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To PTB Or Not To PTB

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
It's becoming obvious that Earth's history is far more complex and interesting than most folks have dared to consider.  In fact, if one follows the logical progression of events in today's headlines, both back and forward into time, one comes to the inescapable conclusion that there is a group of people who have knowledge of secret history and that they are panicked by something related to that hidden history.

One of the most fascinating researchers around today is a fellow named Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, or we call him around here, "Dr. Brain Bomb".  Many readers here may already be familiar with his work, which is impeccable in its scholarly presentation backed up with penetrating study and copious references to ancient and modern texts.  We highly recommend listening to this 3-part interview centered around his latest book, "Grid of the Gods".

Previous articles here have speculated that the PTB are in panic mode.  That seems to be a rational conclusion based on the brazen actions they have taken in recent years.  There is no escaping the observation that a frenetic effort has been undertaken since roughly the turn of the 20th century, and reaching a fever pitch with the rise of the Third Reich.  Subsequent to the appearance of the Nazis, there has been an obvious rush to reach the Moon and planets, as well as secure certain spots on Earth related to great antiquity.

To begin our exploration, it is instructive to read "Flatland".  Wikipedia tells us, "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is an 1884 satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott. Writing pseudonymously as "A Square..."  Though the novel works on several levels, we are interested in the thought-experiment of being two-dimensional characters trying to perceive the 3-dimensional Universe.

The reason this helps us is that we will be required to envision a 4-dimensional Universe, in which objects have additional spacial features that exceed heighth, width and breadth.  Though we can describe the fourth dimension mathmatically and test it experimentally, we can not perceive it directly because we are limited to our 3-D brains.

Next, we must study Richard C. Hoagland & Erol Torun's Hyperdimensional model, based on hypothetical mathmatical constants embedded in various landmarks in a region called Cydonia, on Mars.  Though this may cause many readers' eyes to glaze over, it is important to have some idea of the underpinnings for these radically new ideas.

Why is all this important, you might be asking about now.  Because the invasions of Middle Eastern countries and the rush to investigate Mars and Saturn could be symptomatic of an occult (hidden) agenda seeking both unspeakable power, and to protect the ruling elite from...something.

All this seems to begin around the beginning of the 20th century with a literal creative explosion in the realm of physics, focused on a generation of German scientists and mathematicians.  It was further encouraged by the Nazi rejection of General Relativity, because (simply) Albert Einstein was Jewish.  The Nazis pumped massive amounts of money into reconstructing ancient science and seem to have found copious clues to 'rediscover' an ancient physics that imparted great power to the possessor.

How great is this power?  Well, it involves endless free energy, anti-gravity propulsion, the ability to manipulate the physical realm and the capability to engineer space-time itself.  In a nutshell, it imparts god-like power to the person abile to harness it.

A 4-D Cube rendered in 3-D
It is hard to deny that the activities of the Nazis have sparked an explostion in technologies that we take for granted today.  Everything from Hermann Porches' Volkswagen to modern rocketry had their genesis in laboratories and factories in Nazi Germany.

That era also sparked a massive race to the Moon, and it is hard to imagine that the whole effort on the part of two major powers to land on the Moon was based only on the desire to grab some rocks and dust.  We must assume that there was some knowledge to be had there, perhaps a key element that brought the new physics to life.  The only logical explanation for the sudden end of the Apollo program, despite having trained crews and fabricated equipment for another two or three landings, was the successful recovery of some key knowledge.

Where all this ties into today's headlines is that the various countries that have been invaded on the least provocation by the one country that landed on the Moon.  A study of unedited ancient history and some extrapolation leads us to the conclusion that there is additional information, and possibly technology, to be found in the ruins of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Babylon.

There is an apparent pattern of libraries and museums being raided during the various invasions and 'revolutions'.  This occurred both in Iraq and Egypt, with the primary targets being various texts and tablets, since those aret he only items that are never returned and, in fact, mysteriously disappear.

