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Usama bin Frozen

What a crock.

Usama bin Laden died of kidney failure in 2000.  He wasn't even alive when 9/11 happened.  They've been keeping him on ice for the day they needed to roll out the Big Baddy.

How convenient that he was shot in the head (can't identify the face), found in Pakistan (now the US has an excuse to attack yet another country), and the US can now go on 'worldwide alert' for 'terrorist attacks' by who? Oh yeah, al Qaeda.  The very same folks we've been arming and supporting in Libya.  How convenient that his corpse was dumped in the sea before any forensics could be performed.  How convenient that it now takes the spotlight off of Obama's forged birth certificate and gives him a little wiggle room.


Bin Laden was a well-known CIA asset.  His family lived in Houston, Texas, on Memorial Drive near Beltway 8.  The night of 9/11, Houston police were providing personal protection for the bin Laden family.  They were privately escorted to the airport the next day, where they flew out to Saudi Arabia, when all domestic flights were grounded.  At least for us tax-paying scum.  Some time before 9/11, Usama was in a hospital in Dubai, receiving dialisys because he was having acute renal failure.  He died in December 2000.

If there are ANY terror attacks on the US at this point, and I mean ANY as in bottle rockets at the county fair, then it is ONLY the US attacking the American people.  And notice that I separate US from American people.  Al the boogy men they can drag out are all creations of the CIA.  Every last one of them...including Usama bin Chillin'.

The whole thing reeks of a blood sacrifice to celebrate Wilhelm's new breed-stock.

So, let's take stock.  One man's life cost billions of dollars, millions of lives (in 4 many US soldiers have been killed?), has brought the entire world to the brink of global thermonuclear war...and they dump the body in the ocean before anyone can take a look-see?

I smell a big, nasty rat, and it ain't bin Laden's decade-old corpse.  The rat is in Washington.  Actually, 545 of them.  It's all complete and utter BS, folks.  After all, if what the US has been destroying one-third of the world to do is get bin Laden, then 1) why dump his body in the ocean so fast, and 2) how come the troops aren't being demobilized back home post-haste?  In fact, they've upped the ante now.  Things are EVEN WORSE since bin Laden is...well, dead again.

So what the hell has the US been doing over there all this time?

On top of all that, hasn't anyone stopped to think?  By killing (again) bin Laden and targeting Qaddafi and his family, then the leadership (I use that term very loosly) of the US becomes fair game.  If you shoot at the king of one country, then that country has every right to shoot at your king.

And did I mention that all this conveniently happened just in time for the beginning of the Monday news cycle?  Or how about the fact that the whole story of his 'death' sounds like a made-for-TV movie?  Or how about the part where a bunch of war-weary soldiers who've watched their buddies get mowed down for 11 years stopped to take time to 'handle the body according to Islamic tradition.'

Sorry, if I keep thinking about this, I'm going to hurl all over my computer.  This is so much bullshit, even Obama has outdone himself, and that's a LOT of bullshit!  It's a periwigged pile of puking putrid pucilanimous poppycock, and people are 'gathing at the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate?'

Are people REALLY that dumb?

And wasn't Usama supposed to be cowering in a cave?  Some 'cave.'  We should all be so lucky.  And what were US troops doing in an 'upper-class' neighborhood in Pakistan?  Is that the unmistakable aroma of RAT I smell?

What a bunch of flippin' idiots.

So, what else is on TeeVee?

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