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Surveying The Global Mess

Normally on the weekends, I like to keep things on the lighter side.  Ganesh knows there's enough bad news in the world, and we all could use a chuckle of two, even if it's my lame attempts to entertain.

I'll be darned if I can find much to laugh at, though.

It's almost humorous the way the Western powers are yet again breathlessly wringing their hands over yet another Middle East nation with oil.  Qaddafi survived Reagan's best attempts to break him, and he seems to be doing a fair job of repulsing the French.

Of course, that's like saying you are winning against the onslaught of a band of drag queens hollering show tunes at the tops of their lungs.  The French aren't known for being warriors.

Hillary Clinton, the irrepressible American drag queen, has rammed a 'no-fly zone' resolution through the UN, but if you can show me a bit of desert without flies, I'll show you a dog without fleas.

Why the Western powers feel compelled to interfere in the internal conflicts of a nation is not clear.  The motive seems to clearly center around oil, since revolutions in other nations draw little, if any, attention when they don't involve valuable natual resources.

Certainly, the collected nations of the world aren't doing much about Somali pirates, who took an Indonesian vessel bound for Rotterdam yesterday.  In fact, the pirates have lowered their demands for their booty, since no one seems interested in their antics.  You know its bad when pirates offer discounts of up to 50% for immediate liquidation.

Meanwhile, Japan's government has done what all governments do best: bald-faced lied to the world and its own people.  They admitted that their Level 7 catastrophe, which had been labeled a Level 4, is really a Level 5.  Typical.

I refer you to a 70s monster movie called, "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster."  In it, a poisonous cloud causes anything it touches to disintegrate.   Seems almost prophetic at this point.

The radioactive debris continues to spew forth, radiation has appeared in food and water up to 100 miles away, people are dropping dead, ships and aircraft are assiduously avoiding Japan, and the headline?

"Japanese Reactor Crisis Stabilizes."

Sometimes I almost get tired of the bullshit.  If that's stable, then Charles Mason is a model citizen.

It's interesting to note that the upper class in Japan has fully bailed out of the country, like rats from a glowing ship.  Hong Kong hotel rooms are going at top dollar, Singapore is jammed to the gills, Seoul is reporting a massive influx of Japanese 'tourists,' and the Phillipines are enjoying a mini-boom.

There is talk of taking over some 'ghost cities' in China, as well.  Seems the Chinese, in their social-engineering building boom, have created at least three 'ghost cities,' large enough to handle populations of 10 million, that simply exist for future need (interesting civil engineering idea).

In a worst case scenario, the talk runs to filling at least one of them with Japanese refugees.  Interesting how mortal enemies become best friends in times of need.  It certainly puts China in the proverbial cat-bird seat when it comes to negotiating ownership of selected islands in the South China Sea.

Elsewhere, a judge has blocked the Wisconsin anti-government-union law (notice it does not affect private unions), which means he's waiting for his bribe packet to show up before passing off on it.  Happened repeatedly with Obama-snare.

Let's hope the judge was looking at the sweetheart deal to sell off state power production in a no-bid daisy chain, cluster (expletive), that was buried in the "you're a public happy you have a job, son" language.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about the PIIGS in Europe.  I'm sure the EU is in no hurry to shift focus back to their own crisis.  At least they can rest assured that Korea produces most of their electronic gizmos and gee-gaws, so little will be affected with regard to their ability to Tweet up a protest or two.

Ditto Middle East.  The Saudi king is firmly in the back pocket of the NWO, so he's free to squash any rebellion he likes.  Since Qaddafi is too independent, we have to DU them into submission, while at the same time worrying ourselves silly about Japanese radiation.  Makes perfect sense, of course.

The whole thing is such a sham and a charade, it's hard for me to imagine why anyone takes it seriously.  Even more perplexing is the steadfast refusal of the American people to stand up and say enough.

After all, the US is now in financial receivership.  The national debt (see link in sidebar) is standing at 97.3% of GDP, which means the country is effectively bankrupt.  Why in the hell is anyone allowing Obama and His Mighty Peace Brigade to start YET ANOTHER Middle East war?  And for what?  No WMD (LOL!), haven't invaded neighboring countries, poses no threat outside of its borders.  But, there's that delicious, silky black oil that belongs to the banksters...right?  And Americans do anything the banksters demand...right?

Insanity is rightfully defined as doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results.  Therefore, without question, the American people are, by in large, insane.  Wherever Israel points, we happily go fetch.  After all, Israeli citizens and loyalists, who sit on the Board of the Federal Reserve now own the country.

Now get back to your scanners and pat-downs, cows.  Who said you were allowed to think?

The absolute funniest part of all this is the fact that Obama won a Peace Prize for being black, and immediately ran out and started killing everyone in sight, including his own constituency (Obama-care).

If I am ever offered the Peace Prize (quick, hold your breath), I will turn it down on principle.

On a side note, a few readers have asked why I don't provide more links to stories on which I comment, and the answer is simple: 1) there are a number of fine sites that provide that service, including my colleague George Ure at UrbanSurvival, Jeff Rense and Matt Drudge (all linked in the sidebar), 2) I assume my readers are highly intelligent and well-read, and have already seen the news and now are looking for a cantankerous and jaundiced take on things.  Kind of like H. L. Menken, but with lesser talent and vocabulary.  Also, I am writing two novels, a half-dozen articles, ten scripts, and editing a literal mountain of material.  As such, it takes a while to amalgamate the links and add them to my articles.  If the material is sufficiently obscure, I always give a link.  Otherwise, I let the reader do a little work on his or her own accord.

The other problem is that I sometimes know things that are not available in the general public domain, and so frankly, I am one of the few links to such information.  Therefore, it's a bit difficult to provide such sources outside of linking to myself.

So, anyway, my wife is pushing me to go to church, where I can absorb yet more fairy tales and gross misinterpretations, but it makes her happy for me to at least sit there and look unhappy.  Better than sitting here at the desk and complaining about the state of global affairs, she thinks.

'Tis not so wide as a church door, nor deep as a well, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.

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