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Of Secrets And Lies

Babylonian World Map
There's a stretch of rather arid land at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Geologically, it is rather unremarkable, but for one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth.

Geographically, it is the nexus point between southern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Major.  There also happen to be three major world religions that claim the area as birthplace of their faiths.

While the land is pretty much worthless in itself, it is without doubt the hottest piece of political and religious (not that there's much difference between the two) real estate on the planet.

Because it is a strategic land bridge between four major continents, and before the dawn of air travel, was one of the busiest land routes around, dozens of powers have sought and gained control of it.  Wikipedia lists Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Ancient Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, the Sunni Arab Caliphate, the Shia Fatimid Caliphate, Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mameluks, Ottomans, the British and modern Israelis and Palestinians as a partial list of Men Who Would Be Kings.

All of these groups, save one, are actual historical peoples.  They are documented in multiple sources and have left ample traces of themselves in the historical record.  In some cases, they still exist, at least in some form or another.

The lone exception is a group called Israelites.  There is only one historical source that names this people.  It's called the Bible, and the veracity of its stories, outside of legend and myth, has never been proven.
According to this book, a man named Yah-Kov gets into a fight with a mysterious stranger in the middle of the night.  Yah-Kov wins the fight and the stranger runs off into the dark.  Yah-Kov then has a dream in which he sees angels running up and down a mythical stairway from a specific hilltop in a place we now call Jerusalem.  So, he changes his name to Is-ra-el (fights with God - says so in the book), which is a combination of the names of three Egyptian/Babylonian gods: Isis, Amun Ra, and Beel.

Subsequently, Is-ra-el's son Yoshe gets sold to Egyptian slave traders and ends up doing pretty damn good in Egypt.  His descendants live there for nearly 500 years until a character named Moishe comes along and decides that Egypt isn't big enough for his followers (who worship a single sun god) and the Pharaoh, whose people like a pantheon of gods.  He claims his god revealed the name, Yah-Weh, to him from a burning bush, even though the name Yah-Weh appears on clay tablets nearly a thousand years before that.

Yah-Weh, coincidentally, means "I Am," which happens to be one of the many titles of a Babylonian god by the name of Marduk, whose personality nicely parallels the Yah-Weh character.  And Marduk/Yah-Weh far out-dates even the oldest scholarly dates for the origin of the Bible Part I, Exodus chapter.

Moishe gets into a battle of magic with Pharaoh's gang and eventually end up running for their lives into the desert, where they wander around for 40 years until this character, Yah-Weh tells Moishe to go slaughter an entire nation of people called Canaanites, and take the land as their own.  Nice guy, this Yah-Weh, god of love and compassion at the point of a bloody sword.

Kind of reminds one of a certain Nobel Peace Prize winner who has done anything but cause peace anywhere in the world.

This is all fine and good, except there's no, let me repeat that, NO documentary evidence for Yah-Kov, Is-ra-el, Yoshe, Moishe, Isa-ak (father of Yah-Kov), Hebrews, or any of the events told in this Biblical tale.  You'd think that if Pharaoh had gotten into a tussle with a bunch of uppity 'slaves' and high-tailed it through parted seas, he's want to write it down somewhere, right?  I mean, famines, plagues and all the first-born males dying, followed by pillars of fire and seas parting...hell, even if I lost that fight, I would definitely make a note in the records not to mess with Yah-Weh or Is-ra-el or Moishe again.

Temple of Sol-Amun
Later in the book, a guy named Sol-Amun (two names for sun gods) gets the nod from Yah-Weh and goes on another bloodfest in the region.  In thanks, Sol-Amun builds a temple on the highest hill he can find.  By every description, this temple resembles many structures in Egypt, both in lay-out and in technique.  His alledged son, Dah-Wid, also gets the nod from Yah-Weh to run around killing Philistines, and particularly a giant named Goliath, which is an echo of the Noahide flood, which ostensibly was caused by Yah-Weh to kill off a race of giants that had infested Earth.

At any rate, the temple stands until the Babylonians destroy it and take all the folks living nearby as slaves.  After a few hundred years, those slaves break out and rebuild the temple, which then stood until Part II of the Bible.

The problem here is, by Part II, there are no Hebrews, Israelites, Israel, or any of that.  In fact, by all accounts in the Bible, Israel is simply a collective name for a group of people.  Has nothing to do with nations or anything like that.

There's only a land called Palestine, which had been called Palestine for quite some time by the opening pages of Part II.  The Romans control the real estate and they are constantly being buggered by some folks called Jews.  There's ample references to a land called Canaan, and one called Judea, which we are left to assume is the home turf of the Jews (Jew...Judea..makes sense).  However, as far as the Romans are concerned, the whole stinking mess is called Palestine, and that's that.

Moving along, in AD70, the Jews foment revolution, which the Romans brutally put down, and just to keep them all quiet, the Romans destroy the temple, too.

