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Birth Of A Nation

Not to take anything away from one of the first feature films ever made (D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation), but the whole 'birther/certer' issue is a ruse.

For those just waking up from a coma, Obama's birthplace has been an issue since before the election in 2008.  A great number of people have questioned whether he fulfills the stipulation in Article 2 of the US Constitution, to be a 'natural born citizen.'  There have been numerous lawsuits and attempts to force Obama to release his actual birth certificate, which he has spent millions of dollars to prevent.

Millions of dollars in legal fees to prevent the release of a $20 legal form, which all US Presidents have provided as a matter of course.

Obama's 'adversary,' one John McCain even had to go through Congressional hearings because he was born in Panama.  The Congress cleared him, since both his parents were US citizens, and he was born in a US hospital in what was then US territory.

"Natural born citizen," as it appears in the US Constitution, has a specific meaning.  The term was taken from a concept of international law that predated the Constitution by a few decades.  According to the Federalist Papers and the Congressional Record, the term was to have the meaning that a person had two parents with citizenship, and that the person was to have been born on a nation's territory.

Since Hawaii, Obama's purported birthplace, had been made a State a few years before his birth, there doesn't seem to be an issue there.  But where a lot of folks get derailed is the fact that his purported father was a British subject, being a citizen of British East Africa (Kenya wasn't around then, except maybe in local parlance).

In addition, Obama lost any claim to citizenship when he was adopted by an Indonesian man, becoming Barry Soetoro and taking Indonesian citizenship.  So, regardless of what citizenship he had at birth, he lost it when his mother married an Indonesian and moved to this country.

Furthermore, the purported birth certificate released the other day has a number of problems with it.  Folks have pointed out that it lists his father's race as African.  In 1961, the common term was Negro.  It lists the hospital by a name that didn't come into use until the late 70s.  It appears to have been manipulated in some form of graphic software.  The certificate number is higher than two twins who were born in the same hospital the day after Obama.  It doesn't resemble any certificates that were issued at the time (they are, like mine, black with white text...I was born two weeks before Obama).  And finally, it lists his father as being a citizen of Kenya, which didn't exist at the time.

That Obama is an illegitimate president is without question.  He failed to take the Oath of Office using the exact words proscribed in the Constitution, he has done almost nothing Constitutional, he has been seated on UN councils illegally, and he has prosecuted wars without the approval of Congress.  In other words, he is acting far outside the powers granted to his office, and is thus illegitimate.

What's really going on here?  Congress could impeach him if it acted according to law and the Constitution that empowers it.  The Supreme Court could have heard any of a number of challenges to his legitimacy.  But none of the Fools on the Hill have done their job.  So why, all of a sudden, is he releasing his birth certificate? He was secure in his position of disdain for the law, since no one was able to effectively challenge him.

Easy.  Donal Trump.

You see, the PTB/W have this thing where they steer voters to choose their darlings.  Not that any of the choices have the interests of the American people at heart, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, but they have one boy who is their favorite.  In this case, it's Obama.

Now with the current economic and social situation in the States, it's easy to see that Obama should be picking his retirement home about now.  However, the PTB/W like him.  He does what he's told and does it with flare and aplomb.  So, in order to coral the masses and make them 'choose' their man, they have to muddy the waters around him, thus making their boy the only logical choice.

Along comes Donald Trump.  The man is useless, as far as statesmen go.  But, he is very visible and has good name recognition.  On top of that, Ron Paul, whose followers created the Tea Party, and who are gaining political strength, is making a third run, and could have a good chance at the seat, which would be a PTB/W disaster.  So, they put up The Don.  And to buy him some credibility, he is told to hammer the 'birther' issue.  Lo and behold!  Obama releases the certificate!

Wow!  The Don really has some stroke!  He could do what hundreds of others could not do using the system.  He could scare Obama into releasing the certificate!  The Don is great and powerful!  Instant legitimacy.  See how that works?

Now, what will likely happen is that The Don will start to collect a large following, then some scandal will break later on, on cue of course.  His followers, cut loose and dangling will grab on to whatever 'front runner' the media have selected for the masses, and the vote will split giving Obama a clear lead, as well as disillusioning voters who were looking to the Republicrats as an alternative.

The masses, who love the idea of backing a winner, will thus flock back to the Obama camp.  By then, the media will have whipped up the 'Obama mystique' again, presenting him with halos and showing swooning females crying in the audience.  Obama wins a second term and no one remembers that he wasn't a legitimate president to begin with.

It's all really elementary mass mind control.  It's akin to the way TV preachers hypnotize their minions.  The music and lights operate at a certain rhythm, with emotional triggers being pulled and released in a certain pattern.  People are built up to an emotional peak, and then released so that they feel as if they've had some sort of mystical experience.  It's so obvious and so easy to do, as long as folks don't catch on to what you are doing to them.  They have to maintain 'willing suspension of disbelief.'

Really, media consumption classes should be mandatory in all schools.  Learning the tricks and methods of media manipulation should be basic information, like adding and subtracting numbers. We now live in a virtual flood of media, yet almost no one knows how or why it works.  The media have an incredible amount of power, as long as you don't look behind the curtain or think about whose pulling the strings.

I have many non-media friends who won't watch movies with me any more.  They say I have completely ruined the experience for them.  Now, when they watch movies, all they think about is where the camera is, whether the dialog was looped, and how much of the frame is 'live' and how much is computer generated.  They also look at the visual language.  What is the camera angle saying?  What is the composition saying?  What are the other things included in the frame saying?

It's all symbols, and all of it is manipulating you all day, every day.

It's like I keep saying...turn OFF the TV now.  Do NOT consume mass media.  You are probably not savvy enough to know when you are being manipulated.  Then, pull out some books about media and mass comm theory.  Do enough reading first, then flip it back on.  Bet you will never watch it the same again.

The whole charade around the birth certificate is Grand Theater.  It's an opera in real life.  The symbols and events are being staged and carefully managed to steer your mind exactly the way THEY want it to go.  If you really stop watching TV right now, within a week you will notice a distinct change in the way you think and perceive the world.  After a couple of months, you won't be able to watch much at all.  You'll see how insipid and crass is all is.  And if you do enough reading on media theory in the meantime, you'll be able to pull the curtain away and see the wizard for what he is.  I know.  I worked in media all my life and won awards for manipulating people's minds and emotions.

Yeah, Obama is illegitimately on the throne.  Yeah, the whole damn thing is a circus.  Yeah, Donald Trump is a spoiler to split the opposition.

The best way to fight back is not participate.  It's all a lie.  If they can't get enough people to vote, they no longer have any claim to power.  All of this is to whip up a frenzy over the next two years so that it climaxes with you in the voting booth.  Take away their climax and you can REALLY change the world.

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