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The Circle Unbroken

In Dawn of a New Day, we talked about the symbolism hidden in plain sight.  It is used as a covert form of communication and identification between occult groups who call themselves the Illuminati, or the Enlightened Ones.

In the article A Paper Moon, I demonstated the actual and very real use of alchemy in our daily lives, as the magicians who run our society take base materials, such as paper and ink, and through the use of mind control and misdirection, make us believe that these things are gold.  Certainly, in alchemy, there is no difference between actual transformation and perceived transformation.  Both are equally real.

In Novus Ordo Saeclorum, we discussed the origin and deeper meanings of the term ‘New World Order.’  We discovered hidden aspects of the term that refer to Saturn worship, rule of law, harvest, and judgement.  Saturn ruled over the Golden Age, also known as the Ages of the Gods, until he was deposed by Jupiter, who is the archetype for Yahweh.

Saturn was the brother of Prometheus, who gave wisdom and knowledge to Mankind, often described as giving us fire, which is the symbol of enlightenment.  All the brothers of Saturn were giants, which corresponds with the Genesis tales of giants and men of renown (which actually refers to the heavens).
Now, to tie all this together…

The Illuminati are a very real and very active occult group.  They have various factions and ‘lodges,’ some even competing against others.  There are various ‘houses,’ which comprise the different factions, that are similar to religious sects.  Most operate under the leadership of the Vatican, though not all.  The focus of their worship is something called ‘Lucifer,’ which simply means ‘light bearer.’  It is an occult reference to Prometheus and the ‘fire’ that was given to Mankind.

The Illuminati believe that their special blood-lines are directly descendent from the Titans, of which Saturn was the most powerful.  They believe that their blood-lines were once gods that ruled over the Earth, and by extension, the entire Universe, for ages uncounted.  They believe, either truly or symbolically, that their First Father was Caelus (Father Sky) and their First Mother was Terra (Mother Earth).

The Illuminati actually believe that they are the rightful heirs to Life, the Universe and Everything.
They also believe in a process called ‘apotheosis,’ which literally means ‘the revelation of godliness.’  In others words, through various processes, they can actually become gods.  This is by no means a new concept.  The Buddha is believed to have achieved apotheosis, as is George Washington.  Through a combination of enlightenment, achievement, ritual, and technology, the Illuminati believe they can regain their ‘rightful’ place as gods over all the Universe, in union with their brother Saturn.

As crazy as this all sounds, these folks actually believe that they are the protectors of secret knowledge that has been passed down for countless generations.  They believe this information will enable them to transform themselves into gods and create a New Golden Age…the Dawn of a New Day.

There are some who speculate, like Richard C. Hoagland and Joseph P. Farrell, that one of the key ingredients of the transformation is an ancient technology that has been scattered all over the Solar System.  The arguments are compelling, and in the case of the two authors mentioned, well-documented, as well.

The story goes that the myths of gods and heavenly wars are at least partially based on fact.  At some point, warring factions among the ‘gods’ destroyed entire planets and left devastation on others.  When it was done, there were bits and pieces of amazing technology scattered throughout the planets, and various groups such as NASA have been racing to find the key to this technology, presumably lying about somewhere in the Solar System.

If one approaches the arguments with an open mind, there certainly seems to be a good bit of proof to the idea that at least some groups on Earth believe in the literal truth of the myths and legends, and that they are actively pursuing something ‘out there.’  Certainly, just because it sounds outlandish doesn’t make it false.  

The arguments also happen to make sense of a lot of otherwise disjointed events in history.
What is without dispute, by anyone who has done even a modicum of investigation, is that there are covert groups today who call themselves by various names, but who generally fall under the classification of Illuminati.  These groups manipulate global events and populations towards some end to which we are not openly privy.  They are able to control large groups of people through the manipulation of symbols using mass media and cultural institutions.

Because of the occult nature of these groups, we can only speculate on what their ultimate goals are.  Certainly, they want to dominate the Earth, control all human life on it, and reshape civilization into their own image.  To what ends?  That’s the key question.

We know that they manipulate us by design.  We know that they use a catalogue of symbols and mythological references.  We know that they engage in certain rituals and practices.  And we certainly know that we aren’t part of it.

Humans are being redesigned through the use of GMO foods and vaccines.  We can perceive the means even though the ends are shouded in mystery. 

The Earth is being modified through the use of chem-trails and electro-magnetic manipulations, such as HAARP.  We can see the means, but the ends aren’t quite clear.

