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Liar, Liar Nukes' On Fire

Let’s play a game.  Why not?  The whole world seems to be doing it, why can’t we?
Let’s try to cobble up a scenario that can explain the utter failure of multiple redundant safety systems at Fukushima.  We’re talking about not just one or two, but three and four back-ups, not to mention the complete Keystone Kops response on the part of emergency resonse teams.

How is it that one of the (former) largest economies, and arguably one of the most advanced, have come to this point?  It’s too easy to blame GE, or the US, or just plain old bungling.  There’s something much larger at work here.

Suppose, for a moment, that the emergency response teams were not informed about everything they would be facing at Fukushima?  Suppose they walked in to fight a standard battle against run-away reactors, but instead they found a weapons plant out of control?  Suppose they were not remotely prepared for what they are currently facing?  And what would be the signs that would tip us off that this was the case?

To begin with, if this were a standard response to a plant gone amok, there are dozens of protocols and back-up systems in place to adequately take care of the situation.  Sure, there could well have been some radioactive steam released.  Hell, it happens all the time in the States.  They just never tell you about it.
In standard uranium-graphite cores, even in full operation, the chances of a run-away reaction.  In the case of failure of the cooling system, a back-up system kicks in.  If that fails, then the graphite rods are automatically inserted into the core.  It’s a hydraulic, dead-man operation.  It doesn’t require operators or power.

OK, so 60 years ago, Japan has been nuked twice and has surrendered unconditionally.  As part of the deal, they can't keep a standing army, though they can have a small navy and a civilian space program.  They sign a defense treaty with the US, so that if they need a little bombing here and there, the Yanks will come running.

As time goes by, the Japanese decide they want to diversify their power needs.  After all, they have next to no oil and have to import everything.  Meanwhile, the US is playing around in Korea and has their eyes on Vietnam and China, too.  So hey!  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  Give the Japanese some cut-rate GE nuke plants and help them establish a covert nuclear bomb program.  Just hedging bets here.  Six big reactors ought to cover it.  And the occasional minimum-yield bomb could easily be covered as an earthquake.  Who'd look twice?

Oh, and while you boys are at it, you think you could slice off a little of that plutonium so that us Yanks can have a supply that can't be traced to us?  You guys are real troupers!

Well, everything's fine and good.  The US appears to be sticking with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (after all, the US only has one factory, in Texas no less), no one knows about the Japanese program, and the US has a supply of boomers near at hand, just in case N. Korea or China get uppity.

Yoichi Shumatsu has a damn fine analysis along these lines over here.

Everything is peachy keen until March 11, 2011.  Then...what's this?  A 9.0 just off the coast of our cozy little nuke factory, and darned if that isn't a massive tsunami heading for our toys!

Then everything goes to hell.  The safeguards that protect the generators don't do squat for the bomb factory. Not only that, it's chock full of plutonium, which is a lot hotter than uranium, and a lot more toxic, to boot.  The first response is geared towards the "sunshine" part of the project, and it's woefully unprepared for what they find.

While they're busy scrambling around trying to put out fires, the plutonium is getting really hot, but no one suspects it's there.  The Japanese can't admit it, because well, they've been lying about for 50 years, and because the White House is putting a lot of thumbs on them.

After all, it just wouldn't do if we've been threatening to blow up Iran for 10 years because they want nuke power, too, and here we've been letting the Japanese get away with a secret program, and HELPING them with it, for decades.  That would kind of kill the whole program that they've been building up all this time.  It's the centerpiece for all of the US's mucking around in the Middle East, not to mention Israel sitting off in a corner whispering, "Git 'em, git 'em!"

So now we've got a world-class melt-down on our hands.  The US and Japanese can't admit that it was a bomb factory for a thousand different reasons.  Everyone is surprised at how hard it is to stop the plants from blowing up.  Plutonium and dozens of other goodies are scattering to the Four Winds, literally.  Radiation is already showing up throughout the entire northern hemisphere.

And about all they can do is raise the limits on what's considered safe radiation in our food and drink.  I don't mean just raise them a little bit, I mean 10,000x to 100,000x the former limits.  Yes, you read those zeros correctly.  The EPA has already published the new limits in the Federal Register, which is all they are required to to before they start enforcing them, since Americans are too placated on Final Four and Xanax to notice or care.

There, there, sheeple.  Go back to sleeeeeeeep.

Of course, this is all speculative, but the arguements from people a lot smarter than me make a lot of sense.  They also fit the available facts with more precision than anything the MSM and the PTW are saying.

I mean, even I know better than to cover plutonium rods with top soil, fer cryin' out LOUD!

Now they have two choices:
1) Tell the truth (hahahaha hohoho hehehe!) and risk blowing their little schemes that they've spent centuries building up, or -
2) Poison the world with plutonium dust and play the whole thing off like it's nothing and rework the Plan a little to take it all into acount.

Hmmmm...which do you think they are choosing?

What can you do?

Buy all the freakin' silver you can get your hands on...NOW!!!  Spend the change (or use your Liberty Dollars - *grin*) to buy pre-;ackaged food, Berkey water filters, respirators (N-100 rating), and lots of organic heirloom seeds, and ride it out.  It won't take much longer to crash JPMorgan, and the whole House of Cards will come tumbling down.

Then we can get rid of those lying bastards and get back to human-centered life, like it should be.

ORDO AB CHAO works both ways, baby!

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