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Shut 'Er Down!

 Ever heard of Form DS-5513?

Probably not yet.  It's only in the proposal stage in Congress.  But, take a look at the link to the current form being proposed as the new application for a US passport by clicking the link above.  Chances are, you'll be shocked.

Heck, you thought the census form was bad, this little gem is BOHICA with two hands, a flashlight and a 10-foot, rough-hewn wooden plank.

Or maybe not.  Maybe you can remember what your mother did before you were born.  Maybe you remember the circumstances of your circumcision.  Maybe you remember every place you've every lived, every school you've ever attended and the name and phone number of every supervisor you've ever had.  Wish I were like you.

I'm adopted, so I wouldn't have that information if my life depended on it...and it may come to that.

If you don't have a passport now, US citizen, you might want to get one soon.  If you do, you might want to get a second from one of a few countries that issue them for favors to high-rollers.  The Sovereign Society has a lot of information to help you escape tight situations.  Check them out here.

On the other hand, the world may just get lucky and the federal (or is that feral?) government will shut down, never to re-open.  Wouldn't that just be peachy keen?

Fat chance.

Apparently, a lot of the media hand-wringers and wonder-pundits don't remember back in the mists of time when Clinton shut the whole thing down, last time.  Guess what happened?


Three days, we were at peace.  No bullshit, no propaganda, no enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  It was wonderful!  I recall one local radio station taking full advantage of the fact that the FCC was shut down to play the unedited versions of all those great songs they always 'blipped.'  Pink Floyd's "Money," for instance.  The DJs were saying naughty words and laughing about it.  Not that it would shock anyone anymore, since we've all seen Janet Jackson's right boob at Super Bowl half-time now.

By the way, I know where her crew bought the nipple piercing she wore.  They specifically wanted only one, so don't tell me it was a costume malfunction.  HA!

So, who really cars if the feral gummint shuts down?  I mean, really?  Does it make a rat's patoot to anyone?  Let's make a list...

  • The NSA, CIA and FBI will be out of business for a few days.  Bonus!  Now you can have phone sex and only the neighbor kid with the Junior Spy Kit will be listening.
  • No postal delivery.  Shucks!  No junk mail or bills for a few days.  All the dogs will be bored to death.  The mailman is the highlight of their day!
  • Three wars will shut down.  Double bonus!  It will achieve what Obama apparently could not, and finally put G. W. "Shrub" Bush to rest.  I can just hear peace breaking out all over, even now.
  • The FCC will close.  Radical dude!  The internet will be free once again!  At least for a little while.
  • The EPA would go on vacation.  Can't think of a more deserving group of folks to be furloughed.  No one to raise the 'safe' levels of radiation in the food and dairy for a while.  Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Federal parks will close.  Well, what that really means is that no one will be there to tell you how to enjoy nature.  You'll have to figure it out all by yourself.  And I still can't find the part of the Constitution that gives the feral gummint the power to take over vast sections of land and tell us owners how to use it.
  • The BATF will be down and out.  Damn!  No one to run guns and drugs across the border?  Whatever will we do?  And how about buying guns without background checks?  HAHAHAHAHA!
  • ICE will be laid off for a while.  No loss there.  They aren't doing anything anyway, except sucking up money.
  • NASA will have to go home.  Ah shucks, they were closing down anyway.  This just picks up the pace a little.  No loss there.  Only problem is if ET wants to call home, no one will be listening.
  • No more PBS.  Crap!  Nuff said.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts won't have any money.  WHAT?!  You mean my taxes won't pay some numbnut to piss on a cross and call it 'art?'  Whatever will I do?  Wherever will I go?  Frankly, my know the rest.
  • Congress will still be in session.  DAMN!  I knew there was a catch.
Really, when you think about it, who cares?  The reason they don't do this very often is because people would suddenly realize that they don't need the damn feral gummint.  Life goes on without 'em.  In fact, more people would survive without 'em, and that's a fact.  As important as they like to think they are to our every breath, they just don't make a good gol'durn in the Big Scheme of Things (BST).

All they really do is steal your money at gun point and lie to you.  Hell, I can get that in any old dark alley without paying taxes!  In fact, my former wife did it quite well without any help from the feral gummint.

The big problem is that the IRS and the Federal Reserve (HAHAHAHA...pardon me while I wipe away the tears) aren't part of the feral gummint.  They'll be up an running, and they're the de facto gummint anyway.  No matter what happens, Benanke still has the key to the printing room and the IRS is still the collection arm for the bankster class.

Heck, if they shut 'er down long enough, we might just be able to retire the national debt.  Now THAT would be a good thing.  I figure shutting down the feral gummint for the next 47.365 years will just get the debt down to a manageable level, somewhere around $9 trillion or so, after compounded interest.

Obviously, I'm not the only one unconcerned about shutting down the feral gummint.  Obama and his brood are heading to Virginia for the weekend.  I guess the crew of Air Farce One are still on the clock.  Not that Bammy runs the gummint anyway.  That job went out back in 2008.  It's all just smoke and mirrors now, hiding the banksters behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Oh sure, I hear you saying, "Well, what about the Social Security and welfare recipients?"  Well, now's as good a time as any to figure out something different.  Time for families to come together and help each other again.  Time for others to quit having families on the public nickel.

So, when they start getting all misty eyed and talking about shutting 'er down, I say, "Let 'er rip!"  Couldn't happen to a better bunch of people.

After all, it may cut of Social Security checks, but Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, GW and Il Padrino, and a whole bunch of deserving bastards ex Congress will get cut off too.  

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