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Bilderberger With Cheese

“Totalitarian - a government that seeks to subordinate the individual to the state by controlling not only all political and economic matters, but also the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population.” – CIA World Fact Book

Prince Bernhard
Back in 1954, it came to light that a group of people were meeting at the Hotel de Bilderberg, in Oosterbeek, the Nether lands. This group with no name was composed of European royalty, banksters and industrialists, who were plotting to finish what Napoleon and Hitler had failed to do: unify Europe under a single overlord.

This group was founded by Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter of Biesterfeld, a.k.a. Prince Bernhard, a German who was consort (they don’t have husbands and wives) to Queen Julliana of the Netherlands, and father of her six children (and perhaps many others), including the current queen of Holland, Beatrix.

Bernhard also founded the Rotary Club International and the World Wildlife Fund, which of course is one of the big Global Warming blowhard groups. He was big on nature preservation and other clap-trap, which is nothing more than the rich and powerful locking up all the good stuff for themselves.

Despite all the blather about Bernhard’s heroic service in WWII, he was a Nazi SS officer and worked with his cousin Elizabeth in England to try to finally take over all of Euope. Using the stick was a failure when Hitler started free-lancing and creating real money, based on the value of labor output, rather than fiat, and giving the overlords’ precious eugenics a bad name. After the war, Bernhard and his relatives, the Euro royals, rebuilt Europe into their unified dreamland, ultimately creating order out of the chaos.

Hotel Bilderberg - Oosterbeek
It finally occurred to these people, after a thousand years, that beating people over the head was not a very effective way to build empires. By this time, the religion of science had been popularized, and with it, some concepts like social Darwinism and scientific dictatorship.

A couple of popular writers had set out their visions of the way things should be. One was Aldus Huxley, and the other was George Orwell. They, along with their predecessor H. G. Welles, had imagineered various worldviews, as roadmaps to the glorious future of neo-feudalism.

Orwell, of course, made the argument for the Stick. His vision was one of a master class who held the proles in place with force and brainwashing. The master class would fashion a world of endless war and scarcity, held together with the power to manipulate the media and rewrite history, as needed.

Huxley foresaw a world were chemicals controlled the masses. People were raised by the State to serve a particular function, and any desire to be upwardly mobile, or change the status quo, was simply drugged away.

The result is somewhat of a hybrid. We have Orwell’s endless wars, scarcity and media manipulation, augmented by Huxley’s pharmacological utopia. The masses are pacified and stupefied by a cornucopia of chemical wonder-drugs. We are so squelched by additives in the public water supply and doctors whose job it is to pass out pretty pills that fog the brain and make it virtually impossible to conceive of a better life.

We see, and know, people who are manically depressed because they have glimpsed the real world and peeked beyond the matrix. We hustle these poor people off the Company doctor, who gives them handfuls of happiness so that the curtain closes again, and they return to their place in the beehive.

Prince Bernhard and his ilk believe that they are the Master Class, that they are somehow better than all the rest of humanity. We, the unwashed masses, exist to serve them and enrich them. We are herded and culled like farm animals. We are bred and tended as chattel slaves. If we are productive, we get a certain level of health care. If we are old or infirmed, we are quietly offed to make room for more productive people.

Back to the Bildergers.

This year was instructive. First of all, four European politicians, one Italian (who was knocked to the ground and bloodied) and three Swiss, tried to gain entrance to the party. Though they failed, it did serve to highlight the meeting and finally push it to fore in the Antique Media, something that had not be done before. Another item was the number of invitees who are muckity-mucks in ‘social media.’ This puts a point on the rise of the internet as an important gauge of public sentiment, and as a means of control.

What got my attention, though, was the fact that two Chinese leaders, Fu Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Huang Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research in Beijing, were on the invitee list. I noticed this because it tells me what I already knew, but needed confirmation. China is a threat to the European plans for world domination.

Instead of Guido, it was Gui Cho, come to bust some knuckles.

You may think that’s old news, but it isn’t. Back in the 70s, when Nixon undertook to ‘open’ China to the west, they were obviously thinking that they needed to bring China under the control of global supremacy. After all, China has over a billion people and they’re fascists, “just like us.” The critical mistakes was miscalculating just what China was capable of doing.