We know that these efforts are planned and coordinated through elite groups, such as the CFR, Club of Rome and Bilderbergs.  The programs are designed and instigated, and the results are measured.  Based on some criteria of success, the efforts are tweaked to speed up, slow down or change the course of these manipulations.

The Illuminati are quite real, though you can’t point at one group or location and say, “That’s it.”  The term ‘illuminati’ is a collective identifier that encompasses a great many groups, some with contrasting goals and beliefs.  However, we can surmise with a degree of certainty what is hidden from our view, by dissecting the outward clues and drawing logical conclusions, no matter how strange they may seem.

As Sherlock Holmes famously said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”


So, let’s take a stab at it, shall we?


The Illuminati are a self-identified occult group or groups.  Their center of power is ostensibly within the Vatican, though there may be other competing power centers, as well.  The dominant group(s) use ancient myths, rituals and symbols as a means to control society, as well as achieve some goal(s), to which we are not privy.


By examining the outward signs, we know that at least a fair number of the Illuminati are Sun worshippers, with a second possibly competing sect worshipping Saturn.


They appear to be seeking either technology, or information, or both, throughout the Earth and Solar System.  This information/technology is believed to imbue the user(s) with god-like power.  Another source of contention within the Illuminati may be ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ seeking the same thing, but for different ends.


Regardless of faction, the Illuminati are obsessed with blood-lines and familial heritages.  This seems to be based on the belief that there is a special royal, if not divine, blood-line within the human race.  For this reason, the ranks of the Illuminati inner circle are not open to anyone but the chosen blood-lines.  This relegates most of the members to outer circles, as acolytes to the ruling elite.


Finally, the Illuminati are manipulating the human race, as well as the planet, to achieve some ends that are not clear, through the use of various technologies such as medicine, electro-magnetics and chemistry.  They also use mass media and other means of transmission to communicate with each other, as well as to control entire populations.


There is one other possibility that must be considered.  All of this may just be a massive, multi-century disinformation campaign in order to make people believe that there is a super-human race controlling the Earth and civilization.  This conclusion certainly serves the purpose of control as effectively as any other.  I personally don’t believe that such a massive effort, using so many resources, over so long a span of time, could be sustained without some great prize at the end.  Certainly, god-like status would be sufficient motivation.


In either case, we must conclude that there is, in fact, a massive conspiracy to manipulate, for whatever ends, the vast majority of people on Earth.  In terms of leadership, the only organization with the resources, desire and philosophy to effect such a conspiracy is the Vatican.  That it involves ancient occult symbolism and beliefs is quite apparent.  Certainly, the worship of Saturn and belief in an ancient Golden Age is at the heart of this effort.  And as we ponder all the threads and clues, we find that truly all roads lead to Rome, to the Eternal City.


As a final proof that we are under the control of Saturn worshippers, we should note the colors and symbols associated with Saturn.  The color black, especially when it is shiny like patent leather or anthracite coal, is always indicative of Saturn.  Also, the number six (6) is deeply rooted in Saturn worship.  Logically, the use of rings is associated with Saturn.  Our wedding rings, the Pope’s ring, the rings of power worn by kings and queens throughout history, even the rings that appear in common logos, are all indicative of Saturn worship.  Finally, Saturn’s association with law and justice, especially occult, is deeply woven into our culture.  How about the rings portrayed floating over the heads of saints and angels?


Notice that judges always wear black robes.  There is no reason for this affectation, other than to transfer the power and authority of Saturn onto the judge.  In Western law, the ‘bible’ of legal definition is called Black’s.  Even stories of naughty children receiving a lump of coal in their stocking at Christmas are symbolic of Saturn’s judgment.


There is no doubt that there is a group called the Illuminati, and that it is comprised of many diverse groups who focus on different goals.  The Illuminati are a Saturnian cult, whose beliefs and goals are rooted in deep, occult antiquity.  And there is no doubt that Saturn worship is profoundly woven into our culture and civilization.  The question is, if and how it can be unwound.


We have only put our head in and looked at the rabbit hole.  It is, in fact, much deeper.  I hope that you will take some of the terms, concepts and names presented in this series, and look for yourself.  We do indeed live in the Matrix, though it is not as simple and straight-forward as the films suggest.  Think how much time and effort has gone into locking us into the Matrix.  That’s how much it will take to get out, both personally and collectively.


If nothing else, then maybe you have a better idea of what ‘six hundred, sixty and six’ really means.

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