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Calling Dr. Strangelove

Well, the humor break appears to have been quite popular.  The click count doubled and a good portion of it was folks emailing the link.  Perhaps I'll try it more often.  Seems a good laugh is in order once in a while.  And truly, laughter is the best medicine.

Which brings us to today's rant and rave.  I want to return now to those halcyon days of high school chemistry.

Remember when you discovered that pure potassium exploded when it came into contact with water?  So you flushed gelcap of it down the toilet and watched as the maintenance crew dug for days looking for the hole?  Or how about making wine from Welch's grape juice and then distilling it to 180 proof hooch?  You were so snockered in English class that you thought Beowulf was a comedy, right?

Those were the days.

Hi-jinx aside, though, the concept I want to get into is something called supersaturation.  The experiment was to take a beaker of room-temperature water and start dissolving sugar in it until the water will not hold any more.  The additional sugar collects at the bottom of the glass and can not become suspended because every free molecular bond has been taken.

Then you hold the beaker over a flame and heat it to boiling.  The addition of energy excited the molecules and causes the water to take up additional sugar.  You can dissolve up to twice as much as the solution at room temperature.

You take a stick and rig it so it hangs upside down in the water without touching the beaker in any way.  Almost immediately, crystals begin to form on it.  As the solution cools, the crystals grow until you have a rather tasty rock candy treat.  The crystals are pretty cool, too.  If you do it with salt, you can make little Borg ships, although we didn't know about Borg back then.  We just thought the cubed crystals were cool.  Maybe that's where Star Trek got the idea.

Anyway, the think about Nature is that it's one giant Mandelbrot pattern.  Everything around us, including us, are products of fractals, and so scalable from the most minute to the gargantuan.

Plasma jets can be as simple as a static electric arc on your clothes just out of the dryer, or they can be massive, light-years long ropes of intense energy stretching across galaxies.  Crystals are the same shape, whether they are microscopic or mountainous.

In the same way, human events mirror natural processes.  We behave en masse the way individuals behave.  And our macro processes are the same as our micro processes.  So, if you give any group of people a series of problems, they will eventually reach the saturation point, at which they can no loner handle more problems. However, if you turn up the heat, say by putting a life-threatening consequence behind them, they will suddenly be able to handle a lot more the point of supersaturation.

If you reduce the heat in any part of that system, crystalline matrices begin to form.  It becomes a cascading event, meaning one connection leads to others as the crystal builds.  If you place some event into the middle of this mixture, then it will attract the crystals, like the stick attracts the sugar, and things will build quickly from there.

The result is predicable and mathematical.  It's a geometric progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on.  If you use a catalyst, then you turn the geometry into a logarithm.  On a graph, you go from a straight-line predictable progression to a curve, which starts off slowly, then builds until it is nearly vertical to the X-axis.  Think Algore's infamous 'hockey stick' graph here.

What we are seeing in world events right now is a prime example of social supersaturation.  People have reached the point where they can not absorb any additional shocks to the system.  The elite are trying to control the formation of crystals by placing artificial 'seeds' into the mix.  Think here about how rain-drops form.  A 'seed,' perhaps a grain of dust, causes supersaturated moisture in the air to condense on it, forming droplets that eventually get so heavy, they can no longer remain suspended.

The elites have thrown Austerities, Tea Parties and Occupy Wall Streets into the supersaturated mix in order to control the variables in which the crystals form.  In this way, they can engineer the outcome to their nefarious ends.  In other words, they are trying to make rock salt and rock candy for their enjoyment.  As long as the process remains geometric, they will likely be successful.

However, if some unforeseen catalyst enters their little chemistry experiment, the process will go exponential and become less and less predicable.  Events will spiral out of control, even for the massive egos of the elites. They will find an X-factor that they hadn't planned on or couldn't control.  In a beaker, this usually isn't a problem, but at a planetary scale, the results are likely explosive.

What the elites are obviously trying to achieve is a global war on a scale that would make WWII look like a training exercise.  What most people don't generally think about, is why they do these things.

History teaches us that these elite are supranational.  They have no allegiance but to themselves.  They recognize no borders and no nations.  To them, there is only what they have and what they want.  They foment war, lend money and sell materiel to both (all) sides, and account for the profits while the world burns.  They've done it for centuries, even millennia.

