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The Men Who Would Be Gods

At the entrance of my office building, they have a security check.  Everyone is required to walk through a metal detector.  Most mornings, it is clearly unplugged and the cable is lying on the floor in plain sight.  Despite this obvious shortcoming, people dutifully empty their pockets of all metal objects before stepping through the portal. 
They imploded Iceland.  It was insignificant and out of the way.  It could safely be brought to its knees without endangering too much of the chess board.  It worked.  Its economy was leveled and no one saw through the machinations and started shooting the banksters.  But for a little noise in the background, no one even blamed the banksters.  In fact, the implosion was perfectly engineered and the country fell precisely into its own footprint.

Next, they wanted to try it on one of the great ancient powers.  If they could bring that great seat of learning, culture and power down to dust, they could do anything.

So, they imploded Greece.  It worked perfectly.  Not only did they bring an ancient empire to its knees, the people came to the banksters on their knees to beg for more.

That wasn’t enough.  They had to try it on some other major powers, both old and new.  They turned their jaundiced eyes to the next jewels in the crown.  And down came Italy, Spain and Portugal.  Just for good measure, they took out the ancient seat of Druidic power and levelled  Ireland, while they were at it.

The Plan was perfect.  The people not only didn’t attack the real criminals, they came hat in hand to the very people who destroyed their countries to ask for more of the same!  They had worked for centuries to bring the great powers of the world   Not only had they completely taken over those old world powers, the people hardly raised a whimper in protest, at least against the true perpetrators.

In their hubris, and emboldened by their perceived success, they turned their slavering, greed-ridden attention on the real prizes: France, Britain, Germany, and finally America.

America was the real prize.  Here was the once-great powerhouse of global economics.  It sparked an era of innovation and growth and creativity, the likes of which the world hadn’t seen since the Renaissance.  It was also the largest group of armed and independent-minded folks on the planet.  They would have to step lightly.

It started with warrantless wiretaps and drug wars.  No one started shooting (at them).  Then they took the legal bindings off of the banks.  No one noticed.

Then they openly attacked the country and used it as a pretext for creating wars and destroying the last vestiges of the legal system.  Finally, they started herding the population like sheep and groping their most private zones with impunity.  A few shouts and whimpers, but still no revolt.

They had won.  It was over.  If the American people, armed to the teeth and with a cultural heritage of individual sovereignty and independence, could be corralled, fondled, forcibly drugged, and made to beg for more, then there was no power on Earth that could stop them.

Now they have let down the mask.  They have shown their hand.  Their minions openly speak of conquest and subjugation, and the people climb over each other for more of the same.  All the banksters in their Temples of the Sun, all the judges in their Temples of Saturn, all the groping idiots who think they can curry favor by helping the Darkness…all of them are disposable.  They all think they are part of the inside, the privileged few.  They are stormtroopers, to be used like cordwood in the grand chess game.

There are only about 500 people in the world.  They rest of us are nothing.  Just sacrifices to their darkness.
I have found it amusing when people talk about things like the Mayan empire.  “How could people just allow the elite to carve out their hearts, and not get up in arms?” they ask.  I wonder the same thing, when I look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and so many others in the past century.  That’s all the wars have been is public sacrifices, and the people think they are supporting great causes.  Just like the peons of the Maya, or the Inca, or any other society that allowed their elite to get out of control.

There is a sad part and a funny part to all this. 
The sad part is that so many lives have been wasted in sacrifice to the gods of the elite, whoever they might be.  Great numbers of people have suffered, and great numbers will suffer yet.  The world has been destroyed many times over by the greed and depravity of these privileged few scum-balls.

The funny part is that they have tried this again and again throughout all of history, and they have failed again and again.  There is not a single empire standing today that has lasted more than a few centuries.  They always crumble and die.

In their hubris, the elite think that if they just control enough variables, they will finally succeed in becoming Masters of the Universe.  What they completely fail to see, is that what they do is like rot.  It eats out the inside of everything they touch.  Eventually, it collapses because anything of substance has decayed, and there is nothing left to support the weight of their burden.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, then the elite are provably insane.  They are a bunch of in-bred psychopaths, whose family histories are riddled with the death and destruction of entire civilizations, and yet they can’t seem to understand that they are the seeds of their own destruction.

