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Texians Arise!

A very important holiday passed last week.  I had intended a post on that day, but as Fate would have it, I was traveling and couldn't get to it.

The date was March 2nd, and the occasion was Texas Independence Day.

When I was a kid, we still got that day as a holiday from school.  Many businesses were closed and it was bigger in some ways than the Fourth of July.  The federales have slowly killed Texas culture over the years, trying to brainwash us into thinking we are Americans.  Of course, anyone who is born between Baffin Island and Tierra del Fuego is an American.  For one group of folks to claim that title is a little absurd.

I, however, am a Texian.  I am a seventh generation Texian.  My great-great uncle fought at San Jacinto.  My great-great-grandfather was the first European doctor in Texas, and his writings on Kikapoo and Comanche medicine are preserved at the University of Texas.  Another direct relative was one of the first Supreme Court justices (after the US take-over).  My great-uncle was a well-known courgar hunter in West Texas.  And in just about every town in east Texas, you can find a Grover Street.

So, when I say I am a Texian, I mean it.

For many years, I was active in the Texas Independence effort.  At one point, I was Secretary of State, and I was quite successful, which is why federal agents destroyed my family to stop me.  It was the same thing they had done to others in the movement.  When they can't figure out a way to slander you, they destroy your family  Standard Operating Procedure.

They tried for years to get me with the legal system, but I was pretty squeeky clean: college degree, gainfully employed and well-established in my profession and community.  The only thing they could possibly point to was my history of fighting traffic regulations, which I managed to beat more often than not.  What really tweaked them was when I filed for Texas' membership in the Unrecognized Peoples and Nations Organization (UNPO).  It's like a mini UN for nations that are seeking independence and recognition.  Members of UNPO include Taiwan, some of the 'Stans and various North American indian nations.

I had discussed Texas' situation with the chief of the Lakota, the Apache and the Comanche.  I was accepted by these people because of my great-great-grandfather, Gideon Linscom, who had received the crossed arrows, an honor which protects the family in perpetuity.

I had begun issuing Texas passports, some of which have been stamped by other countries, including the US, Mexico, and several European and African nations (de facto recognition).  Our case has come before federal courts and the ICC, and we have won every time, giving Texas the status of Captive Nation of War, similar to Iraq now.  The US federal courts have awarded Texians monetary damages in the millions of dollars, and even admitted that several members of the various groups are being held as political prisoners without cause.

Some items of proof of Texas' status are the fact that the Texas flag must be flown at the same height on a separate staff as the US flag.  The federal government may not own any land in Texas and must pay rent on any land used by the federal government.  The floor in the capital rotunda says, The Republic of Texas.  Standard order of business in each session of the Legislature is to consider a bill of secession.

But how did all this come about?

In 1836, the Texian people declared their independence from Mexico, which was under the dictatorial rule of Santa Ana.  There ensured a heated battle for the next six weeks, with terrible casualties on the Texas side, the Alamo not being the least of them.  It came down to the Battle of San Jacinto, on the plains east of current-day Houston.  Santa Ana, in his ego, had made a big strategic mistake and encamped on a tongue of land with only one means of escape without boats.  On April 21, 1836, in one of the most decisive battles in western history, the Texian army, under General Sam Houston, decimated the Mexican army and captured Santa Ana in 19 minutes.

Santa Ana surrendered and was returned to Mexico in disgrace, while Texas went on as an independent republic for nine years.  However, the US, in its on-going quest for empire, was salivating over Texas as a bulwark against Mexico in its quest to steal the western lands, and especially California's gold.  Also, during this time, Texas sold its northern territories to the US for several million silver dollars.  That area is now parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.  That debt was never paid and now amounts to roughly $7 trillion, with interest and inflation.

The US president Polk was elected partly on a platform to get Texas into the Union.  The only problem was that Texians had no desire whatsoever to join.  Any vote that came up was soundly defeated.  After Polk's election, a series of backroom deals were done, with Sam Houston actually selling out the nation he helped to create.  Ultimately, the US and Texian Congresses passed Joint Resolutions declaring Texas a state in 1845.  Though the resolutions had no weight under Texas or US law, and there was no power in either Consitution to do this, it was accepted and done, and the US immediately moved in to start pissing on everything.

