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Good Housekeeping

Today is as good a time as any to clear out the mail box and take care of some items that need attention.  Before I start, I want to thank every reader for the support and for coming back regularly to catch up.  It is the nature of writing to have an audience to read it.  Granted a lot of the reason I do this is to discipline myself, tap into the Stream that is the provider of ideas, and to vent all the things swiriling around in my overcrowded mind.  That over 3,000 folks come to read my posts is both gratifying and humbling.  That the readers come from 67 countries is even more exciting, and it leads to the first issue of the day.

One of my good readers and correspondents sent me an email the other day that deserves a wide readership.  Before I launch into my usual tirade, I'll let her speak first:

Bernie, One of my Grandsons friends joined the Navy right after he graduated and was on the ship that threw "Osama" overboard.  Now, according to his Mother, he is very sick after getting some shots, he has smallpox and anthrax. Smallpox is caused by virus, anthrax by germs. I really don't see him making it thru, I may be wrong.  My question to you is, have you heard anything about this happening? Is he

 the only one affected.  What in hell created it? What are they planning to do about it? Why is it not mentioned anywhere?
You are involved with people all around the world, so I figure that you would have the ears out and see what you can find.
My daughter is very upset and told me that she didn't want to hear any conspiracy theories from me.   Please let me know, if anything shows up, and I will let you know what is happening to him, if the kids find out.

There are so many issues in this letter, I hardly know where to begin.  But first, I put it out to the readers: has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, do you have any solutions to offer?  Send your thoughts to, and use the subject lint VACCINE. I'll post any good information that comes in, as well as forward it on to our concerned reader.  As an update, she sent a message saying that the young man was feeling better now, but that several people have experienced this problem.  So prayers do work...

Now, my turn.  The first thing I recommended was large doses of cinnamon and eating fresh, raw mushrooms.  Cinnamon is a natural immune booster, and the mushrooms are a systemic cleanser.  It's important to strengthen the immune system when it is attacked like this, and then clean the body's systems to get rid of the offending pathogens.

Now the rant.  First, resign from the military.  Being cannon fodder for a bunch of wild-eyed bansters and corporate boards is not the path to long-term survival.

Second, vaccines are the absolute worst nighmare ever foisted on Mankind.  While I find the original idea worth studying, the materials forced on the people of the world in the name of vaccinations is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity ever perpetrated.  They are not health boosters, but rather part of a century-long eugenics program to kill off the weaker organisms infesting the Earth...otherwise known as people.

If you are forcably injected with this...crap, you should immediately detox to get rid of mercury and heavy metals used as 'preservatives' in the toxic brew.  You must also boost the immune system, which is under a major attack and needs all the support it can get.

A healthy young man nearly being killed by this...crap IS a conspiracy, but it is hardly a theory, as his experience shows.

The idea behind vaccines is to inject the body with weakened viri, or more recently, with the protein shells from the viri.  The protein shells contain binder-receptors that act like keys to the individual cell's lock.  The idea is that by injecting the shell, it will cause an immune response that blocks the lock and prevents the virus from entering the cell.

Sounds good, but in practice, no one really knows whats in the vaccines, since the actual formulae are patented and protected as corporate secrets.  Since I am not supposed to give theories, I'll just say that if you trust huge, multi-national corporations, then by all means, allow them to inject unknown liquids directly into your blood stream.  I don't even trust them to produce healthy food that must pass my digestive system first, much less giving them direct access to my blood, and by extension, the individual cells in my body.

That takes care of the smallpox situation, but what's really baffling here is the anthrax.  Anthrax is a bacterium that normally attacks farm animals, but has been weaponized in recent years to be quite lethal against humans (again, no theories here).  Because it is a bacterium, it is easily fought with antibiotics.  Ciprofloxacin is the most common, but there are others.  The problem is the anthrax often appears to be a cold or flu in the early stages.  Since cold and flu are viri, antibiotics will not work against them.  The definitive test is a blood and mucus culture, but they are expensive and time consuming (even with Obamacare).  This takes a little self-study (since I'm not a doctor and don't offer medical advice).

Why these slavvering Nazi prison camp a$$holes would inject anthrax into someone is beyond me, unless I can spout off a few theories...but I'll refrain for now.

In the end, it is very common for people receiving vaccines to have all the symptoms of the disease.  Most of what we feel when we are sick are the side-effects of the body's response to pathogens.  Therefore, if you inject someone with smallpox proteins, the body will respond as if it have been injected with the actual virus, and so the 'victim' will feel pretty much like they have smallpox, though they probably won't exhibit the poces, or pus blisters, that go with it.

Needless to say, this poor guy is property of the state, and as such must go along with whatever they order him to do.  I'm sure if he or his mates refused the injections, they would face courts martial.  Until they can safely and honorably get out of that contract, they are at the mercy of multi-national corporations and banksters.  Hmmm...but aren't we all?

Anyway, enough of my ranting, and I successfully avoided theories, though I daresay that more than one person made the decision to inject this young man with poison, so by definition, it is a conspiracy.  The boy's mother has the proof in front of her, no theory about it.

Bottom line...if anyone has information that could help this guy and his mates, please let us know.

On a happier note, a reader in Thailand tossed some kudos our way:
Bernard --

..."Hope for a Change" is one of your best essays I've read so far.

...I was a resident of West Texas for one whole year so I experienced
your words.
But even outsiders could easily comprehend exactly the sort of storm you
Your use of that metaphor made a strong foundation for your essay.

...You are quickly becoming one of my favorite blog writers.
I not only like the way you write, I also appreciate how you think.

...And you may be pleased to know that one of my other favorite writers,
Richard Maybury of "Early Warning Report," agrees with your gut feeling.
He, too, writes along the lines of, even though we are in the corn syrup
now, the cool air and sparkling skies won't be long in arriving.

...Maybe the fluoride really is wearing off, for both of us, eh?

To this I replied with a heartfelt 'thank you'.  It is tremendously encouraging to get notes like this from people who enjoy my efforts.  Obviously, I enjoy it too, or I wouldn't have banged out north of 700,000 words in the past year and a half.

My blogging theory, other than to have fun and keep my writing muse online, is because I know of a lot of news amalgamators, which don't get me wrong, I use daily and they are important (Drudge, Rense, etc).  But I find it hard to find interesting and challenging commentary.  My goal, and I hope I approach it on occasion, is to present some interesting arguments and comments on the world-at-large.  I don't claim that my thoughts are any more valid or authoritative than anyone else's, but I do try to throw some wrenches in the works, and occasionally give folks something to chew on for mental exercise.

There are 3.000 people in 67 countries who come to see what I've come up with today, so it would appear that I am successful in bringing some entertainment into the reader's life.

I offer my sincere thanks to all the readers who come regularly, send email comments (see page header), send in information, and especially spread the word with links in various fora and messages.  I promise to keep bringing fresh content with a twist.

I just ask one indulgence.  Please be patient when sending email.  I try to respond to everyone, but sometimes it takes a minute or two (gross understatement of the day).

There's no point in communication, if there's no audience to receive it.  Thank you kindly for being in the audience.


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