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Insanity Is An Eight-Letter Word

The Japanese have now officially expanded the evacuation zone at Fukushima.  As a public service to our readers, we are posting a map of the new zone:

Incidentally, this also happens to be the map of the area affected by the depleted uranium weapons the US is dumping all over the Middle East.

In a moment of clarity, if not honesty, the Japanese government has raised the threat level to 7.  Seems innocuous enough.  After all, it's not 10.  Oh, but the list doesn't have 10, which makes a lot of sense.  Because things always seem the 'most' at 10, don't they?  Amplifiers, women and wine scales all go to 10.  But nuclear disasters only go to 7.  Heck, even the earthquake that started all this was close to 10.

So, now that the cores of five reactors have melted down, the north Pacific Ocean is a radioactive waste dump and the entire northern hemisphere is sucking nuke dust, I guess it's time to call it a '7,' right?  Human beings are now officially the only known species who shit in their own nest.

The whole world (see map above) has gone completely nuts.  We're nuking everything in sight, even with no money we can't shut the feral gummint down, and Oprah is finally signing off.  On top of that, she wants a million bux for every commercial during the final show.  What does she think she is, the Super Bowl?

Not that I'm not sad.  I've made some good money off of Oprah...and Dr. Phil and Montel and the rest of their ilke.  But, the headline just seems out of place with things like Israel's Iron Dome, Libya's woes and drone aircraft killing American soldiers.  Seems Facebook is muscling in on the action, as well.  Something about the owner giving half of it away, or some such non-sense.

OH MY GAWD!  And Justin Beiber won't be playing in Israel!  It's Armageddon, fer sure!

It's enough to make a thinking person curl up in a foetal position and go into a self-imposed coma.  Kind of like Michael Valentine Smith.  It's more than I can grok, you know?  As my mother likes to say, "Crazy people make sane people crazy."

Let's take a deep breath and just look at some of this mess.

The feral gummint got into a big fight over budget cuts, and when the dust settled, they still approved more spending than last year, even after cutting.  WTF?!  If we spin over to the US National Debt Clock, we see that every American taxpayer (all three of us) owes over a million bux!  You got that kinda dough?  Neither does Unca Sam.  The debt now equals the sum total of American output for one year, assuming everyone gives up Social Security, Medicare, welfare, unemployment, and all the other little carrots they've dangled in from of us all our lives to keep us down on the farm.

Over in Libya, Qaddafi is holding back some 'rebel' al-Qaeda/CIA types, Sarkozy, Obama, and what's-his-name-the-British-dude.  And that's with his left hand.  Hell, Reagan tried to kill him.  Clinton (the president one) tried to kill him.  Boosh tried to kill him.  The man's like the Energizer Bunny.  You gotta admire the man's tenacity.  After all, he's smart enough to have an independent central bank and a few tons of gold.  Hey, you think that's why their unloading DU on him?  Or is it just the oil?  If he would just stop selling oil to the Chinese and Iranians, they might leave him alone again.

Then there's Donald Trump.  Talk about having nine lives.  The guy's been bust more times than me and he's a business guru!  I wonder what his secret is?  Now he's making noises about running for president.  Hell, if he can come out of bankruptcy so many times, he might just be able to pull the US out its nose-dive.  All his bluster about birth certificates must be hitting home, since the Bammy Bots are making fun of him.

And there's a piece of work.  He's managed to destroy four countries and two political parties single-handedly.  That was his job, after all.  Yup, he gave us 'change' all right, spare change.  As in 'buddy can you spare a dime?'  I love listening to the wild-eyed right-wing mouthpieces going on about how he's violating his oath of office.  I guess everyone forgot that he never took the oath of office.  Remember?  At least not the one written in the Constitution.

On top of all this madness, the UN wants to give the Earth and all living things the same rights as humans.

I'll let that soak in for a minute.

That's right, every time you buy a can of Raid to kill the roaches in your government-subsidized hovel, you'll be violating their rights and you could go to jail.  Every time you mow what's left of your lawn, you'll be violating the rights of the grass, and if you don't, you'll be violating your deed restrictions.  Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.  This just seems a little weird to me, not to mention like Buddhism on steroids.  I'm all for keeping the nest clean, but this...?  Just the bureaucratic nightmare needed to enforce something like this.  Sheesh!

You know it's bad when David Icke starts to make sense.  Heck, even Lyndon LaRouche is starting to sound like an elder statesman.  Frankly, I think it's time to put the whole mess to rest and think of something new.

The whole empire game is old.  We've had dozens of them for the last few thousand years, and every one of them has gone down the tubes and taken civilization with it.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results, then we are all certifiably insane.  It's time to throw open the gates of the asylums, because there is no one inside worse than the rest of us.  The only difference is their psychosis is not in sync with the other inmates.

It's difficult to say who is crazier, the one who doesn't know it, or the one who knows it and continues along with the charade.

It's like the headline in today's Jakarta Post:  Japan Ready to Stop Leaks.  Now that's crazy.  After a month of destroying the world, now they're ready to stop it.  Thanks a ton.

Let's take another look at that map, shall we?

Doesn't look like there's a whole lot of room for mistakes there.
On a side note, we salute Yuri Gagarin today.  Fifty years ago, he willingly strapped into a ballistic missile and took a ride around the Earth in 90 minutes.  First man to do that in modern history.  We take our hat off to him.  A real man's man.

And just think, all these years later, we're still whizzing around in Earth orbit.  Now THAT'S progress, bud!  So glad we've spent all these billions to go where Yuri went 50 years ago.

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