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Magick In Your Pocket

[al-kuh-mee] Show IPA–noun, plural -mies for 2.
1.  a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and the renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.
2.  any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
Use alchemy in a SentenceOrigin:
1325–1375;  earlier alchimie  < Old French alquemie  < Medieval Latin alchymia  < Arabic al  the + kīmiyā'  < Greek kēmeía  transmutation; replacing Middle English alconomye,  equivalent to alk ( imie ) + ( astr ) onomye astronomy
 “You actually believe that stuff?”  My buddy was incredulous.  How could an intelligent, educated human being in the modern age believe such rubbish?

“Absolutely,” I replied.  “In fact, the proof is in your pocket.”

“You actually think there’s a bunch of modern-day Merlins running around waving magic wands and creating gold out of thin air?”  He could tell I was serious, which made him all the more slack-jawed.

“Look,” I said, “What is alchemy?  I mean, when you think of it, what do you envision?”

“It was a bunch of guys in the middle-ages using magic symbols and incantations, trying to turn lead into gold,”
 he recited from his textbook knowledge.

“So, if I can prove beyond all doubt that what you just described is taking place today, and it actually works, will you admit defeat?”

He looked at me for a moment.  I could almost hear the old parable going through his mind: If a man walks up to you on the street and bets you he can make the Jack-of-Hearts jump out of a deck of cards and spit cider in your ear…don’t bet him.  You’ll only get an earful of cider.

“This I have to see.  OK, sure,” he conceded.

I went to the cupboard and pulled out the only dollar bill I have left.  Kind of a souvenir, and relic of a past life.  I handed it to him.  “There you are.”

He took it and looked at it, then at me.  I could see the crack of a smile starting on his face.  He thought I was joking, or pulling some kind of gag.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“A dollar bill,” I replied.

“Well, no shit.  I can see that.  Where’s your proof?”

“Do you consider that to have value?” I asked.

“Well, yeah.  I can buy stuff with it…not much any more,” he responded.

“What’s it made out of?” I prompted.

“Paper, ink, other stuff like fibers, I think,” he said, the formation of a concept starting to show in his eyes.
“What’s on the back?” I continued.

“The Great Seal,” he said, inspecting the bill.

“See any magic symbols?” I asked.

“Huh?  What do you mean?” he looked a bit nervous.

“The pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye, the incantations in Old Latin, the eagle, the fascae, the stars,” I pointed to them in turn.

“Huh?” he replied, somewhat subdued by now.

“You are holding base materials: paper, ink, various other things.  One it are printed magical symbols and incantations in a dead language.  Because of that, billions of people think it has value,” I explained.  “You are holding alchemy in practice.”

He turned the bill over a couple of times and inspected it closely.  “Oh, come on, you can’t be serious.
It’s fairly common for people to reject what their senses tell them is true, especially when they have been under a spell most of their lives.  Many times they become angry, not because someone snapped their spell, but because they allowed themselves to be taken by it.  They normally respond by attacking the person who broke the spell.

“You’re full of shit, man.  Here…,” he handed the note back, as if it had become infected all of the sudden.

“When we started, I asked you what your definition of alchemy is, right?”  He nodded.  “I have just presented you with an alchemical product that meets every part of your definition.  How am I full of shit?”

“It’s a dollar bill, man!  It’s not some magic thing.  Those magicians were changing lead into gold,” he was agitated now.  The spell was wearing off.

“Right.  They took base materials of no intrinsic value and through the manipulation of magic symbols and words, they turned the base materials into something of value.  Paper into gold,” I rested my case.

My friend sat there for a long moment, pondering what he had just seen.  He had just witnessed real, live alchemy in practice in the modern world.  His mind was struggling to comprehend it.  I knew that in a moment, the usual defenses would snap shut and he would go back to his sheltered world, but for just a moment, he had glimpsed the rabbit hole; he had seen through the ‘matrix.’  It scared him. Like it does most people when they first view it.

Most of us trip through life blindly, secure in what we ‘know,’ and anything that challenges that scares the hell out of us.  People react pretty predictably.  I’ve seen it dozens of times, and even remember my own Awakening.  It’s not easy when you realize that everything you know, everything you believe, everything you’be been taught, is a lie.

To be fair, the people who taught us The Lie didn’t know, either.  We can’t really blame them, though they had the responsibility to learn the Truth, just as much as we are responsible now.  However, my best teachers, the ones who stand out most in my mind, were the ones who taught me to see the holes in the blinders we have pulled over our own eyes.

The reason I can see it so clearly is because I am an alchemist.  I was trained and have a lot of experience as an alchemist.  You might say, I’m a professional, award-winning alchemist.  Because of that, I can smell alchemy a mile away.

I made a living for many years creating false realities using nothing more than electrons and phosphors, or colored dyes on acetate with a light shining through it.  NOTHING you see on TeeVee or in the movies is real…NOTHING.  Even the news, which purports to show reality, only shows you someone else’s point of view, with images and sounds that have been edited and carefully controlled for your consumption.  They also use magical symbols, special music and incantations to control your perception.  Even the stories themselves, out of all the stories in the world each day, are carefully selected to control your image of ‘reality.’

“You’re full of shit, man,” my friend said.  I could see the blinders re-asserting themselves.  Typical reaction.  “I gotta go.  I need to…do something,” he needed to get away from the hole in his reality.  “You almost had me there.”

“Actually, I almost set you free from the ones who really have you,” I corrected.
“Yeah, OK, man,” he chuckled.
Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes the brainwashing is so strong that it can’t be pierced.  Most people willingly participate in their own imprisonment.  They want to believe in the things their parents, ministers, teachers, and government tell them.  They feel as if they are betraying the ones they love and trust, if they allow the fantasy we all live under to be destroyed.  And so, we actively pull down the blinders any time they start to slip.

We are more comfortable in our fantasy.  We don’t have to take responsibility or action.  We can blame someone else and play the role of victim of circumstance.  Victimhood is a powerful drug.  It gives us absolution from responsibility, draws pity and puts us in a passive role.
Victims don’t have to store food and water for emergencies.  Victims can live on the sides of volcanoes or next to ancient nuclear reactors on a coastal fault zone.  Victims can turn to government to bail them out of every stupid decision they make.  Victims can blame the entire Universe for their misfortune and lack of foresight.

Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper?  In today’s alchemical world, the grasshopper is the hero, because he is the victim.  The ants must be taxed and enslaved to pay for the grasshoppers of the world.
The next time you need a reminder of just how deep the rabbit hole is, just take out a dollar bill, or rupiah, or renmimbi, or any other piece of worthless paper with magic symbols and incantations on it.  What spell makes that piece of paper have value?

Think about the fact that the entire power and wealth of the PTB/W is based on you believing in the magic and falling under the spell.  The one thing THEY are most afraid of is you waking up from that spell.
The one thing you absolutely must do, is wake up from that spell.

Magicians require two things in order to be successful:

  1. 1)      You must short-circuit your normal, healthy skepticism; and
  2. 2)      You must never, ever look behind the curtain.

As Orson Welles once said, “Television is a medium, because it is neither rare, nor well-done.”  But, it works because it places you in a trance and fills your head with someone else’s thoughts.

Turn the damn thing off.  Then, look behind the curtain.  Victimhood is so yesterday’s child.

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