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Anyone in doubt that the US is finally and completely lost (even AFTER the TSA sex abuse) needs to watch the following video.  The USDA OWNS the word 'organic?'

I am thoroughly disgusted.  And lest anyone think they're safe anywhere else, these same rules are coming to a country near you.

The one saving grace about Indonesia is that the government is so corrupt that the people feel no obligation to follow any of the laws.  But, that can't last forever.  If Soeharto can come once, he can come again.

The thing is, I'm not so much disgusted with government.  It is only doing what it has always done throughout all of history: get as far up in your life as you will let it.  What disgusts me is that people are allowing it.  And really not just allowing it, welcoming it, encouraging it, feeding it.  They have gotten so snowed and brainwashed and drugged that they actually think there's a boogyman out there somewhere trying to kill them and the only thing that will save them is to let uneducated goons grope their genitals, force them to fill out forms to grow food and sell the extra, and track and trace their every move.

Got news for you, folks.  The only boogyman is the government itself.  It is creating an environment of fear and trepidation, to the extent of instigating acts of terror, in order to convince you that being a complete and mindless slave is the only way out.


I actually heard an interview the other day in which a man who had been travelling in Asia recently bemoaned the significantly lower levels of pre-flight screening, compared to dear old Amerika.  I wanted to reach through the speakers on my laptop and slap the idiot!

Are people really so controlled, so stupid, so...OWNED?  The reason security is so much less intrusive here is that Asian men would beat anyone to a pulp that got all up in his wife's and daughter's stuff, for ANY reason!

If you took my advice and picked up a copy of Black's Legal Dictionary (pre-1950), you already know that the original and true definition of terrorism is 'state-sponsored acts of violence.'  STATE-SPONSORED.  Individuals, even organizations, can not be terrorists.  They are insurgents, revolutionaries, malcontents, but not terrorists.  States, i.e. governments, are terrorists.  Does anyone doubt that Nazis were terrorists?  Not in their right minds, they don't.

And speaking of Nazis, almost everything wrong with the world at the present time can be blamed directly on Nazis, with the sponsorship of the Vatican.  Don't believe me?  Try this experiment:

Place a small pile of cake flour on the table.  Not too much.  Don't want to spend the rest of the night cleaning up.  Now, smack the palm of your hand down square on top of it, then lift your hand up.

The flour represents Nazis.  Your hand stands in for the Allied Powers.  What happened?  Some of the flour stuck to your hand (Nurmberg Tribunals), some stayed in the original pile (Germany, Israel, Brussels), and the rest scattered out all over the table, some in clumps and some in a fine dusting across the table (Operation Paperclip and its equivalents).

Remember, the Nazis weren't a 'political' party, per se.  They were a quasi-religious bunch of true believers in a school of thought that involved theology, genetics, mysticism, political science, in fact just about every aspect of life as we know it.  That kind of mind-set just doesn't give up because Eisenhauer and Montgomery come tramping through.

On top of that, they had the lion's share of wealth scammed from all of Europe.  Billions of dollars (1943 dollars) in gold, art, currency, you name it.  With that kind of dough, you think they would all get whacked at the end of the war?  Hell no.  They scattered all over the place, and brought their loot with them.

The US took a bunch of them.  Russia took a healthy share.  South America was crawling with them.  The Vatican helped scores of them escape, offering documents and safe-houses across the globe.  Wherever they landed, their contagion spread, aided and abetted by their hosts.  On top of that, the Nazis grew directly out of the eugenics and racial purity movements in turn-of-the-century America.

That's right, the US gave birth to the conceptual kernels that gave birth to the Nazis.  Why do you think the 9/11 attack was a replay of the Reichstag fire?  Or that the USAPatiot Act was a virtual verbatim translation of the Enabling Act?  Or that the US and Russian space programs were a direct continuation of the Nazi V-2 program?  Hell, the whole space race was nothing more than a ball-swinging exercise to see which side got the better Nazis.

Brown shirts, blue shirts, what's the difference?  Fatherland, homeland, same thing.  American fascism is just Nazism writ large across the globe.  Only difference is that they've had 60 years to perfect the propaganda and brainwashing and death rays.

The fact is, the Nazis have taken over everything.  They were scattered across the world, where they infiltrated into government, commerce and medicine.  Slowly but surely, they spread their philosophy until now we can't tell the difference between the Sturn Abteilung and the TSA.  Wars of conquest abroad, herding the folks back home.  Fascism is the same, any time and any where.

As Joseph Farrell points out in "Babylon's Banksters," the Anglo-American bankster class sold its soul (what misery scrap of it there was to sell) for a piece of the Nazi loot, which funded most of the 20th century and America's imperialism.  Now, the Nazis are calling in the chits, which we call 'bail-outs' and 'quantitative easing.'

And they've had 60 years to perfect it all.

BTW, go back on look that the logos for the Sturm Abteilung and the TSA.  Don't look at the pictures, look at the design elements...the shapes and overall layout.  Look the same?  I thought so...


In other news, something else that just PISSES me off!

The global warming idiots just won't stop.  They were caught falsifying data, obfuscating facts and outright lying.  So they changed the name to 'climate change' and re-branded the whole pile of sh*t.  They spent how many years telling us our pollution was causing the imaginary warming?  And now they tell us that China's pollution is causing global cooling.


These Nazi bastards simply plug-and-play with our lives.  First, the Earth was cooling (70s), but then things got warmer.  Then, the ozone was disappearing (80s), but the Anarctic hole was shown to be a natural phenomenon.  Then it was global warming (90s), but the Earth started cooling.  They are desperate to make us pay for carbon, WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH!  They want to tax us for breathing!  That's all this bullshit scam is!

Of the four basic elements, earth, wind, fire, and water, they've already got taxes on land and water.  They've damn near got a grip on air.  And they're trying to control fire by saying the carbon released is killing the Earth.


Next thing you know, they'll tell us the di-hydrogen monoxide is a killer chemical and we have to eradicate it!

I'm positively sick to death of all this CRAP!  It's all LIES, BULLSHIT and complete NON-SENSE!

Hell, Mars has orders of magnitude more CO2 in its atmosphere, but I don't see anyone saying the planet is balmy!  At best, you'll get a chilly shirt-sleeve temp at high-noon in the dead of summer at the bottom of a deep crater.

Anyone who believes this tripe is sadly misinformed, completely brainwashed or a Nazi bastard.  No other options available, sorry.

I'm going to go into a coma, somebody call me when people wake up and get a good, deep whiff of Kopi Luwak.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be in a better mood.

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