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Another Lone Ranger, Again

It's almost not worth talking about Norway.  If you turn off the TeeVee and look at the Big Picture, it's so obvious that the whole thing is a false flag.

For one thing, that the guy is rabidly anti-Islam is nothing but reverse psychology.  Demonize a concept, and everyone runs to the other side, which of course, is bombing the hell out of the brown-skins.  Hegelian Dialectic, anyone?

It has all the trademarks: lone assailant, police drills on the identical scenario two days before, etc.  On top of that, Norway was pulling out of Libya and getting ready to recognize Palestine as an independent state.  They just weren't playing by the Club's rule book.

For those whose heads are still under a rock, the EU and the state of Israel are nothing more than Nazi cover organizations.  I mean, what better place to hide a Nazi than in Jewish clothing, right?  And the EU?  Well, that's exactly what Hitler was trying to do, only he used a stick instead of a carrot.

For those who'd like a little homework, our Okie-in-Residence sent us a link to a well-done video about the rise of the Nazis.  See if you can't find a few glaring parallels in the Rise of the Reich, to current events.

Back to Norway, though.  The perp is reading from a script.  First, the headline, "I acted alone!"  Then, "We have other cells just waiting..."  So?  Which is it?  I acted alone, or we have others?

Then there's the bit about multiple gun-men at the youth camp.

Of course, the perp is home-grown, far-right conservative, and spouting all the wild-eyed rightist rhetoric that is the sign of a completely staged and orchestrated event.

If all you consume is TeeVee, though, there's plenty for everyone.  Amy Winehouse kicks with multiple purchases of illegal substances (the war on drugs is good).  There's the Asian dad who twisted off in Texas because of domestic pressures (fathers are bad and Asians can't be trusted).  There's Bammy talking about how great it would be to be dictator (elected representatives are the cause of all evil).  If you don't like Bammy, there's talk of impeachment (throw a bone to both sides).

It is all such complete and utter bullshit.

Some good background info comes from the irrepressable Webster Tarpley.  Wayne Madsen also weighs in on the "wait a minute'" side.

The really fun part, though, was in reading the "Norway Manifesto."  After you read it, go look at Ted Kaczynski's Unabomer Manifesto.  It's kind of like reading Hitler's Enabling Act and the USAPatriot get a weird sense of deja vu (and no, I'm going to go find all the little accent marks).

Behind all the ballyhoo about the Mossad and the CIA being part of all this, is the simple fact that both were and still are Nazi intelligence organizations.  Don't believe me?  All it takes is 10 minutes with your favorite search engine.

At least we know now who was behind the Norway Spiral that graced Bammy's Nobel (ahem) Piece Prize.  It was a show of cards on the part of them-that-got-rocks to the Norwegian gummint.  "Play ball with our boy, or else."  Well, they got a snoot-full of the "or else," looks like.

I still say these are all acts of pure desperation.  The weaving is coming unwove, and they are scrambling to try and plaster it all back together.  I think the key is China.  They were the wild card in the mix and they didn't act like they were supposed to.  They were supposed to be Japan writ large: a powerful serf to the NWO massah.  Instead, they had their own agenda.

All the mid-east adventures, all the terrorism, all the mass shooting and bombings?  It's all a metaphorical Great Wall to keep the Mongol horde at bay.

What's so damn sickening and infuriating is how many of its own people the NWO is willing to kill to build the wall.  It shows quite clearly that we, as in us little folk, are nothing more than chaff to their wheat.  Has some use, but its not important enough to save every last piece.  Just gather up what's left after the winnowing.

If you are still watching TeeVee, and you really want to know what's going on, start with the kill switch.  I watch all of 10 minutes of TeeVee and month, and I have absolutely no problem keeping up with global events  The truth is NOT on your TeeVee set!  I think you'll find your thinking clears up quite a bit, but it takes about a week to feel the effect.  You've been pretty heavily doped up.

Every man's death diminishes me, but I refuse to let the bastards use those lives to control me.  That is what they are doing.  It is human sacrifice and a means of social control.  It's happened in dozens of societies throughout history and the world.  Carving out hearts and draining the blood down the temple steps is one of the oldest forms of tyranny.  The problem is, it's hard to see when you're in the middle of the roaring crowd.  You have to step back a little and see the Big Picture.

The one solace in all this is, that when societies reach the point of human sacrifice, they are pretty much at the end of their useful time on Earth.

We can only hope.

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