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A Proper Revolution

In the US, there was Washington.  In France, there was Descartes.  In Russia there was Yeltsin.  In the Czech Republic there was Havel.  In Egypt there

In Libya there's...

In Syria there's...

In Yemen there's...

What is it with Middle East revolutions?  Why are there no media darlings?  Why are there no leaders and thinkers and writers and smart people with a plan?  What has happened to Leaders?

I mean, I remember a time when, good or bad, all revolutions has leaders.  Ho Chi Min.  Pol Pot.  Sam Houston.  Whoever that Australian guy was.  There was a sellable face on the revolution.  There was a leader, a thinker, a writer.  Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, for instance.

Now there's just military councils.  This is a good sign that corporations are behind it all.  Why?

Because the boards and execs don't want their names on it.  Plausible deniability and corporate curtains and all that balderdash.  These are all manufactured revolutions whose sole purpose is to allow the corporate greedies to come in and divide up the spoils.  That's why there are no leaders.  Just nameless, faceless people throwing rocks in the square.  That's also why revolutions are getting shorter and shorter.

It used to take years to revolt.  Now it takes a couple of weeks, and when it's done, the media consensus is that it's all settled.  Excuse me?  Whatever happened to waiting for the people to form a government and write a constitution and the existing bodies of international concern to ponder the new direction and decide whether or not they will support and recognize the result?

Look at East Timor.  They were slaughtered by the hundreds and fought for 24 years.  Finally, UNPO let them in, and then global sentiment was swayed, and then they were granted independence.

In Egypt, they hardly suffered  for their new status.  They showed up via Twitter in the main square of one city, chanted and threw rocks, and two weeks later they had a new country.  Mubarak had a heart attack just being questioned.  Hahahahaha!  Yeah, right.

Libya is a revolution.  There is one leader: Qaddafi.  He has a central bank that is not controlled by the Anglo-American empire.  He has real gold, by the tons, in his bank.  He has oil and other resources.  His enemies require the US, Britain and France to fly in and blow up the wrong tanks.  So now they all paint the tops of their vehicles PINK to distinguish them from Qaddafi's stuff.  Haahahahahahahaha!  So, Qaddafi just paints his stuff pink, too.  I learned that from the internet.  I'm sure he can read English, as well.

This is all such a con game.  It is so transparent as to be laughable.  But apparently, the world buys it because they have never read a history book.  In fact, the history books, even if they were read, are so pathetic and hollow as to be treasonous.

California is talking about making 'gay' history part of the ophishul curriculum.  No word on whether 'gay' means 'happy' or 'abhorrent to nature.'  But by golly, we can have our history written by the one, single determinant of whether or not some historical figure liked to bugger the same gender.

Gay history.

That's how stupid the whole thing is, at least as far as history is concerned.  In fact, all the crack-brains in America who enjoy free speech denigrate the 'old white men' who were cognizant enough to include free speech in the Constitution that everyone soundly ignores to this very day.

Orange revolution.  Pink revolution.  Jasmine revolution.  Lavender revolution.  This is all starting to sound like an interior decorator throwing up after a bad heroine trip.  These are NOT revolutions.  These are Big Macs. They're pre-packaged slop on a bun with good marketing.  They have nothing to do with what the people want.

Look at Egypt.  Two weeks later, they are back in the square demonstrating again because everything happened so fast they forgot one very important thing:  WTF do we do if we win?

What we need are leaders, real honest-to-God thinkers that can inspire and see results past their finger tips.  They should have an idea of history, not the BS that's Big Mac'ed into text books, but real history.

Who knows?  It's all bullshit.  It's all just pipe dreams and hope.  Maybe a real revolution willl happen.  I mean the kind of revolution that happens in people's hearts and minds, not the pre-packaged special sauce kind like we see over in the Meddle East (copyright and trademark on that one).  We need the real thing and it need to be worldwide and profound.

I'm tired of all this rubbish called revolutions.  The media and PTW have cheapened revolution and packaged it into a commodity and exported it.  No wonder everyone's jaded and reticent to get out and try to change things.  Anything they do will be Tea Partied into non-effectiveness.  The way to do it is to stop trying.

In other words, shun the bastards.  Stop voting.  Stop paying taxes.  Stop following their inane and unconstitutional laws.  Stop paying the least bit of attention to the bastards.  No shots fired.  No aggression at all.  Just stop caring about them.  They'll die in less than a year.

Turn off the TeeVee.  Turn off the radio.  Stop reading the newspapers.  Start reading real media like Rense and UrbanSurvival.  Start reading a freakin' book once in a while and learn about history and what has failed and what has succeeded before us.

Don't vote.  Don't buy anything from a corporation (not just a country, ANY corporation).  Don't listen to ANYTHING they tell you, because all of it is designed to suck your life and energy away.

Install solar power on your house.  Investigate and support people who are finding new and real ways to power your car from the garbage your household makes.

Become cats and act like cats when someone tries to herd you.

It's the only way.

And for God's sake, don't join any association that will have you for a member.  They're alreay sold out to the devil.  Just do your own thing and get the hell out of cities and find neighbors to trade with and start using anything other than dollars to buy and sell.

Now THAT'S a revolution!

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