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Give That Man A Peace Prize!

 Pembaca Indonesia: tidak percaya kepada apa saja dari WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks adalah pelaksanaan CIA. Mereka mau membuat situasi seperti Libia di Indonesia. Kerusuhan dan protes adalah apa yang diinginkan oleh mereka untuk menciptakan karena kekayaan Indonesia bisa diterima kalau tidak stabil. Hati-hatilah informasi yang mana pun yang jelek di negeri Indonesia.
“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."  -Barack H. Obama, Boston Globe, December 20, 2007
This morning, as you ate your Wheaties and sipped your coffee, did you have a twinge of conscience?  Did you visualize all the men, women and children who, in your name, would never enjoy breakfast with the family again? Did it bother you at all that millions have died because of you that never attacked, nor even harbored ill will towards you, your family or your nation?

Did you vote for Obama?  Did you believe the hype about "hope" and "change?"  Were you one of the rabid supporters who castigated anyone who dared speak a cross word about such a great man as Obama?

Obama: the greatest mass murderer to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Not a single Iraqi, Afgani or Libyan have been shown to have attacked the United States, nor has any proof ever been offered that any of those people had intent to do so.  Three wars have been perpetrated on the lone premise that 19 Saudi citizens hi-jacked four commercial aircraft and flew them into civilian and military targets in the mainland US.  Yet, not a single shot has been fired at Saudi Arabia.  Why is that?

And why are a good number of the supposed hi-jackers still alive?  And why are there so many questions surrounding the events of 9/11?  And what, exactly, did Libya do to the United States to deserve being attacked?

In point of fact, the US has perpetrated an act of international terrorism, attacking a sovereign nation without provocation, whose sole crime is that the country has oil and wants to sell it to whoever offers the best price.

To claim that the US is protecting rebel factions inside the sovereign borders of Libya has absolutely no weight under law or reasoned argument.  Especially when there are far more desperate places on Earth, where the citizens suffer deeply, and have done so for decades, without so much as the US batting an eyelash.  The only difference between them and Libya, insofar as the US government is concerned, is that Libya has oil.

That's all.

This fact could not be more obvious now.  Iraq, as an isolated incident, might have been arguable, but combined with Afganistan and now Libya, there can be no other conclusion than lust for the rightful wealth and resources of sovereign nations.

We must also consider the possibility that these events are nothing more than slight-of-hand, as well.  As the world focuses attention on these unprovoked, immoral and unlawful naked aggressions, what is being perpetrated behind the scenes?  Theories abound, but one can speculate that we may never know in our lifetimes, if ever.

In the meantime, global focus has shifted away from Japan and imminent nuclear disaster.  Why hasn't the US mustered its might and resources to aid in the recovery of those poor folks affected by natural disaster, and the subsequent man-made threats?  Why is it we can muster all this effort to kill and destroy, but not for peaceful and humanitarian purposes?

Oh, that's right...Japan doesn't have any oil.

If the same events has occurred in Saudi Arabia, do you think there would be a difference?  Would the global coalition be wringing its hands about cleaning up the mess and getting things back to normal?  Would such a disaster already be shunted to below the fold on the second page?

Do you feel rage?  Do you visualize the victims of your silence?  Does it make you angry that a man was elected, at least partly, on the premise of ending America's naked aggressions, who has since escalated those aggressions?  Have you done anything at all to put an end to it?

Or are you too busy enjoying your Wheaties and wheat toast with a nice latte from your home coffee bar?

Suppose tomorrow, you awoke to the sounds of aircraft and Tomahawk missiles raining down on your neighborhood.  Suppose the world, tired of the illegal criminal acts of America in so many parts of the world, had formed a coalition, rammed a resolution through the UN, and proceeded to attack your home.  Suppose, instead of your morning commute, you were picking your way through dismembered bodies and destroyed homes wondering what in the hell you did to anyone to deserve this.

Inconceivable?  Really?
"As you sow, so shall you reap."

Do you think anyone would weep for you, when you did nothing to stop the terrible death and destruction your government hailed down on so many victims in so many parts of the world?

Or do you think they would simply enjoy their Wheaties and wheat toast while brewing up another latte, and feel justified that you were receiving a just reward?

The US has not prosecuted a lawful and Constitutional war since World War II.  Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Granada, Panama, Haiti, Iraq, Afganistan, and now Libya are all illegal actions unilaterally ordered and operated by an Executive Branch of the federal government, and sanctioned by the American people, who have done nothing to stop it.  Millions have died because of your inaction.

Does your conscience have any say yet?  Have you checked your pulse lately?

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