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Like A Thief In The Night

Well, here it is May 21, at least in Asia.  The mosques have just finished the morning call to prayer, the bird's are singing, the women are doing their exercises in the park, and the neighbor's damn rooster won't shut up.  All's well and I'm still here.  So can we get on with more important discussions?

Note to Harold Camping: The switch from Julian to Gregorian calendars only dropped 11 days, not a month and a half.  Put that in your calculations next time.

As William Wordsworth reminded us:
The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

The Western world is obsessed with the idea of the world ending. They are running around looking for 666 under every rock and plank.  I've got news for you: 666 comes after 665 and before 667.  That's the significance of the number.  Heck, here in Asia, the number 6 is a lucky number and people fight each other for SIM cards that have multiple 6s in the phone number.

The whole Second Coming thing has been manufactured, first by the Catholic church, and now by all the TeeVee preachers, as a means to control your mind and to keep you from doing anything constructive to stop the globalist agenda.

In fact, christians have been so snowed and cowed that they actually support Israel and the most egregious acts of the banksters and corporatists.  They are so completely brainwashed that they HELP those who would enslave the world in order to hurry along the Divine Plan.

As if they have the power to do that...

ETs, 2012, Second's all a massive psy-op to make you complacent and (at the least) not oppose the machinations of those whose entire lives are defined by greed and power.  It's the most successful and least scrutinized operation ever perpetrated on Humankind.  They have installed so many psychological buttons that they can create hysteria at will.  Just a trigger word or specific image (all those symbols I was gong on about) and people react in completely predictable ways.

Remeber the movie(s) called, "The Manchurian Candidate?"  I've got news for you...YOU are the Manchurian Candidate.  You have been brainwashed to respond to certain triggers.  By watching TeeVee, the brainwashing is re-enforced daily, with practice runs occurring almost by the hour, these days.

Ask yourself this question: Why does the media hype certain events, while leaving others completely untouched?

Why would someone like Harold Camping have the ability to corner the media spotlight?  Testing and re-indoctrination.

Why is Obama's birth certificate, and not his slimy policies, the primary focus of political discussion?  Redirection and control of public discourse.

Why is the combination of Israel and Second Coming being combined in the headlines?  To re-implant certain key concepts and elicit certain behaviors on the part of christians.

Remember the Tim Burton version of "Batman?"  The Joker was killing people, not with a single poison, but with combinations of them.  People had to use more than one cosmetic, like lipstick and blush together, in order to get the lethal dose.

That's what's going on in the headlines right now.  If you combine them in the right order, you can clearly see the control buttons being pushed.  Just for instance, Obama's going against Israel and Harold Camping is predicting the end of the world based on the Bible.  Oh my God!  This is IT!  Most common response?  Do nothing.  Just crawl into a church and pray for the end.  No resistance.  No thinking.  Just pure emotional response.  A clear sign of brainwashing.

Even those who aren't christian are susceptible.  If one lives within a culture and consumes the cultural icons and media, one is programmed just like everyone else.

There is a relationship between the incredible ramp-up of globalist efforts right now and the multi-year programming in the media related to 2012 and Rapture.  They are confident that they have effectively indoctrinated enough people now that they can control the masses, even if there are a few of us out here that clearly see what's going on.

They may be right.  Every try to talk to someone who is thoroughly brainwashed about topics such as these?  They get violently angry and completely shut down, but if you stop talking about it, they return to normal almost immediately.  It's really strange to watch, but it's a clear indication of very deep sub-conscious implants.

How is it done?  Turn on a TeeVee at night with all the lights off.  Then go in another room where you can't see the TeeVee, but you can see the light.  Notice the flickering.  Now, go look at the studies of brainwaves in people watching TeeVee.  Notice how they enter alpha-wave and beta-wave states?  Those are patterns similar to sleep, but in comeone who is still (slightly) conscious.

So, you turn on the TeeVee and the flickering light at certain frequencies, combined with the alpha- and beta-wave brain waves, make you very susceptible to suggestion.  While you are there on the couch, relaxed and guard down, messages are being implanted in your sub-conscious mind through the use of trigger words and manipulation of symbols.

A lot of folks will think this is all woo-woo and tin-foil hat stuff.  But, I have worked in media and entertainment for my entire life.  I have worked for all the major networks in the US, and quite a few worldwide.  I have worked on dozens of movies.  I have toured stage shows and rock bands.  I have a degree in Radio/TV/Film (now know as Mass Media) and have studied film and TeeVee history.  I have won awards for my work from peers and critics.  I know what I'm talking about.  I am guilty of having consciously manipulated symbols and trigger words to elicit certain responses from audiences.

I stands to reason that if I was part of the effort to program people, I can be part of the effort to deprogram them, as well.

I've said it before and I'll say again now.  Stop watching TeeVee for one week.  Don't look at any TeeVee screen anywhere for any reason.  Then notice the difference in your thinking from the beginning of the week until the end.

The sum of recent events tells me that the Controllers are desperate.  They are off their time-line and they are worried that the Cloak of Darkness is wearing thin, and light is seeping through.  That desperation is a proof that we are powerful and we are capable of fighting back by doing nothing more than ignoring them.  When we pay attention to their programming and give them the power to control us, we hand them the keys to the world and our minds.

Take away their power and they scramble back into the gutter like so many cockroaches.

Which do you prefer?  Having power over your own life and destiny?  Or being manipulated and controlled like a puppet?

It truly is your choice.

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