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The International Middle Finger

Well, this is interesting.  The head of the IMF, lead candidate for French president in the Socialist (!) Party, and all-around bankster big-wig, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested for molesting a hotel maid.

Not that that's interesting, but what IS attention-grabbing is that someone at this level of the control structure has been taken down.  That he was (allegedly) buggering a maid is nothing new.  Men in his social circle do that all the time.  But NYPD showed up at JFK airport and hauled his carcass off to jail.  Now THAT is something to sit up and take notice of.

The man (Strauss-Kahn) is one of the architects of the international bail-out scam that has been sweeping the globe clean of wealth for the past three years.  He is one of the central figures involved in raping Greece, Portugal and Ireland, not to mention chambermaids.  This guy's s**t is so sweet-smelling that he doesn't get touched by something so mundane as (gasp!) police!  Much less, hauled off a first-class seat to France in full view of the (shock!) media!

This guy is so high up the food chain that he has diplomatic immunity when he's on the job.  Just so happens he wasn't on the job when he attacked the maid.

There's something going on here.  Your guess is as good as mine.  People like Strauss-Kahn don't get man-handled unless something is going on behind the scenes.  My guesses?

1) He's a sacrificial lamb to distract from some other event we aren't seeing, because of this circus;
2) He's being taken down by political forces back home;
3) He actually did something stupid.

Of the three, the last one is least likely.  My money is on the first one.  These kinds of attention grabbing things are almost always designed to focus all eyes on one side of the stage while the magician does his trick on the other.  It's very common, and lately we've seen a lot of it.

For example, heard from Donal Trump lately?  Nope.  He blasted onto the scene to raise a ruckus about Obama's birth certificate.  Out came the birth certificate, an obvious and amateur forgery, and the Donald fades back into the woodwork.  

Then, Obama bags Usama, which draws attention off his cheap birther side-show.  But, even that wasn't the main point.  

Now, the head of the IMF gets bagged for doing what all men in his position do...bugger maids.

What's going on here?  It looks like there's a power struggle going on in the rarefied realms of power.  The sides are trading shots.  On the one team, you have what I think are the Americans, and on the other, the British monarchists.  This fight is nothing new.  Started back in the 1700s, actually.  It solidified into the warring factions of the Rockefellers and the Rotheschilds...the New Money and the Old Money.  

The latest round started with the attack on Libya.  Remember how the US led NATO forces into Libya, and then suddenly took a back seat?  Then, the Donald, a dyed in the wool democrat, comes out as a possible candidate for president, and hammers Obama on the birth certificate (just one of many weak points in his armor).  Obama hits back.  Then he takes the next step and 'bags' Usama.  Puts the British designs on Afghanistan and Iran on pretty shaky ground.  Now a hit on the IMF, which is part of the American Empire's key weapons systems.

It all appears to be the Anglo-American empires trading barbs, trying to get the upper hand.  Something has gone wrong in the truce that has lasted since WWI.  There's a feud among the royal houses.  

There's trouble in paradise.

Some insight should come in the form of how the Strauss-Kahn things plays out.  If he's hung out to dry, the Americans may have cut him loose, a casualty of war.  If, on the other hand, he is turned loose (charges dropped, the maid disappears, something like that), then the Anglos are losing.  Either way, we are seeing the outer-most layers of a much deeper drama.

Woodrow Wilson did everything in his power to get the Lusitania sunk as an excuse to jump in on the side of the royals in WWI.  Wilson was a royal wanna-be and he was champing at the bit to curry favor with Edward.  

FDR was playing to his royal cousins and to the Rockefellers, who were salivating at the prospects of war contracts, when he stood-down Pearl Harbor and allowed the Japanese to attack.  That got him brownie points on both sides of the Atlantic.

In fact, everything has been peachy-keen and all warm and snuggly between the Brits and the Yanks since the War of 1812.  There has been an unspoken peace, a truce, that has lasted more than 150 years.

But something has changed.

You may recall that some of the most despicable scum were invited to the royal wedding, but where was Obama? Why, he was in Florida watching the shuttle sit on the launch pad.  An American president DID NOT attend the royal wedding.  That just screams dysfunctional to me.

To us rubes at the carnival, this is all just theater and far too subtle to register on most folks.  But, if you add up the score, there is definitely some bad blood between the Limeys and the Yanks.  We know that both Bush's were monarchists.  Hell, Daddy Bush was even made a knight (the traitorous scum).  Baby Shrub certainly didn't have a problem taking marching orders from the throne, either.  Witness the Iraq/Afghanistan invasions.

Clinton was a royal puppet, and even if he wasn't, he was such a slave to his own sex organs that he couldn't see daylight, which made him infinitely controllable and blackmailable.  

So it all seems to have gone awry with Obama.  Now, we don't have a clue who Obama is.  Everything about him is a complete mystery.  He has effectively sealed every record of his life, including the still-elusive birth certificate. Someone owns him, but it appearantly isn't the throne of England.

What's more, Strauss-Kahn is French, and as any student of history knows, the Brits and the Frogs have no love lost between them.  Taking him down is a stab at both the Frogs and the Yanks.  Two for the price of one.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the 'chambermaid' was a plant in order to draw the IMF chief into the open, when he wasn't working and wasn't under diplomatic immunity.

As for NYPD, they hate all the diplomats and big-wigs who run around scoffing at them.  The cops can't touch them, for parking tickets or murder.  When one comes out into the open, they can't wait to clap a chain or two on the perp, the more humiliating the better.

So, now we wait.  Act II, or is it IX at this point, is about to begin.  What we should look for next is either a fast resolution to the situation and a quick mop up, OR something juicy will happen with a Brit.  Maybe William or Harry in a compromising postion.  Kate gets some mud on her.  Or a top Brit gets dropped a notch, like Strauss-Kahn.

And if Strauss-Kahn gets free, we can expect the sequel to be 'Wrath of Kahn.'

I'm going to go box up some popcorn and grab a soda.  Methinks the plot doth thicken.

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