Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Beyond The Precipice

If you count all the years that my dad brow-beat me with history, I've been studying the Problem for a long time. Decades, in fact.  I've entertained ideas and read tomes that have go far afield to try to make sense of the world we live in.  I've lived in monasteries (Catholic and Buddhist), spoken for hours with old folk, read mountains of books and websites, and I've come to one conclusion:

We've already jumped off the cliff and there's no way back.

The genie's out of the bottle, the cat's out of the bag, the bridges are burnt.  There's really no other sensible conclusion, as far as that goes.

So, here we are in free-fall, like the coyote in the Roadrunner series, watching the canyon floor rushing at us with a large boulder directly behind us.  The only possible question is, "What now?"

The one thread that runs throughout history, from the most ancient to the modern, is the problem of bansters.  Some joke that it is the second oldest profession, to which I add it is the only one without any redeeming qualities.  The most evil, destructive and predatory force known to Mankind is banking and the people behind them.  Every war, every destroyed society, every dark point in history can be laid directly at the feet of fractional reserve/interest-bearing financial systems.

To just take the last 250 years, and focus solely on the American continent, we can see the banksters behind every major downturn.  The colonists created real money based on the output of the state, so the Bank of England created egregious taxes and counterfeited the colonial scrip to undermine the economy of the time.  Andrew Jackson succeeded in vanquishing the Bank of the United States, and for that the banksters tried to kill him, and when that failed, began counterfeiting the dollar.  Benjamin Garfield, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy all introduced real money to compete with the debt notes of the banksters.  All were brutally slaughtered.  Ron Paul proposes to do away with the Federal Reserve and return to real money.  Now they ignore him completely, but if he wins, they will kill him most assuredly.

Whenever a society becomes wealthy and successful, it is only because they have real money, completely free of debt and interest.  Every single one.  And every single one was undermined and destroyed by banksters.  Every single one.

The founders of the US tried to make it impossible for the banksters to take over, by stating plainly in the Constitution that only gold and silver were to be used as money, and only Congress had the power to regulate weights and measures.  In 1913, the Congress, in the dead of night on Christmas Eve, passed the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Act.  Both were illegal and both are still in effect.  Since that time, the American economy, which when based on real money, because one of the most powerful and wealthiest ever seen, has since crashed and burned.

The banksters funded and supported Hitler, who came to power and immediately started issuing real money.  The German economy, literally within a month, had completely reversed and went on to become very powerful.  So much so, that it took half the world's nations to defeat it.  And the reason the Allied forces were marshaled against Germany?  Had nothing to do with the holocaust or anything else.  It was only because the Germans had real money, and the banksters hate that.

Libya?  Real, debt-free money.  The United Kingdom at the height of its power?  Real, debt-free money.  Iceland.  Ireland.  Czarist Russia.  Rome.  Egypt.  Azatlan.  In every case, it was the introduction of fractional reserve banking and interest-accruing debt that destroyed them.

First, the banksters come in and start counterfeiting the money and debasing it.  Then, when the economy becomes unstable, they offer their solution, which is always debt-laden scrip and servitude.  Along come business cycles with booms and busts, recessions and depressions.  Slowly, by inflation (counterfeiting) the banksters amass the wealth of a nation, then by crashing the economy, they destroy what's left and loot the land.

Over and over and over and over and over...

And since no one reads or studies history, or when they do, it's highly controlled and perverted by corporate (bankster) interests, people are incapable of seeing this repeated pattern throughout history.  And so nations rise on the backs of real money, only to turn over their wealth to banksters who hollow out their country and throw the carcass on the pyre of history.

With that said, the only conclusion possible is that the world has leaped off the precipice and is falling rapidly into the void of debt-ridden destruction.

The most likely outcome is, judging by what the banksters have done on a nation-by-nation basis for centuries, they will now crash the global economy and start a war, the likes of which have never been seen before, at least since the era of myth and legend.  If we look at most modern warfare, the next war usually starts about where the last one left off.  Since WWII finished with atomic weapons, we can be fairly sure that's where we'll pick up.  We can also be reasonably sure that no matter how the sides line up, the banksters will be the ones behind all of it.  Their MO is to fund both sides and profit from the arms manufacturing and money-lending, so that they own both the victor and the vanquished after the smoke clears.

Is there a solution?  Of course, but it is highly unlikely, at least on a global scale.

The financial and banking systems are the bread and butter of the banksters.  That much I think we can all agree on.  They have, by sheer trickery and indoctrination, made us all believe there is no other way.  History tells us that societies that don't opt in are wildly successful, and the very few who managed to opt out (ancient Egypt) were wildly successful and prosperous.

As we survey history, we see that the primary means that the banksters use to get a foot in the door is currency.  No matter what specie has been used, they have always managed to counterfeit it, except for one.

Barter is the antidote to bankster poison.  They can not inflate, control or saddle it with debt.  I have something you want, you have something I want, we trade.  Very simple, clean transaction without any other entity in between.  But extremely inefficient, since it requires the mutual coincidence of need.  If no one wants what I have, I can't trade.  Thus, money or currency always arises as a way of storing and transporting and converting wealth.  However, once you have a currency, then the banksters have the foot in the door.

