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Thar She Blows!

The way the jerk-nuts work in DC is always the same, at least for the past decade, probably longer.  They raise a huge fuss over nothing so that they can sneak a slider past.  And oh boy did they drop a whopper this time.

First, how they do it.  You see, there was never a debt default crisis.  The US Constitution, Fourtheenth Amendment, states that the US will and can not default on its debt.  The answer was incredibly simple.  All CON-BAMA had to do was send a not to the Treasury to issue enough chits to cover interest payments.

All the fuss and fighting was nothing more than the standard magician's technique of drawing your attention to the other side of the stage while they popped a whammy on the other.

And the whammy is quickly becoming known as the "Super Congress."  And no, the super doesn't refer to being a hero or anything so noble.  It is the old Latin meaning of "above" or "over," or in German, "uber".

You see, CONgress set up a new committee with the debt bill.  This committee, full of the bastards that got the country into the mess it's in, has the power to formulate bills that are fast-tracked through CONgress.  There is no debate, no amendments, no filibusters.  Just take it or leave it.  It's the perfect weasel vessel for a building full of weasels.  They can make a quick vote in favor of just about anything and blame it all on someone else, which they excel at.

Basically, America is now under a dictatorship, but with a twist.  Bammy has a lot of say, but this committee of 12 is pretty much a shared dictatorship, so that the American people will swallow it, hook-line-sinker, before they every know what hit 'em.

All those weaselly little lawyer shits have achieved their wet dream!  Now they can truly speak without saying, and do without responsibility!  Oh, what a great day in world history!

Really, it's all so amusing.  For decades, I heard the so-called 'patriot movements' scream and holler and jump up and down, saying, "They'll never have a dictator in Merica!  They can have my guns when they pry my cold, dead fingers off the trigger!"

All done.  Story's written.  The curtain is drawn.  House lights are up.

And not one 'patriot' saw it coming.  No one fired a shot.  There was no mass demonstrations.  No clashed with 'authorities'.

Just a mass howl of, "Don't stop my entitlement checks!"

What a joke it all is.  All the bluster and bombast for a piece of legistlation in the night.  It was so simple.  Even the 'patriots' are relieved, as they sink back into the couch to get their daily injection of MSNBC/CNN/XYZ.  The ;Tea Party' won!  We can all go back to sleep!  Them Republican boys saved our hides from certain cessation of SS checks and Medicare coverage.

Yes, I take my hat of to you, Patriot.  You put up a valiant fight.  History will mark your a ship in the night.

The scary part is now the Fourth Reich begins.  The Empire is born in earnest, and just like Lucas' second trilogy, all the little green men welcomed it!  And what's really astounding, at least to a child of the 60s, is that I have to turn to Pravda and Putin to get a breath of fresh honesty.

It's like an old relative dying.  They've been ill for years, languishing on machines in a nunery.  Then, in the night, at the very beginning of Ramadan, they slip away in the night.  They suck in one last breath and say something mystical that no one will every understand, then sputter their last breath to the Universe.  The jaw goes slack, the eyes cloud over and the hand drops to the side.

It's over.

Now the real fun starts.

If you noticed the markets and gold over the past two days, then you've seen the relatives fighting over the estate.  The Dow dropped 300 points and gold shot up $20.  They're all picking over the bones and fighting over who gets what.

At least they waited the requisite 3 days until the corpse was buried.  Damn decent of them, really.   But no one is waiting for the reading of the Will.  They're all squatting on their claims and no one will budge them easily.

An apt metaphor for all this were the alerts I got from the Republic of Texas folks.  For two weeks, I was getting imperative emails: madatory, absolutely necessary, increadibly dire meeting last Saturday.  No excuses.  You don't show, you ain't part.  Then, the last one was, "Rescheduled."  Yup, that's what happened.  Everyone ran off to claim a piece of pie while the relative slipped into the grave.

I never really envisioned it this way.  I always thought there'd be some fight to it.  Hell, at the least the hippies got shot at Kent State and the Bonus Army got hacked to bits on the plains of the Potomac.  But, this...

Good bye, America.  It was a fine dream.  It lasted until Lincoln, too.  Not bad for something so radical as personal freedom and responsibility.  There really was a kind of mystique to America.  Something I've never encountered in the 40-some-odd countries I've been to.  There was a sense of purpose and a global view of things.

To see it die at the hands of someone named Boner is almost an insult, but so apropos.  After all, every human being that ever called themselves an American, and especially those who fought and died to create her, just got shafted.

Good night, America.  We hardly knew ye.

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