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Wig-Flipping And Other Notes

America has finally gone 'round the bend.

The entire country is in receivership, Japanese radiation is wafting overhead, the Middle East is in revolution, Europe is cratering, and Asia is literally falling apart at the seems, and the headline in today's Jakarta Post?

"Man Leaves Child To Play Ninja"

Yup, seems cops and busybodies in Scottsdale, Pennsylvania, have nothing better to do than arrest a man in the park wearing black.  They later claim he left his 4-year-old son alone while he was out jogging (in black clothes).  So, for lack of ANYTHING better to do, they threw him in prison and charged him with 'child endangerment.'

Looks to me like the only people endangering the child is the government of Scottsdale.

Though the article fails to say, I can imagine that those fascist pigs put the man's son in 'protective custody' with foster parents, who have a long and stellar history of mental, physical and sexual abuse.  Furthermore, they have stripped the child from his father and everything he knows and they call that 'protection.'

I loathe CPS, busybody government agents and hack-booted thugs.  The people who should rightfully be in jail are the ones who are truly endangering the child: intrusive and over-whelming government know-it-alls.

You's how it's supposed to work: you commit a crime, you are tried and convicted, you are sent to jail.  This poor father was accused after the fact of endangering a child, yet the child is (or was before the slimeballs came), and in fact there was no crime committed.  You can not be charged with what might have been.

Michael Jackson holding his baby over a balcony railing and showing it off to waiting press was child endangerment.  A man jogging in the park while his kid slept is not, no matter what color clothes he was wearing.

You see, that's the problem in a nutshell.  People are jailed for crimes that MIGHT have happened and priorities are completely and utterly backwards.

Had the man's child been harmed or killed, he could have been charged with manslaughter.  But leaving his kid to sleep while he gets in a quick jog is not a crime.  If you don't like leaving your kids alone, then don't, but that doesn't make it a crime when I do.

It's like the whole madness with 'hate crime.'  If I kill someone, it's murder whether I hated the person or it was cold blood.  Because I kill someone for being green makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to the nature of the crime.  In fact, all crime is hate crime at some level or another.  And hate speech is the absolutely right of every human being on Earth.  Every individual has the right to speak their mind, regardless of whether I like the message or not.

If someone kills a Jew because Hitler claims the Jews are scum, then the person who commits the crime is the killer, not Hitler.  Hitler only spoke his mind.  But, if Hitler orders the killing of a Jew directly, then both Hitler and the killer are at fault.

If a preacher says his religion condemns homosexuality and that church refuses to allow homosexuals to join, that's their prerogative.  It's called the right of free association.  But, if a member of the church assaults a homosexual, then the assailant is at fault.  If the preacher tells his flock to assault homosexuals because they are evil, then both are at fault.

Very simple concepts, really.  If nothing is lost and no one is injured, there can be no crime.  Anything else is just a scene out of "Minority Report."  A crime can not be prevented, it either happens or it doesn't.  The whole concept of crime prevention is a myth perpetrated by a massive incarceration industry whose business model is to process every human being on Earth through the system to generate profits.

This whole concept leads to something called 'political correctness.'  PC is nothing more than fascism repackaged and relabeled to be more palatable, since Hitler put a dirty image on it.  No matter how you wrap it, though, it is an attempt to control not only how we think, but what we think.  It is vital to a healthy society to be able to express any idea, no matter how distasteful it may be to you or me.  If we start putting limits on what I can say or think, then the flood gate is open and all thought is on the chopping block, to mix a few metaphors.

At one time, Galileo Galilei was a radical thinker.  He took what he saw, objects that didn't revolve around Earth, and expressed it as the idea that the Earth wasn't the center of the Universe.  Today, we accept that as axiomatic, but he was condemned to house arrest for life and excommunicated by the Catholic Church for daring to challenge the existing paradigm.

Mahatma Ghandi was persecuted and hounded to the end of his days by the British Empire for his desire to live in a country that was free of control from some outside power who had no interest in the welfare of the people.

Si Pitung was made into a criminal and hunted like an animal by the Dutch, who stole the wealth of Indonesia to support their lifestyles and because they were too damn cheap to buy what they needed.  Now-a-days, Si Pitung is a hero of Indonesian folk lore, much like Robin Hood.

Things like independent American states existing outside the iron-fisted rule of a tyrannical federal empire is only inconceivable because it changes the paradigm we have had pounded into our brains since birth, such that we can not conceive of any other way to go.  The time has come to not only think of, but try another way.

All governments lie.  The recent Japanese situation is case in point.  That they lie and fail to protect their citizens, which is their primary function and the reason we create them for ourselves.  As so many fine thinkers throughout history have rightly pointed out, when governments fail to do the one task they are charged with, then it is time to get rid of them.

One poor guy in Pennsylvania was doing his own thing and is now rotting in jail.  He can't care for his child in that situation.  He is a victim of a nanny state that has grown to the point where it destroys its citizens to prove that they are worth destroying.  It is a fallacious and evil form of ruling class that would do this.

The scum who call themselves government agents, and whose primary purpose is to protect society from thugs such as banksters and other profound threats to freedom, is instead aiding and abetting the evil, and perpetrating the crimes of the mobsters upon the innocent citizens.

The time has come to not only conceive of, but institute a new way of thinking...a new paradigm.  It is time for families to resume watching their own and not letting faceless, brainless thugs tell us how to live, and by extention perpetrate the very crimes that they charge us normal human beings with.

The most vital and powerful tool at our disposal is the power to ignore and castigate those who would make us their slaves.  But, it also requires us to change our mode of thinking.  We can not enforce on others the standards that we hold for ourselves.  Sure, maybe you wouldn't leave your child to go out and jog, but that does NOT give you the right to tell another what they can do.  If the child is injured in any way, then there is a crime that is punishable.  Otherwise, bug off and let sleeping dogs lie.

Besides, has anything happened to the man's child, his own conscience would be the ultimate punishment, as he must live with the consequence of his action until the end of his days.

To each his own.  I'll let you be stupid and irresponsible, if you piss off and let me do the same.  If my actions cause loss or injury to another, then we have an argument.  Otherwise, keep your authoritarian fascist slimy hands off of me and mine.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.  But, being reasonable seems to be in very short supply these days.

Nina bobo, nina bobo.  Kalo tidak bobo, digigit nyemuk.
Sampai jumpa!

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