Another benefit they derive from this is the massive reduction in population.  These 'people' think the world belongs to them, and every couple of generations, the 'cattle' breeding gets out of hand and need to be culled to clear the pastures a bit.

Finally, they profit from the rebuilding process.  They sell the materials and labor to each other to clean up their playing board so they can tear it down again in a few decades.

Finally, these 'people' feed off of blood sacrifice and the taking of life at a moment of terror.  The energy released in that moment is like butter for their bread.  It is so sick and so heinous that we normal folk can't conceive of such things, or at least we close our minds to it so as not to overwhelm our systems.  But refusing to acknowledge a fact does not change its existence.  It only prevents us from dealing with it effectively.  "Shock and Awe" is not a military tactic, it is mother's milk for these creatures.

We are reaching a crucial moment in history.  Never before have so many people had access to so much information on a mass scale.  The secrets which the elite has jealously guarded for ages uncounted have started leaking out into the mass mind.

It began, really, with Gutenberg and his movable type press.  The Bible was no longer the sole purview of the Church hierarchy,  It was now public domain and folks could read the words for themselves, in context, without someone telling them what it all meant.  This lead to the Protestant Reformation and caused an upheaval in Western culture like nothing seen before it.

Today's Gutenberg press is the internet.  The sum total of Mankind's knowledge and experience is being digitized and disseminated to pretty much anyone who wants it. This time, it's not just a single book, but all books everywhere ever written., for which even the smallest fragments still exist.  The pace of gnosis is running amok, as people access occult information, trade interpretation and discovery, and seek the truth independently of the controlling elite.

At no point in the elite fairy tale we generally call history, has something of this magnitude ever been possible.  It is a catalytic event whose repercussions are inestimable.  Mankind's collective knowledge and development have gone exponential and are rapidly approaching infinite growth.

This is a dangerous time.  The elite know they have lost control and are desperately trying to regain it.  Within hours of 9/11, I and many others were already posting evidence that it was not a simple terrorist hijacking.  Waco and OKC received minute scrutiny from free-thinkers who did not kow-tow to the party line.  They analyzed events, created videos, wrote papers, and published it all to a global audience.

They were vastly unpopular at first.  Most folks couldn't stand having their eyes opened.  If there is one truth I have learned, people hate to think.  Eventually, though, they ask questions, and being unsatisfied with the pat answers, they turn to the internet and research.  There, they find a myriad of thoughts and ideas.  Many will be misled by the disinformation that serves to keep them corralled, but many others will start to think for themselves.

Thinking is a very dangerous thing.  It blocks the mind-control and destroys the illusion of the Great and Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  It is dangerous to the elite, because too many people start performing a revolutionary act: they ask 'why?'  It is dangerous for the individual, because they are no longer safe inside their illusion.  They realize all that they've been taught is false and they are left with no anchor in a rolling sea of world events.

So, here we stand at the cross-roads of time and space.  The elite, being the limited and uncreative beasts that they are, can only access the smae bag of tricks they've depended on for centuries to control the masses.  The masses, on the other hand, can finally look into the bag of tricks and see how they work.  Once that happens, a trick no longer has any effect.

Back to our science experiment.  Society has reached the point of supersaturation with information.  If left in this state, small impurities in the solution will become seeds around which the crystals will form and eventually fall out of solution to the bottom of the glass.  However, if we place our catalyst (stick) in the center, it will focus and accelerate the process and result in a tasty treat.  If we chill the stick a little before-hand, the process will go much faster, to the point where we can watch it happen before our eyes (even with TeeVee attention spans).

Another analogy is one of those cool heating pads, that in a normal state, are just clear liquid in a plastic bag.  But, if you click the little metal disk in the corner, the liquid will immediately crystallize, releasing heat in the process.  Placing it on your aching muscles provides instant relief.

So, we are left pondering now.  Will current events proceed at a geometric and predicable pace, forming crystals around seeds that fall out of the solution, releasing pressure?  Or will they receive a catalyst and suddenly go exponential, forming quickly around a single foci, creating tasty treats and instant relief?

Aye, there's the rub...

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