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NWO 2.0, Cont'd

If we put the world in astronomical terms, the US has been a black hole sucking up everything in its environment for the past 100 years.  It became an engine that drove the entire region of space as it grew in size and gravitational force.

But, it has reached a point of saturation.  It has ingested all that it can and has reached a point of decline.  In the process, though, it spawned a second black hole, which is growing and becoming its own engine of change.  We call the new one China.

Certain elements within the West had been calculating a take-over of the world for centuries.  They had plotted and planned, using every opportunity to build their global empire.  We have called that empire the New World Order, and in our hubris, we have assumed that the world would lie down and be subsumed by it.

China and various eastern elements, on the other hand, have has their own designs and desires.  But they played by different rules.  Where the West marched in and planted flags and declared colonies, the East  used stealth and subtlety.

In the late 90s, during the Asian Contagion, few westerners took note of what was going on.  Especially Americans, who are intensely self-interested and xenophobic.  As long as they had their toys and a mysterious thing called the "dollar," they were happy to let the rest of the world rot.

Until that time, Japan had been the regional powerhouse, dictating policy and sitting on Asia like an elephant on smoke break.  Since it had tied its wagon securely to the US hegemonic wagon, its power and fortunes depended heavily on the US.  Not so with China.  With the collapse of the Japanese economy and crash of the NIKKEI, a vacuum was created that gave China the opening it needed.

Asia was a mess, though.  Indonesia was in the midst of internal upheaval with the fall of Soeharto and economic riots.  Most of the Southeast Asian countries were still rural agricultural societies.  China itself was heavily dependent on the West to build its economy.

In the chaos of the moment, Asia was rearranged.  Japan's dominance started to wane, while countries like Korea, India and Malaysia stepped into the gap.

At the same time, England turned over the keys to Hong Kong, which had been their Asian jewel for a couple of centuries.  China, taking possession once again, did not impose austere Maoist philosophy, though.  Instead, they turned it loose as the spark from which to build a fire.

At the same time, Korea's electronics and automobile industry ramped up to take market share away from the ailing Japanese.  Malaysia and Brunei turned themselves into banking havens.  Vietnam entered the plastics business, India took over computing and programming, and Indonesia powered it all with raw materials and energy.

The region was quietly becoming self-sufficient.  China's growth created the consumption engine that was fed by the satellite nations, each according to their strengths.  China was happy to farm out the overflow from its own factories, thus creating a mutually dependent and symbiotic economy.

Few Westerners are cognizant of, much less care about the fact that while Europe was mired in its Dark Ages, there was a major world power on the other side of the planet.  It had conquered the Occident, sent fleets of exploratory ships out that had landed at least as far away as modern California, and was every bit as grand and glorious as the most avaricious bankster dream.

It had grown to the doorstep of Europe before collapsing under its own bureaucratic weight, and in its collapse, had built walls against foreign invasion, just as the US is doing.  This empire had created gunpowder and paper money.  It had thriving science and art and culture.  It was, in every way, the progenitor of the New World Order.

After its collapse, it became fair pickin's for Europeans, who were now ascendent.  Enterprising merchants like Marco Polo had brought back technologies and ideas from the Orient that, in the hands of ambitious families like the Medicis, became the seeds for the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, while China closed itself off and went into hibernation.

China laid in wait, becoming intensely self-involved and xenophobic.  Meanwhile, the West grew and began colonizing the Earth through the Law of Flags (look it up).  To the newly awakened West, Asia was nothing more than a source of spices, silk, opium, and food for growth.

However, like the ambitious office boy, China watched and waited.  Slowly it gained the trust and confidence of the West, while amassing the keys to the counting room.

For its part, the West was happy to come in and build factories and transfer technology because it was salivating at the prospect of cheap labor and raw materials.  China was only too happy to accept these things, even at the expense of being treated like ignorant natives and coolies to the New Kids on the Block.  But, China had a long history and had already been down the same road, with the same disastrous effects.  This time it had a new plan.

As the West piled money and debt into China, China began to look around for assets that could both enrich it, while unwinding the powerful New World Order.

Lo and behold!  There they were, like valuable jewels lying in the mud at the threshold of the West, trampled and ignored, just waiting to be plucked and polished.  South America and Africa were nothing more than the attic and basement of the New World Order.  They were storerooms that one only entered a couple of times a year to take down or put up the Christmas decorations.

China arrived with piles of cash, offering to buy what the West stole.  And because of the the way the West had treated these jewels, they were only too happy to befriend their new master.  Quietly, China built relationships, made trade agreements and opened new markets.

The West, in its self-serving, egotistical orgy of self-importance, hardly noticed.  After all, they were just chunks of land with poor, dumb natives begging to be servants in the Big House.  When the West finally woke up, they saw to their horror that China was using the very debt bomb the West assumed would keep China subservient, to build its own empire...a New World Order 2.0.

In its panic, the West began trying to wall off the Mongol horde.  It invaded the Near East and North Africa, trying to stem the tide, but it was too little too late.  Like the swollen Mississippi, it was breaking the levee and flooding the farms.

Various groups in the West were awake to what was going on, but they were consumed with whether or not it existed, then who was behind it, and finally what was the strategy.  Meantime, the Chinese had seen the NWO for what it was, and found its Achilles' Heel.  More to the point, they had successfully exploited that knowledge to its greater advantage.

In their continuing pride, the West still sees itself as the engine of the world.  It makes hollow threats that if it sinks, the entire passenger manifest goes with it.  What they don't see is that the ship is sinking because the Chinese have been slowly dismantling it to build another just behind.

If the Western ship sinks, it is of little consequence to China and the East.  They've already built their exit.

The Rising Sun has set.  The Eagle has landed.  And now the Dragon is waking up.

This ain't your Daddy's New World Order...

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