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Where To Mister?

UPDATE: Four words...I told you so.

It's getting pretty exciting, isn't it?  I mean, what with gold nearly hitting $1700 and the Dow shedding 500+, the SnP going neggies, and Drudge hyperventilating.  And Spider Man is now a half-breed homo.  hahahaha! Sometimes, the game is better from the nose-bleed section.  You get a lot more context this way.

So where to from here?  You're probably thinking that was the Big Finale, right?  Well, as they used to say on Monty Python...Waaaaiiiittt for iiiiiittttt...

They're not out of arrows yet.  Oh, sure the monetary thing is all used up and the CONgressional mid-season replacement is already tired out.  The wars are peetering out and Qaddafi is laughing his ass off about now.  One of the Big Guys from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is now in charge of OPEC.  Afghanistan and Iraq are getting out of hand, and there's serious mission creep into Pakistan (can you say "Cambodia").  So what can they possibly pull out of their blessed assurances to distract the entire world from the decline and fall of the American Empire.

Ah...that's the fun part.

If you're a webbot fan, then you already know about SpaceGoat Farts.

You can smell it already.  They're priming the pumps.  They've been holding this one for decades as the Ace in the Hole.

You can see it in the photos that Dawn is sending back from Vesta.  Gee, there's that word, Dawn.  Whenever you hear that word from Olympus, you should immediately take notice.  Anyway, the photos are clearly showing artificial what-nots all over the place.  There's some really funky stuff there, and they're only feeding the pix onesies and twosies, because they want to let it sink in and time the whole thing just right.

 Don't have to listen to me, just go look at them.  Don't listen to 'experts' and 'authorities,' you have perfectly good eyes.  Trust them.  Believe me, if I can see it, you can.

The next clue is the BBC sportscaster that saw a massive flying saucer over Hartsfordshire, England.  He got to the station and was sputtering for an hour about it.  That's just the latest, but it's been going on for a while, with more and more brazen appearances.  Scan YouTube or look up the Norway spiral.  That ain't Venus reflecting off of swamp gas during a full moon, there.

One that floored me was the headline, "Saltwater flowing on Mars."  What slayed me is that they take credit for just discovering this, but if you search 'Mars seeps.' you'll find out that REAL scientists have been hollering about this for well over a decade, with exhaustive studies, maps, theories, and lots more.  There's thousands of these things all around the equator of the planet!  And NASA just 'discovered' them?  C'mon.  Pull the other one.

Of course, we're still sending a multi-billion dollar rover to a dry hole, but that's another story...

The point of all this is, and I'm about to make a prediction here, and I'm usually pretty good at it, is that they are about to 'discover' something in space that will be so huge as to make all the economic stuff at home look bland and uninteresting.

I can just FEEL it.  They've just about got all the pieces in place.  This won't be another Clinton meteorite.  This won't be some 'fringers' jumping up and down about out-of-focus pictures.  Thsi will be something that makes every human being on Earth drop what they're doing and look up.

Maybe it has something to do with Comet Elenin, which would otherwise be so boring as to not even warrant a headline.  So why all the fear-mongering?

Maybe it will be a combination of revelations that many of us have known for years, but which the 'elites' have consistently denied, a la Face on Mars.

Maybe it will be a combination of things, or a huge armada of spaceships that decent upon the cities of Earth and announce their presence.

Whatever it will be, I can guarantee you that the real story will be far different from the porn-a-ganda that will suffuse every media outlet on the planet.

It won't be long.  Maybe a couple of months or so, but the tide is rising.  I see it in a thousand different places.  And the key is the coming collapse of everything.  They have to have us on our knees begging for a savior, before they can trot out their package deal.

Hegelian Dialectic.

Will it work?  The $1 quintillion question, that.  A lot of people are awake or waking up, so they need to kick it into gear.  Will the Awakers be enough to turn the tables on their best laid plans?  I certainly hope so.

At any rate, the time is coming, and fast.  It's like watching Kasparov manipulating the board and getting the trap set before springing it on his hapless victim.  It's fun to watch, but there's still that element of 'unknown' that keeps the popcorn a-poppin'.

Watch any and all headlines that have to do with space, planets, comets, the Sun, and UFOs.  See if you don't start seeing a pattern in them, like I do.  Grab a beer and a bong and saddle up.  The show is about to begin!

It's the Dawn of a New Day...

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