Time marches on.  Roman converts to Christianity and later the pope sends a bunch of mean blokes on missions called Crusades, to secure the Holy Land for all of Christendom.  One group in particular, the Knights Templar, take and secure the ruins of the temple, and to make sure other folks can't find it, they start calling the old Roman governor's palace the Temple Mount.  The idea being that if someone comes to try to take the temple away, they will go to the wrong place.

The Templars find something under the temple ruins that makes them fabulously wealthy.  No one really knows what it was, but they returned to Europe with untold riches and set up modern banking with it.  They grew so powerful, that even the popes trembled.  Ultimately, on Friday the 13th, they were summarily slaughtered or imprisoned.

Roughly about this time, several groups spring into being, the Freemasons most notable among them.  But, off in a dark corner of history, another group called the Ashkenazi come to light.

The Ashkenazi practice Jewish rites and use the Hebrew alphabet for their sacred writings, though the language they use differs significantly from the original Hebrew in grammar and meaning.  Centuries later, by the dawn of the 20th century, everyone had come to call them Jews, though they weren't Semitic people and their origins were quite clearly in the Middle Ages.

These Ashkenazi, over centuries, had become the bankers of Europe.  They counted amoung their ranks the House of Rothschild, which owns roughly half the wealth on Earth (look it up).  The Ashkenazi also owned significant amounts of real estate and by dint of being landlords, held the fate of a great number of folks in their hands.

As bankers, the Ashkenazi re-instituted the Templar system of paper money and charging interest.  By the 1930s, this banking system had caused a massive imbalance in the economic system, such that a deep and devastating Depression has settled in.

In Germany, the fall of the Weimar Republic was particularly bad, with inflation running completely amok.  A fellow by the name of Adolph Hitler wrote in his book, "Mein Kampf," (well worth the read) that his studies laid the blame for the economic woes at the feet of fractional reserve banking and usury, both central functions of the then-current banking system, and that banking system was run by the Ashkenazi, who called themselves Jews.  And that banking system controlled the entire Western world.

The Nazis (not to be confused with the Ashkenazis) made it a central plank of their party platform to tear down the fractional reserve banking system and begin issuing 'debt-free' money, which coincidentally, they did.  Being justifiably upset with what the banksters had done to the world, and especially Germany, the Nazis began a pogrom against the banksters and Freemasons, which later widened out into anything and anyone calling themselves Jewish

Meanwhile, a group called Zionists had been trying to take over the Holy Land for about a hundred years.  They were constantly committing atrocities against the Palestinians, instituting riots, causing terror attacks, and so on (look it up).  They weren't getting very far very fast, because...well, the Palestinians had nowhere else to go.  Besides that, they were a bit upset, since Jews, Christians and Muslims had lived just fine in the area for nigh on a thousand years.  The Zionists, however, wanted  the Temple Mount (not the one we all know) back, because something under it was a source of great power.

Seeing an opportunity in the righteous anger of the German people, the Zionists agitated to enlarge the pogrom to horrific proportions.  Their purpose was to get as many Ashkenazi Jews killed as they could.  It didn't matter that it was their own people, it was worth the sacrifice (to them) in order to achieve a larger purpose.

By the end of the war, over 54 million people (including the 50 million Russians that no one ever talk about) had died.  They were Ashkenazi, Freemasons, Catholics, Gypsies, mental and genetic dysfunctionals, and just about anyone the Nazis considered to be at the root of all the socio-political ills of the day.

The Secret of Tetrahedral Physics
This wholesale slaughter was then used by the Zionists to ram through the newly formed United Nations their long-fought goal of taking Palestine once again.  It didn't matter that the Ashkenazi weren't Semitic people, or that their claims to the land were based solely on a work of fiction, or that the Zionists were the invisible hand behind the Holocaust.  It didn't matter all the atrocities they had committed in the region for a century, or the ones they committed in taking over the land.

The Zionists had the blessing of the world (i.e. the UN Security Council), and the Palestinians were just going to have to get used to it.

There's so much more to this story, but we can begin to see the outline of a terrible lie that has been foisted on the people of the world, and which has caused untold suffering, not only among the Palestinians, but millions of dead across Europe and the Middle East.  And all because of some secret that lies or had lain, under the ruins on the Temple Mount (the real one).  A secret so valuable that it is at the very core of European history for the past 1,200 years, and is at the very root of the bankster cabal.

US Federal Reserve Bank - New York
One teensie-weensie little problem.  The REAL Temple Mount is located in East Jerusalem.  East Jerusalem is the claimed capitol of the new Palestinian state.  Because of that, the Zionists/Banksters can not allow the Palestinians independence, and they can not admit why, or risk losing everything they have killed and destroyed to get for centuries.

The Secret and the Lie are at the heart of the Central Banks, the military-industrial complex, the western space programs, and nearly every secret society in western civilization.

And now you know...

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