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Beware The Ides Of October

Can you smell it?

That's the smell of bullshit.  It's the odor of the Man of Peace getting his bloodlust up again.  The idiots are doing everything they can to pick a fight with Iran, especially now that the Fast and Furious fiasco is quickly going to pieces.  Gotta change the subject before it gets too close to Man O' Peace himself.

Need another excuse to frame up Iran using the Saudi ambassador?  The Palestinian UN vote.  They need a distraction to stop that steam roller in its tracks.  You see, on October 1, 1948, the UN promised to recognize the Palestinian state.  They lied.  The Palestinians have been a tad upset since then.  Israel can't afford to let that happen.

The SS Hill-arious calls it a possible act of war.  Hahahaha!  Guess she forgot about the US killing their nukes scientists, launching viruses into their reactor control systems, blockading their ports, invading their neighbors without provocation or legal basis, setting up the Shah, etc.  Seems to me that it is the Anglo-American Empire which has committed multiple acts of war spanning decades, if not centuries.  Iran has shown remarkable poise and patience, so  far...

Why the Saudis?  Bad blood with Iran (Shi'a and Sunni thing) and they're the Mideast lapdogs of the Anglo-American Empire.  After all, it was Lawrence of Arabia who helped to set up Faisal as king of all he surveyed, and cleaned out the Turks as a sign of good faith.  Iran is also one of the prime backers of Palistine independence.

Iran is also the last major wildcard in the Mideast.  They are as likely to back the Chinese as anyone else.  Certianly, they're in bed with the Russians, who have hitched their wagon to the Chinese.

If you've ever played the game Risk, then you know the whole Mideast region is the most costly to win and the hardest to hold.  And it's the key to choking off the Far East threat.

If that's not all, one can detect the distinct reek of banksters here.  There's some kind of Big Thing brewing and it's going to pop soon.  You can see it in the complete insanity of trading in the past couple of weeks.  The EU is falling apart in slow motion and the next play is in motion.

If you squint just right, you can detect the Hidden Hand tightening the vice, squeezing the last dregs of juice out of the western economies.  They're setting up the final push, or is that putsch.  The fatal flaw here is that the bankster class has become so maniacal, so impressed with their own power, so entranced with their slick marketing, that they have blinded themselves to reality.  They think they create reality, so they don't see that big slavering beast called Justice sneaking up on their flank.

They've put their agents in the midst of the Occupy Wall Street crowds, using change agents to instigate mind-control techniques.  It's very similar to the methods the Man O' Peace used in his campaign, or that TeeVee preachers use to sway crowds.  You can see it in the YouTube videos of the strange group hypno-chants and the strange 'People's Microphone' technique.  They're pulling out the stops.

OWS crowd is already lost.  Don't try to save them.  They're too deep under.

Watching the US presidential debates is a curious pastime.  The candidates seem listless and resigned to Fate.  They aren't coming up with solutions, just platitudes.  It's the exact same ritual, text and verse, as every other election.  Spend more money.  Create more programs.  Bomb more brown skins.  The only one even approaching real issues and real answers is completely invisible.  In fact, that's how you know you should vote for him, because the establishment is terrified of him.

And meanwhile, the media treat the whole thing like some perverse horse race.  They call the action like Derby Day at Dover.  The only thing they don't see, at least as far as us rubes are concerned, is who the jockeys are.  Solution: candidates should be made to wear jumpsuits like race car drivers, with sponsor logos on them.  That way, we can all see who we're really hearing from, and who we're really voting for.

Still more clues?  David Cameron wants to change the way folks get to be king/queen in England.  He's going on and on about how boys and girls are all equal now (coulda fooled me), so why do boys get special treatment when it comes to sittng in the Big Chair?  One has to ask one's self, why this, why now?  One thing is apparent.  No one wants Chuckles to be king, including Mumsie-poo.

Then there's the Canary Islands.  Kind of like a canary in the coal mine, isn't it?  In case you're not up on your geology/geography, the islands sit off the coast of Spain, and the entire side of one island is poised to slide off into the Atlantic.  The sheer mass of rock involved would kick up a wave of biblical proportions.  And guess what?  Volcanoes, earthquakes, dogs and cats living together!  Won't take much to start the avalanche.

The really strange news?  Two Amtrak trains collided in California!  First of all, Amtrak's still around?  Second, they have trains in California?  Will miracles never cease?

Just a couple of hours ago, there was a 6.3 quake in Bali.  Just spoke with my bud in that area, who reports a pretty good lurch around noon and an minor aftershock at 4pm (local time).  Doesn't seem to be a lot of structural damage, but 50 people hurt ain't child's play.

And so the craziness goes on.  The events are coming hot and heavy, and most of it is pure BS.  The elite want to keep us either doped or off-center, so we can't mount an effective defense.  What they never plan for is Universe's little jokes.  The great monkey wrench in the sky has a way of mucking up the best laid plans of mice and men.

The beat goes on.  Sometimes I wish we could just hurry up and get on with it, but at other times, I default to the status quo, since the devil you know is better...sometimes.

Certainly, if the Man O' Peace is willing to sell guns to drug cartels, hoping that they'll kill Americans so he can use it to futher his agenda, he's capable of anything.  Oh, that's right, he's already killed two Americans by remote control, not to mention all the poor soldiers totin' the barges.

It's the old alchemical is white, up is down, war is peace.

Heck, the word apokalyptos means 'revelation.'  The revealing of something that is hidden.  In other words, anyone who tries to generate fear of an apocalypse is trying to prevent something hidden from being revealed.  So churches and the elite have spent centuries telling us to FEAR the apocalypse, when in fact we should all be working FOR it.  After all, it's about damn time some of this hidden crap gets a little daylight.  The apocalypse would be a GOOD thing.  See how they control us?

Onward through the fog...

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