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We Have Met The Enemy...

These people are freaking insane!

You and I are nothing but lab animals to THEM.  They are willing to maim, mutate and kill us to see 'what will happen.'  They will spray us, inject us and feed us anything to test their little theories.  They are willing to destroy the entire Earth for sport!

They weaponized e. Coli to kill large populations with a horrible, vomiting, wretched death.  In the process, they discovered that the e. Coli pooped a substance called 'aspartame,' an excito-toxin that had the effect of tasting sweet, while at the same time causing massive chain reactions in the body's nervous system.  What do they do?

Put it in our food!

They built a massive electro-magnetic ring in Switzerland to try and re-create the conditions that existed in the first few split-seconds of the imaginary Big Bang.  It may create mini-black holes and gluon-stranglets, which Kcould sink into the center of the Earth and eventually cause the complete implosion of the Earth, and possibly this entire region of the galaxy.  What do they do?

Just up and down and celebrate with big headlines when they come '' this close to destroying the entire world!

They test new drugs and vaccines on prisoners, who are promised faster release (if they survive) and poor, unsuspecting populations as part of UN 'health' programs.

The effect of all this are the release of new diseases on humanity, irradiating the entire Northern Hemisphere, and the drugging of huge segments of the global population without people knowing or being fully informed about any aspect of these programs.

It's all a massive fraud that is so egregious that there is no way it can be argued that any part of it is accidental. It is being done with malice aforethought.  In the process of killing off billions of people, THEY are taking advantage of the situation to observe and document the horrors THEY have unleashed on the world.  These slime are not even woth the effort to scrape off the bottom of my shoes.

Back in Babylonian times, there was a fourth planet, between Mars and Jupiter, that was called Tiamat.  Tiamat was also the name of the ruler of the planet.  Tiamat was into creating chimera.  She/they enjoyed making creatures that were part human/part cat/part bird.  She/they created all kinds of vile creatures that were gross mutations of natural beasts.  In fact, these chimera had gotten off-planet and had infested other places, like Earth, which necessitated a global flood to kill these creatures.

The other gods were so horrified by what she/they had created that they destroyed the ENTIRE planet.  What we know today as the asteroid belt is the remnant of that destruction.

It's tempting to dismiss these myths as fairy tales, but when one looks around and sees so-called 'scientists' doing the exact same thing, it seems a little more real.

Here's whats going on...

Our son has an electric drill, can of gasoline, bag of gun-powder, and box of matches, and is playing out by the propane tank in the back yard.  We stand at the back door and smile, as we proudly watch our son 'play' around while learning valuable new lessons.  In fact, we are so full of pride, that we take a couple of blasting caps out to him, so he can learn what that will do to his toys.

Every time you pay taxes to out-of-control, megalomaniacs, you are giving them blasting caps while they are spraying gasoline all over the world and are striking matches.  These people are certifiably insane.  But what does that make us, who willingly support these psychopaths, or if not willingly, certainly don't put up a fight.  Those of us who don't fight this madness are simply turning our backs, while we get sprayed with gasoline, and denying that anything is wrong.

We can't play along with this madness.  We are not part of the inner-circle.  We can't use the toys they have created to 'go with the flow.'  We can't survive the pure evil these people have and continue to create.  Willful ignorance is simply an act of suicide by standing on the blasting caps, and closing our eyes and ears, as if that will stop the explosion.

The Earth and everything on it are under direct attack by people who are willing to kill us all to 'see what happens.'  They have invaded our most personal and prized possession...our bodies.  That is a direct and frontal attack, and they are defying us to say, "Stop!"  The terrorists are, in fact, the ones yelling 'terrorist' in our faces.

THEY are destroying our health, our economy, our lives, our families, and our civilization.  The question beomes, what are we doing to stop them?  If the answer is 'nothing,' they we are literally handing the ax to the executioner while begging for our lives.  And that makes us just as insane as the evil bastards who are killing us.

If THEY don't destroy the entire world, then they are certainly trying to clear the planet of anyone who isn't THEM.  This is an intolerable situation by any measure.  The inmates have designed and built the asylum, and we are marching into the cells at their orders and for their entertainment.

We must either wake up soon, or go quietly into the long night.

For those who are afficianados of comic strips will recognize the title's allusion to Pogo's famous line, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"

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