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Dr. Who?

Like a plot from a cheesy (yet, quite entertaining) British TeeVee show, there's a man running around America who is quite truly INVISIBLE!

I know this seems extraordinary.  It's the plot of an H. G. Wells novel, right?  Or secret military camouflage that bends light around a soldier, causing him to 'predator' out, right?  Or maybe it's Wile E. Coyote's latest purchase from ACME...a paint that makes anything it touches unseeable?

Nope...none of those.  It's just someone speaking common sense and good economic policy.  Because of that, he has become literally the Invisible Man!

They call him Dr. No.  Or at least they used to when people could see him.  He has five kids and has overseen the birth of a thousand more.  His son became a US Senator not too long ago.  He was an Air Force flight surgeon, at one point.  He's been in Congress since 1976, riding the conservative wave that my father helped start, and which carried Reagan to the White House in 1980.

Then, an amazing transformation occured!  This man, let's call him Dr. Who, announced he was running for president.  Since then, he's been raising millions of dollars from regular people, not corporations.  He's been polling at the top of the Republican clown show, and the other night, he pulled down 57% of the MSNBC winner poll after the debate.  Romney was second with a pitiful 14%.  And yet...

He's invisible!  No headlines (Drudge excepted).  No breathless TeeVeeTalkers gushing about his hair.  No prognosticators prognosticating him into office.  Nothing.

It's absolutely amazing!  I've never seen anyone so invisible in all my life!

What we heard was Perry, Romney, Perry, Romney, Perry, Bachman, Romney, Perry...and on and on and on.

Of course, no one mentions that Rick Perry swore to Texas that he wouldn't run for president.  Then, back in the spring he went to Switzerland to meet with the Bilderbergers.  Suddenly, POOF!  He's running for president, and the Bilderbergers' personal press people (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, et al.) can't seem to think of anything else.  What an amazing thing this is!

If anyone ever had a doubt that TeeVee manipulates the world, then the plain, honest truth is in our faces, literally, right now.  Why, those bastards can literally make a man disappear right before your very eyes!  No smoke, no mirrors, no tricks of any kind.  He just simply vanished.

In his place, we have Mr. Quaff-berger.  Perry is an evil son-of-a-bitch.  Being a Texian, I'm allowed to say that, since I had to live with him until I just gave up and got out.  He wanted to jab my daughter with Guardisil, which is a bio-hazardous filth created by filth-monger Merck.  Perry tried to do that with an (get this) Executive Order!  Hahahahaha!  Like being the governor of Texas gives him any power whatsoever, much less to create laws with his Mickey Mouse #2 pencil.  The Lege (what we affectionately call the sheep-buggers in the capitol) soundly slapped him down.

Perry is the Son of Satan himself, and that he is the hand-chosen darling of the Bilderberg group, and rolls over to their command, is proof enough that he needs to quietly go away before someone makes him do it.  I'd hate to see his fragile ego dashed to pieces on the rocks of public opinion.

Because the thing is, people are waking up.  The media is losing its grip on the mass mind.  Oh, sure...they'll flog everyone with the 9/11 crap in order to try and put us back in the 'fear box', but it's not working.

In a weird plot-reversal of the Emperor's New Clothes, the only people who can't see Dr. Who are the media gods.  The rest of the good people aren't drinking the fluoride anymore.  They're all living in their cars under bridges catching rain water full of Fukushima juice.  Their pineal glands are starting to function again and they've noticed there's a tear in the curtain over off-stage from the Wizard.

The Time Lords of Gallyfree can deny it all they want, but we the real people can still see the Doctor.  He's the little guy with the white hair who keeps making sense every time he opens his mouth.  Hell, even the other candidates can just make out a shape somewhere other behind that empty podium, because they're all starting to sound like him in a desperate attempt to register on a poll somewhere.

Like Claude Rains, he may be invisible, but he still makes sounds and leaves footprints in the snow, and when you powder him up, you can make out the shape.

There's no doubt Dr. Who can win.  In fact, he's probably won before, the problem is, who's counting the votes?  If there were such a thing as free and fair elections, Dr. Who would have been president instead of that worthless Man O' Piece that's in there now.  Like Stalin said, it only matters who counts the votes, and Diebold (run by Carlyle Group which is run by Daddy Bush) will see to it that only the anointed get elected.  It's been that way since LBJ covered up JFK and knocked off RFK and MLK.  All the finger wagging and wrist slapping is just bread and circuses.

What I sincerely hope, though, is that folks take a good hard look at this last debate, and the MSNBC poll that Dr. Who ran away with, and then listen to the TeeVee.  It you see an invisible man, then maybe you have solid proof that NOTHING on TeeVee is real.  And I do mean NOTHING.  Once you take raw footage and give it to an editor, reality ceases to exist.

If you happen to notice an invisible man running around making sense on your TeeVee, then you are healthy.  Turn off the TeeVee, get plenty of rest and drink unfluoridated water.  The effect wears off after a month or so.

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