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A Whiff Of Adolf

What to make of the news?  NATO claims to be encircling Tripoli and is moving in for the kill.  The 'rebels' have announced the capture of Qaddafi's son and heir-apparent.  We are told that it's just hours now before Libya falls and Qaddafi is in the hands of the banksters.

I worked long enough in news to develop a sort of 'news nose'.  I can usually smell BS a mile and a half away, and I'm catching the strong whiff of it right now.

The part that has me sitting on the fence that this is a huge gamble, even for folks so used to lying they don't know truth when they trip over it.  To go out on a limb and claim victory when it ain't even close is a pretty big risk.

But then I flash back to GW Shrub standing on the carrier flight deck in his nifty jumper, that he was too drunk to wear in real combat, as he declares "Mission Accomplished" a few months after invading Iraq.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we still there 10 years later?  TEN YEARS?!  Half a generation?  For a victory already accomplished?

I just have this feeling that something ain't kosher in the mosque.  If in fact, NATO and their mercenaries have truly made it to Tripoli and are in the process of taking the capitol, then my gut says that Qaddafi has a welcome gift for them somewhere in the city.

What all this really gets me to pondering are the similarities to Hitler and the Third Reich.  When he marched into Poland in '39, Europe and really the rest of the world adopted an appeasement policy towards Germany. After all, commies were Hitler's Arab terrorists.  He used them to invade Europe and Russia, as well as blaming the Reichstag fire on them.  He also claimed parts of Poland as ancestoral German homeland that needed reclaiming.

Fast-forward 3/4s of a century, and all this Mid East stuff just smacks of 'replay'.  One must remember that in the early days, the US and UK were big supporters of Hitler.  The Bush family (of US presidential infamy) were even convicted by Congress of giving 'aid and comfort'.  Certainly, the queen's daddy and FDR and even Churchill were pretty much hands-off.  Hitler had free run, until his Big Mistake.

I know what your thinking (holocaust, Russian winter, etc.), but no.  He decided to create a debt-free money system, based on labor/output of the German people.  In other words, he stopped dancing with those what brung him.  The only reason Hitler felt able to march into Russia was the real wealth his monetary policies were creating, and because the Allies were putting up little more than wrist-slap opposition...until the money thing.

Libya has/had an extemely high standard of living, with a monetary system completely cut-off from the banksters.  On top of that, it sits on some of the lightest, sweetest crude in the world.  Oh, and Qaddafi was selling an awful lot of it to China.

The real issue with all this war crap, besides naked empire-building, is trying to choke off China before it can get too out of hand.  China, for all it's economic dynamism, is resource-poor.  Heck, a good chunk of the country is Gobi desert.  In order to feed itself, it must import almost everything.

China draws it's energy from Indonesian coal, Libyan and South American oil and raw materials from most of the "Third World," which it turns into gee-gaws and re-sells it to the world.  Furthermore, it has been targeting markets the West has soundly ignored.  Sure, the US is a major market for it's products, but they pay in Boobie Bux.  So, China turns around and distributes it to the huge but grossly under-served global markets.

In this way, China provides a valuable service to the West, but its success is allowing it to slowly cut off the bankster network and go freelance.  It has the firepower and manpower to hold the rest of the world at bay.  That's what frightens the banksters.  They don't like competition.  The only way they have to control China is energy.  Cut off the energy and you can put the tiger back in the bag.

For this reason, China's border allies like Pakistan are under constant, but very quiet attack.  Libya is under constant and rather noisy attack (though much of it I don't believe).  Chavez is trying to circle his wagons, because he's next.  He's pulled his gold out of the UK, nationalized all the Big Oil properties and pretty much pulled in his toys.

It's only a matter of time before there's an all-out war on the US southern border.  When the floodgates open, nothing between Brownsville and Tierra del Fuego are going to be safe.

The US is hemorrhaging money, not to save the economy, but to buy off its allies and gain new ones.  From Europe to Asia, they're all lining up, hat in hand, saying they'll be happy to stick around, and oh, could you throw 10 or 15 billion into our markets?  We love you, man.  The US is selling its very soul to puff up it's sphere of influence, but the engine of its growth has begun taking on a life of its own.  Nixon created a Frankenstein's Monster.

It's a race against time.  Can the banksters choke off the power supply before China achieves complete independence.  The big problem is, China owns 9% of the US and has all the manufacturing.  Furthermore, they have pretty much all of Asia in their back pocket.

The US, and by extension NATO, must declare victory and bug the hell out of Libya to jump over to Syria.  They've got to lock down the Mid East power conduit to China, before China calls in the debt.  It's economic brinkmanship, just like the Cold War, but fought with paper rather than nukes.

If one stipulates the ability to control weather and geology, just for argument's sake, then Fukushima could be seen as a strategic blow to China's food supply, since a great amount of its protein comes from the that area.  Certainly, behind closed doors, I could hear Biden saying:

"Listen, you should really be concerned about Three-Gorges Dam.  I mean, one good earthquake and..."

Of course, felling cocky, Biden would hoot and yell, "Hu's yer daddy?  Hahahahaha!"

That's just how it all smells over here on the Far Side.  The games with markets, debt deals, bail outs, gold prices, oil's just all too, what's the word, convenient.

And from the looks of things, the banksters are whipping up some war between Israel and Egypt.

There's no doubt the West is trying to push China off balance, so it can attack directly.  The problem is that the West has never fully understood the Asian mind.  The Chinese are both ruthless and inscrutable.  I've sat across the negotiating table from them, I know whereof I speak.  They love strategy games and are disciplined thinkers.  It stands to reason they have already thought out many moves ahead and have answers for them.  And the West certainly doesn't know every card up China's sleeve.  I feel quite sure about that.

Qaddafi is a survivor.  He has outlasted a lot of BS.  The propaganda is trying to convince us that the people there want him hout, though if you had a really good standard of living, free education and health care, the best roads and infrastructure in Africa, and a yearly stipend, would you revolt?  Especially if it meant jerks like NATO coming in and blowing up the schools, hostipals, TeeVee stations, road, and airports?  Honestly, which would you pick?  FDR didn't get elected to four terms because everyone was starving to death and living in squalor.

I've just whipped up a fresh batch of popcorn, and now I'm going to watch this show.  Will the bankster BS get its trousers pulled down before they can drag Qaddafi's corpse through the town square?

Stay turned...

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