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Okelah Kalau Begitu

Writer's block.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not the absence of ideas, it's a case of too many.  It's hard to figure out where to begin.

It's kind of like Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.  It begins and ends in the middle of a sentence, so that the entire book is a full circle.  I've always thought it would be interesting to make a movie like that, with the credits in the middle, and starting and ending in the middle of a scene.  People would be completely befuddled.  Movies and writing are linear, in that they must begin at some point and end at another point, with a series of building climaxes, until the pay-off.

At the moment, as I sit here trying to organize the bee hive in my head, it's hard to pick a point at which to launch.  I sat for an hour tonight making my world-famous spaghetti sauce, which is a pretty mindless project involving cutting up dozens of onions and tomatoes.  While I was working, my mind was pondering all the events going on the in world.  Obviously, I'm not alone.

There have been so many things happening that folks have comepletely forgotten that the world's worst nuclear accident in still in progress in Fukushima, Japan.  It's belching out piles of radioactive isotopes known to cause all sorts of horrible diseases and birth defects and other really fun stuff.  But, if you look at mainstream media, hardly a word.  Nobody remembers it.

Instead, we've been distracted with 'royal' weddings, birth certificates and farcical bad-guy baggings.  And while we are arguing over whether Obama's birth certificate is genuine, or Usama bin Laden is really dead, we're all literally cooking in our seats.

I've gotten a couple of nasty-grams from folks laughing because I like silver, and the price has dropped nearly $20 in the last two weeks.  I can only answer, "Go out and try to buy a 100oz. bar."  Can't do it.  JPMorgan can play with COMEX to save it's "too big to fail" ass, but it doesn't change the fact that they can't cover their naken shorts.  They're hiding with by playing numbers.

But it doesn't change the fact that we're cooking in our seats.

I got a couple more nasty-grams saying that I'm unpatriotic for not backing Obama and the UBL fiasco.  I can only say, "You're unpatriotic for not questioning every utterance from your government."

Meanwhile, we're all cooking in our seats.

Got one nasty-gram saying I'm seeing boogy men under every rock with all the talk about symbols and stuff.  Sorry, but that kind of stupidity and willful ignorance doesn't deserve an answer.

All the while, we're cooking in our seats.

Take a look at this link.  Don't know about you, but it pretty much takes the wind out of UBL's, Obama's and the 'royal's' sails.  It looks like Clif's web bots talking about ill winds circling the planet nine times are pretty much spot on.  I live 6 degrees south of the equator, so it'll take a little longer to get here, but that crap will eventually end up in my salad, too.

Makes me feel real good about what my grandchildren will look like, not that my genetics were GQ stock to start with, but a healthy dose of plutonium in the zygote stage sure ain't gonna help things.

But hey!  Cop-killing rappers at the White House and Lady GaGa are MUCH more important, right?

Because all the twhile, we're cooking in our seats.

Gee, you don't think THEY'd create all this noise to hide the fact that we're all cooking in our seats, do you?  I mean, just because the 'royal' wedding started at 11:11am, and certain important objects, such as Venus (the Light Bearer) was passing overhead in London at that moment, we shouldn't worry, right?  All's well, brother,  Everything is double-plus good.  Choco rations are up 15% this month!

What's really interesting is that the Untied States are setting up for a truly unique revolution, in which the States themselves revolt against the federal government.  I can't really think of it's equal in history.  It's already begun in States like Arizona, which took away the federal powers to regulate immigration, in California which took away the fed's power to regulate marijuana, in Utah which took back the power to coin money.  Little by little, the States are asserting their 9th and 10th Amerndment rights.  It's a wonder to behold from over here on the Far Side.

Hope it continues.

I think they should just dissolve the federal government and start a fresh one, using the same Constitution, but put it somewhere in Nebraska this time.  The only States that could possibly be against that idea would be, oh say, Connecticut, since they have absolutely nothing but rich New Yorkers there.

Despite all the fun and games, we're cooking in our seats.

Shouldn't we be worrying about things that will affect our great-grandchildren, instead of all this fluff and stuff that won't mean a damn thing next year?

Can't you feel the heat yet?

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