Then, in 1861, at the onset of the War of Northern Agression, Texians were given the chance to vote on statehood.  The vote was 4-1 against and Texas seceeded from the Union, though it was never legally part of it in the first place.  Though Texas sided with the Confederacy, it never formally joined, preferring to remain independent.

In the last battle of that war, federal troops left New Orleans and sailed into Galveston Bay.  The marched through to Austin and, at the point of a gun (literally), they forced the Congress to declare a new election on statehood.  The Congress, preferring to live on their knees to dying on their feet, gave in and the election was held.  Only people who swore an oath of loyalty to the US were allowed to vote.  Less than 200,000 people then proceeded to overwhelmingly make Texas part of the Union once again.

All was fine and good until a man named Richard McLaren started doing a little research.  When he discovered all of the above facts, and quite a few more, he went on a campaign to force the removal of Texas from the Union, using the federal courts and international law.  He was having some remarkable successes, needless to say.  In the process, he declared a large part of west Texas independent based on Spanish land grants and original title.  These were all legal and upheld in court.  He set up an Embassy there and used it as a headquarters for furthering the movement.

However, the federales were unhappy with this development.  They had just killed 80 people in Waco to keep Texan under control, and this was a dangerous development.  They set up McLaren with false charges and pinned some murders they committed on other members of the Texian group.  The Texians were jailed by a kangaroo court, where they remain to this day, despite the fact that the primary witnesses have recanted their testimony as false and the other charges have been shown to be without merit.  They are, thus, political preisoners of a fascist and illegal empire.

At any rate, the vote of 1865 has been declared illegal and a number of efforts are going forth to have a new referrendum on the matter.  Times being what they are, if the vote is held and is fair, it is likely to go overwhelmingly agsint the feds.

The story is, of course, much more complex.  This is hardly the forum for a detailed survey of events.  However, it should suffice to show that the movement is neither new nor crazy.  It is quite serious and has many legal implications that have occasionally made it to federal courts.

As for me, my wife was killed and my children kidnapped by CPS.  I was ultimately found guilty of unsavory politics and being male, both of which are de facto crimes in the US now.  I am living in self-imposed exile in the jungles of Borneo to protect my children.  My resignation as Secretary of State was refused and I still bear the Seal, so I am, for all intents and purposes, still the Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas.

Most Americans are blissfully unaware that things like this go on in their name.  They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that they refuse to acknowledge that their federal government can commit such heinous crimes, both at home and abroad.  Thus, the feds get away with it.  There is little hope that the American people will wake up, as they are too busy worrying about who the next Idol will be and if Robert Downey Jr. will wear the Iron Man suit in the next sequel.  Meantime, thousands of people are dying and families are being destroyed in their names to build an empaire.  Enjoy your dinner, folks.

there are many good videos of Richard McLaren speaking, but for some reason they disappear off of YouTube rather quickly.  Here's about the only one I can find there.  There are many supporters who are very high-profile and well-known.  This is not a social club or half-hearted effort.  Many people have lost their lives, their fortunes and their families to fight this battle.  If you have to ask why you never read or see anything about it in the MSM, then please take another Welbutrin and go back to sleep.

If you're interested in getting active with the movement, you can get more information here, or see any of the websites linked through the Wikipedia article (although a lot of the truth is constantly deleted by federal agents who watch the page quite closely).  The one group that is affiliated directly with Richard McLaren is Convention Pro-Continuation of 1861.

Happy Birthday Texas!

The fun part is that when folks ask me what country I'm from, I always say, "Texas," even on customs and immigration forms.  The usual response is, "Oh, America."  To which I say, "No, Texas."  Many people can't imagine someone wanting to leave America, but after you've watched the destruction that the federal government perpetrates daily, and seen it first hand, it kind of kills the desire to hang out there.  So for me, my country is between the US and Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico.

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy, as they say.

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