If we all push just a little, then the cumulative effect will be quite effective.

As the Chinese curse goes, "May you live in interesting times."  They don't get much more interesting than they are at this moment.

Sampai jumpa!

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