When everything you know, everything you do, everything you believe, is based on the destruction of something else, then everything you achieve will crumble and be destroyed.  That is the very nature of the Universe.  “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  Whatever you build your house with, will be the weakness of its structure. 

You can not achieve extropy with entropy.  They are diametrically opposed and can never co-exist.  You can not build a culture on destruction.  It is, by its very nature, destined to collapse.

The only possible explanation for the behavior of the elites is that they are completely and irrevocably insane.  How else does one understand their innate and burning desire to destroy all that they see, and think that they can build an empire on dust?

It is why anyone with a modicum of sense is looking around now and seeing that the world is black and rotting.  Its like end of Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto.”  The elite have built their empire on the compete moral, ethical and physical destruction of everything around them.  At that point, it takes but a stiff breeze to topple the mightiest empires.

The student of history can see it over and over.  Babylon, Sumer, Phoenecia, Greece, Rome, Mongolia, Maya, Spain, Britain, Germany, and now the US.  They all crumble.  They all collapse.  They are all built on the destruction of something or someone else.  If the elite ever figure that out, if the masses ever snap out of their trances, then we could build something lasting.

Perhaps it is the way of the Universe to balance itself with those who create and those who destroy.  Perhaps humany’s role is to be the destructive force, so that more enlightened societies can exist elsewhere.  Perhaps life on Earth has spent vast spans of time building up and collapsing in utter ruin, in a never-ending cycle.

Moons go around planets, planets go around stars, stars go around galaxies, and galaxies go around the Universe.  Everything goes around and around.  Great societies are created, and then they die.  People build countries that live and die.  Countries build civilizations that live and die.  Civilizations build Ages that live and die.  Around and around.

In fact, the basic theme of all the great teachers in history, is stop thinking in circles.  Once you break free of the loops, then suddenly the Universe opens and vast new possibilities become available.  There is power in non-circular thinking.

The great minds of history are the ones who turn left, when everyone else keeps turning right, again and again.  Think of all the platitudes we have for non-circular thinking: the road less traveled, the high road, running around in circles.  We know what we have to do to break free, but we are afraid of the unknown.
In the end, it always comes down to: are you a tourist or a traveler?  Do you stay at Holiday Inn, eat at McDonald’s and only associate with people like you?  Or do you like those strange little roadside motels, eating at taco trucks and meeting new and interesting people?

The elite are actually just tourists.  They can’t break free of their circular logic.  They and poor, depraved minds trapped in a Hell of their own making.  They are deathly afraid of people who step out of the circle and  wonder if there might be a more interesting path.

That’s why the elite like to corral people.  That’s why the elite love order and authoritarian dogma.  They are incapable of creative thoughts and acts.  They are small, insignificant souls who have stumbled on one trick, making other minds small and insignificant like theirs.  As my mother frequently says, “Crazy people make sane people crazy.”  People are just plain lazy much of the time.

Extropy requires the input of energy.  In order to create, one must think and work, and it might fail.  That’s the way of things in a living and creative Universe.
On the other hand, entropy is easy.  The elite have spent centuries building their little model and we can just plug in and get the same, repeatable experience, just like Holiday Inn and McDonald’s.  It doesn’t take energy to follow and you don’t have to think.

That’s why cows can be herded.  They just stick their nose in the tail of the one in front of them and never think to try something different.  That is the origin of the term ‘brown nose.’  To keep vast numbers of cows in line, you need only lead the first one.  The rest just follow because they don’t know what else to do.  There’s a handful of cowboys around in case one or two step out of the herd.  But the number of cows to cowboys is ridiculously high.  If all the cows decided to go in different directions, the cowboys would be completely unable to cope.

So the next time the tail in front of you turns right, just turn left.  It’s very simple and the result is dramatic change in your life.  Remember the Jim Carrey flick, “Yes Man”?  That was the whole point.  Say yes when everyone else says no.  Turn left when they all turn right.

Break the circle!

Remember, the circle of life always leads to death.  Doesn’t it make sense that breaking the circle might lead to life?

Ifn yuh allus do wucha allus dun, yuh allus git wucha allus got.

Sometimes it just takes a Texan to figure these things out.

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