China has been at the empire game for centuries longer than even the Vatican. They know how the game is played and invented most of the tools. The Chinese gave the world paper money and state-run lotteries. They are masters at bureaucratic efficiency. Most importantly, they are geniuses at stategy and planning. Hell, they even invented gun-powder and rocketry, items so important to western domination these days.

The Chinese played along with the Big Game. They allowed themselves to be used and abused by the West, producing cheap products and appearing to ‘westernize,’ with a kind of socio-capitalism. The west, and particularly the US, loved it. They could heap all sorts of menial chores on China, and sell piles and piles of debt to them, thinking they had found a willing dupe. After all, the Big Game has worked so well on so many other countries.

To bad no one bothered to study Chinese history and culture.

The Chinese are the personification of passive-aggressive. To your face, they are quiet, polite and deferential. But they are ruthless businessmen. While the US stood there, rubbing its greedy hands and salivating over the cheap labor, the Chinese were digging a mote around it - deep, full of water and crocodiles.

While the Chinese sat and smiled and poured the tea, the US got complacent and started handing over technology and money. Quietly, the Chinese built up their military, their weapons and their gold. Lots of gold. The Chinese love gold. It’s a cultural thing. So while the west was beating down prices to play the derivative game, China was sucking it up by the pallet. They’ve had 5,000 years to learn about economies and trading and the value of gold. The US hasn’t even been at it for 300.

Basically, the Chinese gave the west loaded dice and a rigged game, and the west cozied up and played away. The Chinese love to gamble, and they are really good at it. And like addicts, the West came into their house and started playing. When the Bilderbergers invited the Chinese to the party, they were admitting they had a gambling problem, that they had bet their shirts, and the house was calling in the chits. Game over, man.
It started with the Panama Canal, then the bonds, then there was the missile launch off the coast of California last year (remember that?), now the Chinese are dictating foreign policy to the West in Pakistan and Vietnam and North Korea. They are making plans to build a 50-square-mile ‘self-sustaining’ city south of Boise, Idaho. They are making plans to launch a space station later this year and build a Moon colony in the next decade, while the West is throwing smart golf-carts out there.

In the past, the Bilderberg meeting really wasn’t a meeting, per se. It was representatives of the power elite sitting at a big head table, dictating policy to the various sectors of the economy. This year, their masks has slipped just a bit. They called in the media they want to use to polish up their image. They called in the politicians to let everyone know who was going to win the upcoming major elections. And they met with the Chinese representatives to work out a little more time to pay the tab.

Do I detect a bead of sweat on the Bilderberg forehead? Is that why they chose Switzerland this year, because of the long history of being neutral territory? Maybe it was quick access to the Swiss bank accounts, to put some ‘face money’ down on the table? Or was it the fresh mountain air of Saint Moritz?

Whatever the case may be, the Bergers looked just a bit frazzled. The calm, cool exterior belying the egomaniacal soul of men who would be gods, appeared to have thawed a bit this year. With real financial collapse on the horizon bringing the destruction of the EU, with the New Media and protestors in force, with local politicians banging on the door, and with the Chinese on their paper, one imagines the stress to be building significantly.

At any rate, you can see the punches getting traded: the Chinese hack the IMF, the Anglo-Americans tweeting up unrest. The one real question here is, if China forecloses on the US, who will be the sheriff that shows up to post the notice? That will be interesting.

I have noticed, in the wake of the co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, that millions of people have disabled their accounts across the US, Canada and Britain. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn came to play, as well. Don’t forget Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Seems there’s a big assignment for online talent, like Facebook’s CIA-designed facial recognition software.

Just the sheer number of lawyers and banksters in attendance is rather hair-raising. It’s like having a collection of different breeds of sharks. You have to feed them something or they will attack each other. And let’s not forget the current and former heads of national treasuries. Time to add up the assets.

Don’t forget…we’re their assets.

Even now, I can hear Nikita Kruschev pounding his shoe on the lid of his coffin and laughing hysterically.
“Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!”

In the meantime, I’ll have a Bilderberger with Swiss on wry.

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