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March Hares And Mad Hatters

From where I sit, over on the Far Side, the US appears to have gone stark, raving mad.  Based on a complete fabrication, the feral gummint has begun to violate the last remaining rights of the sheeple.  And the sheeple are rolling over and begging for it.

The TSA is looking for terrorists in airports, train stations and bus terminals.  Video terminals are mounted in stores and public areas telling everyone to phone in any 'suspicious' activity.  Sen. Shumer, who is a complete and utter thug, is calling for violating every, single citizen, while calling for the legalization of masses of illegal aliens.

The amazing thing is that the real terrorists are running the banks and the feral gummint, and no one is calling them in.

Articles are up all over the place talking about people going into paraxisms over a man asking for help carrying packages, neighbors phoning in backyard bar-b-ques and cable TV installers are turning in folks with antique gun collections.

I remember the days when big, burley rednecks were strutting around saying, "They can have mah gun when they pry my cold, dead fingers off the trigger."  Today, those very same farm boys are looking under rocks in the garden to see if al Qaeda is hiding in wait.

Usama bin Laden, real name Tim Osman, was a CIA asset.  He was an agent of the US feral gummint.  When he was dying of Marfan's syndrome, the feral gummint decided to use him as the 'boogy man.'  They could commit any number of crimes and blame it on this complete fabrication.  Now that he's dead (10 years ago), you are being told it's going to get even worse now.

And they're right.  The REAL terrorists are getting even worse...

The REAL terrorists are REALLY attaching you, every moment of every day.  They are destroying your life, you freedom and the country right in front of you, and you can't see it.  In fact, you are aiding and abetting these crimes.

People are going to jail on a daily basis who have not broken any laws.  Their only crimes are owning legal firearms, owning silver and gold, and owning food stores in case there's an earthquake/hurricane, etc.

The REAL terrorists are showing you faked photos and watching video feeds that don't exist of raids that didn't happen.  They are telling you whopper lies in the headlines and on TV with a 24-hour cycle.  You are being programmed and controlled, and I'll bet you're still watching TV, right?

Turn the damn thing off now.  It's poisoning you and your family.  It's bringing you messages from the REAL terrorists and making you believe that they are trying to save you.  You MUST get away from the mass media as fast as possible.  Even with years of training and experience, I am still susceptible to the media.  It is the most dangerous thing in your house.

Here's what's going to happen...first the TSA will be installed everywhere.  Every mode of travel will be controlled.  You will be issued a national ID.  Without it, you won't be able to travel, work, buy food or gasoline, or put your kids in school (then you'll be arrested for not putting your kids in school...convenient).  For those who don't get their national ID, there'll be ghettos and camps where you'll be rounded up and safely kept from the zombies who now inhabit the country.

The next step will be a massive false-flag attack.  It will probably be nuclear.  They have to do it soon because they have everyone worked into a complete tizzy, and the drama queens are in absolute panic.  In effect, the supposed Usama bin Laden has won on every count.

Remember when Obama got on TeeVee and looked you straight in the camera and told you OBL was taken down in a fire-fight, and that he and the boys watched the whole thing on video live from Pakistan?  You remember that?  Look it up on Google and YouTube before it's complete wiped away by the MiniTruth.  That was a bald-faced lie, and the feral gummint has had to admit it and change the story, yet again.

So what do you suppose these men are watching?  Children being groped at the airport?  Naked body scans?  These people lied to you about every details of the OBL story, and now they are whipping you into a frenzy based on those lies.  If you are the least bit unafraid of the men in this photo, then you are watching TeeVee.  Turn it off now.

Meanwhile, you are supposed to be afraid of a dead man (10 years ago), who sat in front of a green-screen many years ago and made a bunch of videos that are being released at pre-determined intervals.

The REAL terrorists are in the feral gummint.  They are groping you and irradiating you at airports, and soon at bus stations and train stations and along every freeway in every major city.

If you want to truly know who the terrorists are, it's very simple.  Pull out a copy of the US Constitution.  After you read it (takes about 30 minutes), look around at any and all gummint employees.  If you see any function of the feral gummint acting outside the letter of the Constitution, they are terrorists.

It used to be that Americans had a healthy skepticism concerning anything coming from the feral gummint.  If an Oh-fish-ul made an utterance, people's first reaction was, "Bullshit."  Just read Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson, or Will Rogers, or Groucho Marx, or George Carlin.  That natual instinct to distrust anything coming from gummint has been subverted and by-passed.  It was done by the REAL terrorists.

You see, back in the old days (before the 1950s), the definition of 'terrorism' only included gummint.  Only gummint could be 'terrorists.'  Everyone else was a 'revolutionary' or 'subversive.'  But normal people were never 'terrorists.'

Time to re-install that healthy skepticism.  Start by turning OFF the TeeVee.  Before the feral gummint strikes again.  It's coming.  You can see the bastards cranking up the machine now in order to create the best effect.

If the bastards would lie to your face about Usama bin Laden, as has been proved beyond any doubt, then why would they tell you the truth about anything?

Every time you see a gummint Oh-fish-ul talking to you on the TeeVee, the word "bullshit" should be substituted for anything they say.  If they tell you the time, you should check your watch, if they haven't stolen it already.

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