In keeping with this pattern is a place called Nabta Playa, which straddles the border of Lybia and Egypt.  It is approximately 17,000 years old and very mysterious.  It appears to have astronomical data and quantum physical mathematics embedded and encoded in its structure.  That most people have never heard of it makes it even more mysterious.

That all the nations invaded by the US in the past 10 years contain ancient sites and information argues loudly for a search for ancient knowledge whose possession and existence is so sensitive that it must be covered with the fog of war to obscure the hand of those who seek it.

It is axiomatic that when someone goes to extreme effort to distract our attention from something, there must be value in the place we are not to look.  That the Bible spends excessive effort to forbid us to look into the occult sciences, while espousing occult sciences itself, tells us there is something worth knowing there.

It's like any magician.  They go to elaborate legnths to focus our attention on a certain spot in order to hide their manipulations and make us marvel at what we didn't see.

There is no doubt that a multi-layered, multi-contextual game is being played out far above our day-to-day existence.  We can see the pieces being moved in a thousand different ways.  But it is not until we stand back a ways that we can see the game board, even though the rules of the game are still somewhat obscured from our sight.  Even though we are well aware the magician has performed a trick, and we plainly see the results, we are still mystified by the mechanism by which it was achieved.

However, once we know that a trick has been performed, and we see how it was set up and what the result was, we can reverse-engineer the means to achieve the trick.

We can assume that the PTB are panicked, though why is still hidden.  We can say fairly confidently that they are seeking some knowledge that is hidden in ancient texts and monuments, and they are desperate to be the first to possess these things.  They are manipulating the masses through the use of fear, and their power is weakening such that they must employ greater and greater means to instill the fear.  Finally, they are in need of mass human sacrifice in order to maintain and increase their power.  Thus the ongoing slaughter of thousands, even millions of lives in pointless and non-defensive and immoral wars.

We can only speculate what has spooked the PTB.  That they have turned their focus to the Heavens in the past century means that some threat exists out there for which they are preparing.  The only weapon sufficient for their needs is an ancient science and technology that would grant them supreme power.  Controlling the Earth and all its people is insufficient motivation to explain the Herculean effort they have put forth.

Circled area shows Nabta Playa location
Certainly, if they already possessed it, they would not be going to such lengths to ridicule and denegrate and shame anyone who gets close to the Truth.  The ongoing effort to distract us from inquiry into certain areas of study, and the almost maniacal effort to trample researchers who step on the hidden secrets belies a deep-seated fear on the part of the PTB.  They can't affort to have the masses awaken before their work is finished.

The problem we face is the more panicked the PTB become, the bloodier and more maniacal their efforts will become to protect their perceived turf.  We are all in a race against time, thought we have a slight disadvantage.  We must first catch up to them before we can surpass them.  They must find whatever it is they are destroying the Earth to find before we wake up en masse.  And what is the deadline that has made the PTB so wreckless and willing to show so many cards up their sleeve?  Should we all be worried about it, or just them?

And where does all this lead?  That's the truly amazing part of the whole investigation.  As Farrell speculates, the thousands of momuments across the globe appear to be an attempt on the part of the ancients to turn the Earth itself into a machine.  For what purpose is a mystery, but the summation of all the inquires into these massive works and the various energies surrounding them point to the conclusion that someone attempted, and may have succeeded in 'tuning' the Earth.

The ultimate goal is not some New Age voodoo, but rather extreme Old Age science.  Thinking people owe it to themselves and their future to ponder these investigations and seriously consider them as real and very important activities.  It only takes one person to have the spark that will determine the course of future events.  That there is a group among us who would use this information to continue our enslavement in ignorance is without doubt.

If the lack of this knowledge is the cause of our enslavement, then the key to our freedon, and nothing less than a new era of Enlightenment is within our grasp.

It's only a matter of us wanting to be free more than THEY want to enslave us.  We certainly outnumber THEM millions to one.  The scale is tipped with nothing more than study and the willingness to follow where our reason leads us. 

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