Bernard von NotHaus tried a unique approach.  He embedded his DNA into each of his Liberty Dollars.  Novel approach and it obviously worried the banksters, because they threw him in jail and confiscated his metals for daring to tread on their sacred ground.

The banksters themselves have gone to great lengths to prevent anyone else from counterfeiting their counterfeits.  The US dollar is notorious for the difficulty involved in creating exact replicas, but it is quite doable and happens all the time.  They've tried micro-engraving, special papers, special inks, watermarks, translucent windows, embedded threads, and now ever RFIDs, which also lets them see how much you have in your pocket from a distance.

Gold and silver coins were popular, but one common way to inflate those was to shave off the sides of the coins.  So, they put those little ridges all around them to prevent that.  So counterfeiters simply used base-metal slugs with gold and silver cladding around them.

Which all brings us back to barter.  I have a dozen eggs and you have a gallon of milk.  We both agree that it's a fair trade and everyone's happy.  Great as long as you want my eggs and I want your milk, but gets really complicated when you want to buy a car.  A whole infrastructure has to build up to trade large objects and even real estate to buy large ticket items.  Very inefficient.

How, exactly, can anyone get out from under the banksters?  I mean, when Kennedy issued the US notes (remember those with the little red seal and no words like Federal Reserve?), folks would take them down to the bank and deposit them, and the banks would send them to the Fed, who in turn destroyed them.

In that paragraph is part of the answer.  Banks.  Allowing the banks to be bought up by mega-corps, who in turn are in bed with the central banks, is one of the major channels by which the banksters feed on us.

I remember a number of years ago, all Texas banks had to be Texas corporations.  They were owned and controlled by Texans in Texas, and could not be branch operations.  There was a massive effort on the part of mega-banks, back in the 80s, who pushed as hard as they could and convinced the Texas people (or stole the pick) to allow branch banking.  Until that point, each banking location had to be separately chartered and could not be foreign-owned (outside of Texas).  After the banksters got ahold of it, Texas went from being the 11th largest economy on Earth, to somewhere in the middle, with the banksters dictating policy at the capitol.

Here's what I propose.  Strip all mega-banks of their charters and corporate protections.  Change the laws to read simply that no group of people can be seen as an 'person' under the law.  Take away their corporate veil and make each officer of each corporation legally and personally liable for the actions of the company, as a whole.

Next, all banks must be domiciled and chartered in the jurisdiction in which they operate.  No more foreign ownership, branch banking, etc.  As part of this reform, all banks must have a minimum of 85% of all deposits on hand at all times.  Furthermore, interest rates may not exceed 1% for any transaction, anywhere, at any time.  Any loan may be charged a flat fee, but no interest at all, and terms less than 6 months can not charge more than 2% of the total loan amount.

Finally, take away the banksters' monopoly on money.  A government sets a regulated value, say $1 equals 1 troy ounce of .9999 pure silver, or one gallon of crude oil, etc.  Heck, we could even set a global value for money, since no one will have a monopoly on it.  Once that's done, anyone can issue money.  You neighbor, certainly the government, Bernard von NotHaus...anyone, as long as it meets the minimum regulations and values set by common agreement.  You can have paper or coin or even digi-bux, as long as they are convertible into some standard measure.

Of course, this all assumes that anyone calling themselves a bankster at this point in time be thrown in jail for the rest of their natural born days for crimes against humanity.

Will it happen?  Who knows?  Certainly, enough people are starting to wake up to the fact that the root of all evil is a bankster.  But, most don't have a solid enough grasp on history and/or economics to understand why all this is necessary.  You can tell by looking at people's faces when they listen to Ron Paul.  They look like the RCA dog.

Perhaps it will take yet another global conflagration to convince people.

The one thing we have going for us is that there are obviously insiders who are waking up, as well.  They are seeing that the world has reached the limit of the current paradigm and can not grow any more.  The entire model of the banksters is a self-defeating on, albeit on a massive time scale, since it has taken millennia to reach this point.  But there is no one and nothing left to exploit.  They are down to Algore trying to charge us for air and creating artificial scarcity, which only works until someone figures out how to make their own.  The massive infrastructure to maintain a global police state is untenable.  The system is collapsing under its own weight.

The smart insiders are seeing that the paradigm must change, and this is causing an invisible war among the banksters.  They are factionalizing and losing control even of themselves.  The problem is we must figure out a solution before they implode, or we will face a Dark Ages that will make Europe's look like a momentary loss of senses.

One way or another, the system is collapsing.  The banksters are trying to control it, or at least appear to be in control, but the simple fact is that the collapse is based on Universal Law, and no one can stop it.  The best we can do is plan for it, like anyone living in a hurricane zone.  RADAR shows the storm coming.  Satellite is giving us great pictures of its progress.  The weather center is giving us all their statistical landing sites.

Are we going to sit on the sofa and hope for the best?  Or are we going to run down to the store for batteries and drinking water?

If ever there was a time for some quick research and action, this is it.

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